Surname: Allen

Biographical Sketch of James T. Allen, M. D.

James T. Allen was born in Botetourt, Botetourt county, Virginia, July 16, 1833. He lived with his parents until he was sixteen years old, then attended the Presbyterian High School for one year, and was a student one year at Princeton College, New Jersey. In 1851 he began reading medicine under Dr. Matthew Wallace, of Pocahontas County, Virginia, and continued under his preceptorship until 1853. During the winter of 1854 and 1855 he attended medical lectures at the Virginia Medical College, at Richmond. He came to Missouri in the spring of 1855 and settled at Auberry Grove, now Jamesport, and the following winter attended the McDowell Medical College, of St. Louis, graduating in the spring of 1856, when he returned to Auberry Grove and began the practice of medicine. In the spring of 1857 he, in conjunction with James Gillilan, laid out Jamesport, they giving the town that name after themselves, each bearing the name, James. In 1861 he enlisted in the Confederate army as a private in General Slack’s brigade, and served four years in the medical department on detail. After the war he returned home and soon after settled on a farm near Jamesport and pursued farming in connection with his practice until 1871, when he established himself in the drug business at Jamesport, still continuing the practice of medicine. He retired from the drug business in...

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Slave Narrative of Jim Threat

Person Interviewed: Jim Threat Place of Birth: Talidiga County, Alabama Date of Birth: September 1851 We all sung dat song and had a lot of fun singing it but it was true jest the same. Dat was one of the things dat the niggers dreaded most, was a patteroller. Slaves would have a little party all the niggers would gather at one of the cabins and lock the door so the patterollers couldn’t git in. When the party was over and they started home the patterollers would stop them and demand their passes. Woe to the nigger that didn’t have one! I guess they was all right in some cases but they over-done it I can tell you. I recollects that down in the neighborhood jest below us we was all the time hearing about the patterollers beating some nigger. Finally the slaves got tired of it and decided to do something about it. One night they got some grape vines and twisted them together and stretched them across the road. They went down the road and waited and finally four or five patterollers come along. The nigger boys started running back up the road and by this time the Patterollers was running their horses full speed after them. Just before they got to the vines the niggers ducked out of the road and the horses run full tilt...

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References for the Allen Family History

All of the works listed below will be found in the Library of Congress. Most of them will be found in the libraries of historical and genealogical societies. Some of them will be found in the libraries of all of the large American cities. 1. Americans of Royal Descent, 1891, Browning. 2. Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography. 3. British Family Names, Barber. 4. Burke's General Armory. 5. Burke's Landed Gentry. 6. Burke's Peerage and Baronetcy, 1925, 1926. 7. Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames, Bardsley. 8. Dictionary of National Biography, London, 1887. 9. Directories, City and Telephone. 10. English Surnames, Bardsley. 11. Heraldic Illustrations, 1853. 12. Miscellaneous Sources. 13. Officers of the Continental Army, 1775-1783, Heitman. 14. Patronymica Britannica, Lower. 15. Private Collections of Family Data. 16. Revolutionary Records of the Respective Colonies. 17. Surnames of the United Kingdom, Harrison. 18. U. S. Postal Guide. 19. Who's Who (British). 20. Who's Who in America, 1926-27. 21. Allen Family of Medfield. Joseph Allen, Boston. Nichols & Noyes, 1869. 22. Allen and Witter Families and Their Descendants. Asa W. Allen, Salem, 1872. 23. Samuel Allen of Windsor, Connecticut. Willard S. Allen, Boston, 1876. 24. Allen Family from 1568 to 1882. Hon. Wm. Allen, Farmington, Me., 1882. 25. Jolley Allen, Native of London. Mrs. Frances Mary Stoddard, Boston, 1883. 26. Family and Descendants of Stephen Allen. Stephen A. Brownell, New Bedford, Mass.,...

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Prominent American Allens Of The 1920’s

Prominent American Allens Of The 1920’s ABEL LEIGHTON ALLEN: Author, lawyer. ALFRED: Playwright; b., Alfred, N. Y., 1866; s. Rev. Jonathan A., pres. Alfred Univ. Author several books, including “The Master Power.” Add.: Los Angeles. ALFRED GAITHER: Ex-Congressman. ANDREW ANIEL: Railway official. ANDREWS: Engineer; b., Madison, Wis., 1870; s. Prof. Wm. Francis; mem. numerous societies, including Am. Ry. Engineering Assn. Add.: Glencoe, Ill. ARCH TURNER: State supt. schools; b., Hiddenite, N. C., 1875; s. Geo. James; mem. numerous learned societies; pres. N. C. Teachers’ Assembly. Add.: Raleigh, N. C. ARTHUR FRANCIS: Editor; b., Warren, Ill., 1867; s. Herbert W.; mem. many learned societies, including Sioux City Acad. Science and Letters. Add.: Sioux City, Iowa. ARTHUR WATTS: Chem. and metal engineer; b., Devon, Eng., 1879; s. Joseph Reeves; developed nitrate process in Chile, 1919-20; mem. Union Society, etc. Add.: Berkeley, Calif. BENJAMIN: Wholesale jeweler; b. 1848. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: College pres. BENJAMIN LEACH: Banker; b., Manchester, Mass., 1874; s. Capt. John Foster; mem. numerous societies, including Union League. Add.: New York, N. Y. BENNETT MILLS: Prof. Zoology; b., Greencastle, Ind., 1877; mem. A. A. A. S. Add.: Los Angeles, Calif. CALVIN FRANCIS: Engineer; b., Boston, Mass., 1851; s. Calvin A., City atty., Socorro, N. M., 1886. Add.: West Roxbury, Mass. CHARLES CLAFLIN: Lawyer; b., St. Louis, 1855; s. John Arthur. Author of several patriotic verses, including “The New America.” Add.: St....

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Prominent Allens Of America, Past Generations

Prominent Allens Of America, Past Generations ALEXANDER VIETS GRISWOLD ALLEN: Author; b., Otis, Mass., 1841; professor of church history, Episcopalian Divinity School at Cambridge, 1867; author of several books, part constituting the Bohlen Lectures, 1884. ANDREW: Attorney-General, 1766; b., Phila., 1740; s. William. When the royalist army took New York, he went into British lines and took oath of allegiance to the king, renouncing those to Congress; went to England and was later granted pension by British government. REV. BENJAMIN: Clergyman; b., Hudson, N. Y., 1789; rector of St. Paul’s Church, Phila., 1821. Author of several books, including “The Parents’ Counsellor, a Narrative of the Newton Family.” HON. CHARLES: Jurist; b., Worcester, Mass., 1797; elected to the Legislature several times, and later to the State Senate; appointed Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Suffolk Co., 1858, but resigned, 1868. DAVID OLIVER: Missionary; b., Barre, Mass., 1800. After his health was injured by the climate at Bombay, he returned to America in 1853 and published “History of India, Ancient and Modern.” He wrote tracts in Mahratta and supervised a new translation of the Bible into that language. MAJOR EBENEZER: Soldier; b., Northampton, Mass., 1743. As captain in Col. Herrick’s battalion of rangers in 1777, he distinguished himself at the battle of Bennington. Later he captured Mt. Defiance by assault and on the enemy’s retreat from Fort Ticonderoga took fifty...

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Allens In The American Revolution

Officers of the Continental Army. Abraham Allen (N. J.). Ensign of Dye’s Regiment New Jersey Militia; taken prisoner at Bargin Point, 16th January, 1779. Adoniram (S. C.). Captain South Carolina Partisan Rangers, 1780 to 1782. Archer (Va.). Captain Virginia Militia, 1779-1781. Benjamin (Mass.). Sergeant of Gridley’s Regiment Massachusetts Artillery, June to December, 1775; 1st Lieutenant 3d Continental Artillery, 1st February, 1777; resigned 13th March, 1778. Charles (N. C.). Ensign 2d North Carolina, 20th October, 1775; Lieutenant, 8th June, 1776; Captain, –, 1777; transferred to 5th North Carolina, 1st June, 1778, and served to –. Daniel (Conn.). 2d Lieutenant 3d Connecticut, 1st May to 18th December, 1775; Captain of Ward’s Connecticut State Regiment, 14th May, 1776; Captain 3d Connecticut, 1st January, 1777; resigned 1st June, 1779. David (Mass.). 1st Lieutenant of Gridley’s Regiment Massachusetts Artillery, June to December, 1775; Captain-Lieutenant of Knox’s Regiment Continental Artillery, 1st January, 1776; Captain 3d Continental Artillery, 1st January, 1777; resigned 13th September, 1778. David (N. H.). Surgeon’s Mate 1st New Hampshire, 1st May, 1782, to April, 1783. David (Va.). Ensign 5th Virginia, 26th March, 1777; 2d Lieutenant, 10th December, 1777; transferred to 3d Virginia, 14th September, 1778; 1st Lieutenant, 19th June, 1779; taken prisoner at Charleston, 12th May, 1780; exchanged July, 1781; served to close of the war. Ebenezer (N. H.). 1st Lieutenant Green Mountain Boys, 27th July, 1775, to — January, 1776; served...

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Genealogy of William and Minerva Allen Family

Z158 WILLIAM and MINERVA ALLEN: of Fredonia, N. Y., had the following ch.: (1) William: d. 1928. He m. and had: (A) Lester R.: d. 1928. (B) Florence, m. James Champlain and has two ch. (2) Henry: m. and had: (A) Tracey: Teacher's Coll., Stroudsburg, Pa. (B) Anna May: who m. and resides in N. Y. (3) Walter Ozias: Ph.D.; b. 1848, and d. 1909. Minister in Methodist Episcopal Church first in Penna. and N. Y. and later in Iowa. Presiding elder of Atlantic District. He was twice m. There was no issue from second m. to Maria Libby. First m. to Harriet Richardson. They had: (A) Millicent: d. y. (B) Ethel Gay: b. 1881; m. Joseph Reece. No issue. (C) Shirley Walter: b. 1883; m. Helen Brown, 1913. Mr. Allen is B.S.A. and M.F., Iowa State Coll.; mem. U. S. Forest Service in Calif; professor N. Y. State Coll. of Forestry; author of numerous popular and technical articles on forestry and related subjects,...

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Allen Family of New York State

X156 ALLEN: of New York State; had, besides other issue: (1) Florence Adele. (2) George Francis: b. at Fayetteville, N. Y.; m. Angenette Stephenson, at Cicero, N. Y. (A) Francis Ruth: b. 1890; d. in infancy. (B) Eloise Stephenson: b. March 3, 1891; m. 1915, Edwin Donald Beach. (a) Eloise Whitlock: b. April 19, 1916, Orange, N. J. (b) Elizabeth: b. Feb. 25, 1918, Orange, N. J. (c) Jeanette: b. Sept. 7, 1925, Silver Springs, N. Y. (C) Isabel Fitch: b. Dec. 16, 1893; m. 1922, Frank Heath Rossiter. Add.: Boonton, N. J. (a) Allen Whitlock: b. May 18, 1922. (b) Edith Bevan: b. Aug. 26, 1926. (D) Lillian Whitlock: b. Dec. 17, 1895; m. 1922, Wm. Clifford Ward. (a) Elizabeth Stephenson: b. Jan. 6, 1923. (b) Margaret Wile: b. Aug. 28, 1924. (c) William Clifford: b. Aug. 27, 1926. (E) Florence Adele: b. Sept. 9, 1898. (F) Angenette: b. July 7, 1903; m. 1928, Lewis Edward Sharpe. (a) Whitlock Nelson: b. Sept. 18, 1929, Brooklyn, N. Y. (G) George Francis Allen, Jr., d. y. (3) Nathan Fletcher: b. at Cicero, N. Y.; d. at Manlius, N. Y.; m. Frances Adele Fitch. (A) George Francis: b. April 11, 1867. (B) Dewitt Nathan: b. May 23, 1875; d. Sept. 20, 1923; m. Grace Helen Foster; had Jean Foster, b. Aug. 28, 1916. (C) Arthur Hayes: b. Sept. 25, 1876; d....

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Genealogy of William Allen Family

W155 WILLIAM HENRY: b. 1816 at Seven Oakes, County Kent, Parish Seal, England. He was the youngest of four brothers and one sister. The sister m. and her descendants still reside at Kent. William joined "The King's Own 4th Regiment" when 19 and served in Tasmania. Married Mary Mahoney, b. in Ireland. He became a sergeant and served in Australia and India. He had 13 ch. Given land in Canada and settled there with his wife and surviving ch. Ch. include: (I) James Alford: who was b. in England and came with parents to Ontario in 1854; m. Mary Ann Robinson, who was b. in Ontario just after parents' arrival from Ireland. They had twelve ch. One son-- (A) William Henry: m. Mercy Williams, who was b. near Somersetshire, England. They had four ch.: (a) Louis William: all the ch. moved to Clinton, Ill., with parents and graduated from the University of Illinois. Louis was b. 1887. Professor at Univ. of Toronto. (b) Frank Oscar: b. 1889; m. Alta Scribner. Supt. of Schools, Stockland, Ill. 1. Richard. 2. Eleanor Mae. 3. Dorothy Marie. (c) Otho Williams: b. 1892; m. Marrian Warren; Professor at Culver Military Academy. 1. Jane Warren. 2. Janis Williams. (d) George Albert: b. 1894; m. Ruth Larson. Is practicing physician of Salt Lake City, Utah. 1. Mary Rose. 2. Amy Roberta. 3. George...

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Genealogy of Henry Allen Family

V154 HENRY ALLEN: was b. about 1800 in Dublin, Ireland, and m. Mary Jane Haney, who was b. about 1814 in Germany (the exact place is not known). They came to America, settled in Pine Grove, Pa., and had the following ch.: (1) John Henry: b. 1836 and d. 1902. (2) George W. (3) William Potter. (4) Henry Clay. (5) David Bole: b. 1844 and d. 1915. (6) James Johnson. (7) Matthew Gregg: b. 1854 and d. 1923. Left an orphan at an early age, he was forced to choose a career and follow it, being unable to secure any very great amount of schooling. He m. Ora Craven, who still resides in Portland, Ore. They had: (A) Harry Clay: b. 1880, at Beaver Falls, Pa. He m. Henrietta Maria Fowler and had two ch.: (a) Ray Ballard, b. 1911 in Portland, Ore. (b) Ora Lee: b. 1919 in Roosevelt, Utah. This branch now reside in Los Angeles, Calif. (B) Ada Wilella: b. 1883. (C) Eva: d. y. (D) Frank Cleveland: b. 1890. (E) George Arbuckle: b. 1892 in Salt Lake City. He m. and resides at Oakland, Calif. (F) Bertha May: b. 1895 and d. 1929. (G) Mabel: d....

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Genealogy of Jeremiah Allen Family

U153 JEREMIAH ALLEN: M. Olive; had 2 daus. and one s.: (1) Jeremiah: b. 1813, and d. 1861. He m. Paulina Johnson. They had eleven ch. including: (A) William B.: b. 1835 and d. 1908. He m. Harriet Benedict. They had: (a) Ella Elizabeth: b. 1857 and d. 1885; m. Wm. Muggleton; two ch. She m. second, Charles Finch and had one dau. who m. and had several ch. (b) Eva L.: b. 1860; m. and had two ch., Robert and Floyd. (c) George W.: b. 1866; m. Sarah Forbes. 1. Vera: b. 1893; m. Frank Kuapp. 1. John: b. 1914. 2. Elizabeth: b. 1919. (d) Hallie E.: b. 1873 and m. Leon Lacey. 1. Allen: b. 1891. 2. Thelma: b. 1901. (B) George W.: b. 1837; m. Ellen Schenk, 1868. 1. Flora: b. 1869; m. George Hayes, of Calif. (C) Amarillo: b. 1841; m. Charles Lyon. They had no ch. but adopted one dau., who m. and had issue. (D) Charles J.: b. 1843; m. Charlotte White and had: 1. Arthur H.: b. 1868. He m. and had two daus. By his second m. he had Robert, Richard, Harrison and Philip. 2. Bert. (E) Milton: b. 1846, and d. 1921; m. Lucy Young and had: 1. Claude J.: b. 1885, who m. 2. Paul H.: m. Ruth Wells. They had one s., Wells P., who m. and had:...

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Genealogy of John Henry Allen Family

T152 JOHN HENRY ALLEN: was b. 1833 and d. 1888. He m. Matilda Spiller, who was b. 1847 and d. 1904. They had the following ch.: (1) Herbert: b. 1866 and d. 1925. He m. Gertrude Hawes and had: (A) Jennie Hawes: b. 1893; m. Ernest Sabine. (a) Robert, and a dau. b. 1928. (B) John Henry: b. 1894; m. Sadie Allen. No ch. (C) Maude: b. 1895, and m. Harold Young. 1. Alice. 2. Virginia. (D) William Strout: b. 1897 and d. 1914. (E) Clara: b. and d. in 1898. (F) Elsie: b. 1900; m. Curtis Gifford. 1. Malcolm. (G) Herbert: b. 1905; m. Mary Thomas. 1. Clarie. (H) Florence: b. 1913. (2) William Strout: b. 1868. Still living. M. Effie Bird in 1904 and had the following ch.: (A) John Howard: b. 1905; m. Gladys Gray. (a) Wesley Howard: b. 1929. (B) Raymond Strout: b. 1907. (C) Russell William: b....

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Genealogy of Samuel Allen Family

S151 SAMUEL ALLEN: Came to America near the end of the eighteenth century from England, bringing his widowed mother, whose first name is unknown and who returned to England; remarried, gaining a surname that is also unknown. Samuel became a farmer near Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pa. He was twice m. and had a large family. His ch. include: (1) Hetty, who m. a man by the name of Green, David, Yost and John, who was b. 1823, became a farmer and m. Mary Hocker. He served with the 13th regiment of Penna. Cavalry Volunteers for three years, enrolling in 1862. They had the following ch.: (A) Samuel d. y. (B) George: d. y. (C) Hettie: b. 1858; m. Charles Gelwicks and is still living at Franklin County, Pa. (D) Winfield Scott: b. 1861; m. Emma Schlicter; d. 1914. They had: (a) Nora and Ivan: who d. in infancy. (b) Mary Catherine: who m. Wm. Alleman. They reside at Shippensburg, Pa. (c) Blanche, Philadelphia. (d) Elva, Shippensburg. (e) Anna: m. Richard Kyle. They reside in Franklin County. (f) Paul: b....

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Genealogy of Ebenezer Allen Family

R150 EBENEZER ALLEN: m. Hannah Bowerman in 1775 and had one son: (1) Francis. He m. Mary Taylor. They had: (A) Charles Milton: who d. 1905. He m. Martha Allinson in 1871 at Burlington, N. J. They had: (a) Charles Francis: b. May 26, 1879. He m. Helen E. Mann in 1911 at Beverly, N. J. They had: 1. Helen Frances: b. 1913 at Riverton, N....

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