Surname: Aikins

Biography of Hon. James C. Aikins

James Cox Aikins, Senator and Secretary of State of Canada, is a son of James Aikins, who left the County of Monaghan, Ireland, in 1816, and after residing in Philadelphia, Pa., four years, came to Canada and settled in the township of Toronto, now in the county of Peel, where our subject was born on the 30th of March, 1823. His mother’s name, before her marriage, was Ann Cox. James Aikins was a hospitable christian man, and his backwoods house, half a century ago, was the frequent resort of evangelists and the centre wherefrom radiated strong religious influences. Our subject received an academic education at what has since become Victoria College, Cobourg, and has followed the occupation of his father, that of an agriculturist, and made his business a success. Mr. Aikins has held a few civil offices in the township in which he resided in the county of Peel; is Major of the 3rd Battalion Peel Militia, and has been in some legislative body almost constantly for a quarter of a century. He sat for the county of Peel in the Canadian Assembly from 1854 until the general election in 1861, when he was defeated; was a member for the “Home” Division of the Legislative Council from 1862 until the Union, and was called to the Senate by proclamation in May, 1867. He was sworn into the Privy...

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Biographical Sketch of Herbert Austin Aikins

Aikins, Herbert Austin; university prof.; born, Toronto, Ont., March 1, 1867; studied W. T. A. (M. D., LL. D.); U. of Toronto, 1887; Ph. D., Yale, 1891; Instr. U. of Southern Cal., 1888; lecturer on history of philosophy, Yale, 1890-1; prof. logic and philosophy, Trinity Coll., N. C., 1891-3; hon. fellow Clark U., 1892-3; prof. philosophy, Coll. for Women, Western Reserve U., since 1893; member Am. Psychol. Assn., Am. Philos. Soc.; fellow A. A. A. S. Editor; Philosophy of Hume, 1893. Author: Principles of Logic, 1903; and papers on Psychol. and Philos. subjects. Translator: Forel’s Hygiene of Nerves and Mind,...

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