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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 8th Regiment, Company C.

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CAPTAINS: Coit, W.H., Powe. T.E., Malloy, S.G.

LIEUTENANTS: Gillespie, G.S., McIver, D.W., Evans, R.E., Hurst, L.

SERGEANTS: Strother, J., Gayle, H.A., Crail, C.W., Crail, T.P., Stancel, J., Smith, W.P., McCallman, J.C., White, B.S., Coit, J.T., Grimsley, S.B., Sellers, J., McIver, H.

CORPORALS: Malloy, C.A., Godfrey, W.R., Callens, J., Sellers, S.

PRIVATES: Adams, W., Adams, J., Bevil, J., Buchanan, J.A., Braddock, R., Clark, J., Cadien, B.F., Coker, H., Coker, M., Chapman, W.G., Chapman, A.G., Craig, J., Crawford, F.D., Campbell, D.A., DeLorne, T.W., Dickson, S.G., Douglas, A., Douglas, M.A., Ellerbe, A.W., Emanuel, E., Freeman, J., Freeman, W., Gardner, J.N., Gaskin, J.D., Goodwin, J., Grimsley, W., Grady, J.A., Goodwin, D., Grant. H.P., Grant, H., Grant, A., Graves, S., Hicks, W.H., Hayes, A.A., Haggins, A., Inglis, W.C., Inglas, L.S., Inglas, P., Knight, W.W., Lang, J., Link, J.A., Lisendy, W., Linton, J.H., Lee, H., McBride, F., McLean, J.K., McColl, W., Murphy, C.W., McIver, F.M., Mahon, J., McDuffie, F.J., McMillan, J.D., Malloy, J.H., Murray, J.C., McIntosh, J.W., Melton, H., Moore, H., Melton, E.H., McRa, D., Mash, —-, Melton, W., Nichols, W.P., Odom, D.P., Odom, J., Petter, L.L., Pinchman, H.C., Powell, A.H.C., Poston, H.C., Poston, W., Purvis, W., Purvis, L.D., Poston, J., Quick, B., Rainwaters, W.T., Richards, J.G., Roberson, G., Spencer, S.H., Sellers, H., Smith, S.S., Sweatt, T., Stacey, O., Spencer, T.D., Sellers W.B., Smith. T., Smith, J., Turnage, T.D., Turner, W.W., White, D., White, J., Wright, J., Wallace, J.C.

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