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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 3rd Regiment, Company H.

CAPTAINS: Nunnamaker, D., Summer, J.C., Swygert, G.A., Dickert, D.A.

LIEUTENANT: Epting, J.H., Nunnamaker, S., White, U.B., Fulmer, A.P., Huffman, J.

SERGEANTS: Hipp, A.J., Derrick, F.W., Kesler, W.A., Swindler, W.C., Werts, A.A., Haltiwanger, J.S., Wheeler, S., Kempson, L.C.

CORPORALS: Weed, T.C., Busby, W.A., Stoudemire, J.A.W., Mayer, J.A., Counts, W.J., Werts, W.W., Guise, A.

PRIVATES: Adams, M., Addy, J.M., Burrett, J., Burkett, H., Boozer, L., Boozer, B.F., Boozer, D.T., Bedenbaugh, L., Bundric, T.J., Busby, J.L., Busby, L., Busby, W., Cannon, J.J., Caughman, L., Chapman, H.H., Chapman, D., Chapman, B.F., Cook, J.S., Comerlander, M., Corley, F., Dawkins, J.D., Dickert, J.O., Dickert, B.F., Dickert, C.P., Dominick, H., Dreher, D.J., Dreher, T., Derrick, A., Ellisor, C.G., Ellisor, G.M., Ellisor, G.P., Ellisor, J.T., Enlow, B., Epting, J., Fulmer, H.J., Fulmer, G.W., Fulmer, J.E., Frost, E., Folk, S.H., Farr, J., Feugle, J.N., Fort, H.A., Green, W.T., Gibson, A., Guise, N.A., Geiger. W.D., George, J., Gortman, M., Hamiter, J.H., Haltiwanger, J.L., Haltiwanger, A.K., Hartman, S., Hobbs, L.P., Hipp, W.W., Hipp, J.M., Hipp, J.J., Hiller, G., Jacob, W.A., Kelly, B., Kinard, J.J., Kunkle, H.L., Koon, G.W., Long, H.M., Long, D.S., Long, D.P., Long, G.A., Long, J.H., Long, G., Long, J., Lake, T., Lake, E.J., Livingstone, J., Livingstone, S., Livingstone, M., Lester, G., Lever, C., Mayer, A.B., Miller, A.B., Miller, J., Miller, L., Monts, J.W., Monts, T., Monts, N., Monts, F., Monts. J., Martin, A., Metts, T., Nunnamaker, T.C., Rucker, W., Russell, L.F., Rikard, L., Riser. R.E., Summer, J.G., Summer, W., Summer, P., Summer, J.B., Summer, J.K., Summer, A.J., Stoudemire, G.W., Stoudemire, R.T., Smith, S.H., Smith, J.A., Shealy, P.H., Schwarts, G., Schwarts, H.C., Sease, A.M., Slice, G.N., Slice. R., Setzler, W., Setzler, J.T., Spillers, I., Stuck, G.M., Stuck, M.C., Swetingburg, D.R., Suber, A., Thompson, P., Wilson, H.C., Wilson, A.A., Werts, A., Werts, W.A., Werts, J., Werts, W.A., Werts, T., Weed, W., Wheeler, L.B., Youngener, G.W., Yonce, J., Yonce, W.

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