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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 2nd Regiment, Company H.

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CAPTAINS: McManus, A., Clyburn, B.R.

LIEUTENANT: Perry, A.M., Welsh, S.J., Brasington, G.C., Reeves, T.J., Hinson, M.R.

SERGEANTS: Perry, J.F., Gardener, S.C., Kennington, W.R., Williams, D. A., McKay, Dr. J.P., Ingram, I.N., Moody, J.J., Love, M.C., Sowells, W.S.

CORPORALS: Baker, A.J., Small, J.M., Johnson, G.D., Johnson, D.G., Small, J.M., Douglass, S.A., Kelly, B.L., Cook, J.C., McHorton, W., Williams, T.E., Hilton, R.P., Boiling, R.A.

PRIVATES: Adkins, W.C., Baker, J.J.T., Baker, W., Bailey, J.D., Bailey, Jno., Bell, W.T., Bunnett, G.W., Bowers, N.H., Bowers, W.J., Brasington, W.M., Blackman, B., Bridges, P.H., Caston, W.J., Cato, R.E., Cauthen, G.L., Cauthen, L.D., Craige, W.M., Cauthen, J.M., Deas, A., Ellis, G.W., Ellis, W.W., Funderburk, W.B., Funderburk, J.C., Faulkenberry, J.T., Gardener, C.L., Gardener, S., Gardener, W.W., Gregory, W.T., Gregory, Willis, Harris, G.T., Harris, J.K., Harrell, D., Hilkon, T., Hinson, E., Hinson, W.L., Horton, A.J., Hough, M.J., Horton, W.C., Horton, J.B., Horton, J.T., Harvel, D.B., Jones, B.B., Johnson, J.D., Johnson, F.M., Johnson, D.T., Kennington, B.R., Kennington, R.W., Kennington, G.W., Kennington, J., Kennington, N., Kennington, R., Kennington, R., Jr., Kennington, W.J., Kennington, S.L., Knight, E.R., Lucas, M., Lowery, R.J., Lowery, W.W., Minor, L., Lyles, W.J., Lynn, W.T., Lathan, J.T., Lucas, J.R., Love, V.H., McManus, W.H., McManus. C.W., McManus, W.A., McManus, G.B., Neal, W.M., Perry, B.C., Phifer, W.T., Phillips, A., Phillips. J., Phillips. H.S., Phillips, A.L., Reaves, T.C., Robertson, W. U.R., Robertson, V.A., Reaves, J.J., Short, J.G., Small, J.M., Small, W.F., Sowell, S.F., Snipes, A., Sowell, A., Sodd, W., Swetty, A.M., Woeng. W.D., Welsh, T.J., Wilkinson, H.W., Williams, C.H., Williams, D.A., Williams, J.F., Williams, W.J., Wilson, G.B., Wright, W., Williams, A.M., Witherspoon, J.B.

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