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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 20th Vols., Company E.

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CAPTAIN: Cowan, N.A.

LIEUTENANTS: Shirley, J.J., Pruitt, W.C., King, J.A., Mattison, J.F.

SERGEANTS: Copeland, J.J., Clinkscales, F., Parker, J.P., Hall, A.M., Broom, W.J.

CORPORALS: Kay, C.M., Hanks, Luke, Shirley, N.A., Acker, W.H., Parker, R.E.

PRIVATES: Armstrong, J.A., Ashley, J.T., Adams, A.B., Armstrong, A.S., Ashley, John, Ashley, J.R., Ashley, J.T., Ashley, E.W., Arnold, Joel, Anderson, T.W., Brock, R.B., Brock, J.L., Bannister, M., Brock, J.H., Brock, W.C., Bancum, A., Bannister, Thomas, Bannister, W.L., Bannister, J.H., Sr., Bannister, J.M., Bannister, J.H. Jr., Bannister, J.N., Broom, J.N., Broom, A., Bagwell, Baylis, Bigby, J.A., Coker, J.J., Cummings, C.C., Callahan, J.F., Cowan, W.M., Cummings, H.A., Callahan, J.R., Callahan, D.P., Coleman, Robert, Fox, F.J., Cobb, M.A., Crasberry, A., Cox, Mac, Diver, B.F., Dunlap, W.F., Drennan, S.A., Davis, A.M., Dalrymple, J., Drake, E.H., Elgin, H., Flower, J.Y., Fields, Stephen, Fields, T., Freeman, W.G., Gambrell, S.V., Gillespie, A., Gilkerson, W.D., Gilkerson, J.A., Gantt, E.S., Grubb, C.C., Gambrell, P.M., Gambrell, E.H., Greer, J.W., Greer, George, Hawkins, R.L., Hall, J.B., Haynie, S.P., Haynie, James, Haynie, J.C., Haynie, Pink, Holliday, J., Harris, E., Hall, W.C., Hanks, J.M., Hanks, Thomas, Harper, N., Johnson, W.G.W., King, D.P., Kay, W.R., Kay, M.V.S., Keaton, J.J., Kay, J.L., King, J.D., King, J.D., Jr., Kay, M.H., Kay, J.B., Kay, W.S., Leopard, H.B., Lathan, J., Lusk. J.F., Mattison, James, Mulligan, W.H., Mann, S.H., McDavid, J.Q., Martin, Samuel, Mann, A.K., Martin, W.A., Morgan, David, Mattison. W.H., Massey, J.C., Massey, S.B., McLane, John, Murdock, J.T., Murdock, Stephen, McCoy, E.W., Morrison, O.D., Mitchell, John, Mitchell, E.M., Martin, Welborn, Neighbor, J.T., Owens, A.W., Pruitt, J.B., Pruitt, Joshua, Pruitt, E.O., Pruitt, E.D., Pruitt, T.C., Pruitt, J.P., Pearman, W.L., Pearman, W.C., Pearman, S.N., Pepper, E.K., Posey, R.L., Pack, J.B., Pitts, J.G., Pruitt, B.F., Robinson, Isaac, Robinson, Jesse, Robinson, R.B., Robinson, J.A., Robinson, J.H., Robinson, G.B., Robinson, J.M., Robinson, S.E., Robinson, R.B.A., Recketts, William, Ragsdale, F.A., Saylors, J.N., Saylors, Isaac, Shirley, S., Smith, William, Shaw, R.M., Shaw, C.M., Saylors, W.P., Saddler, Isaac, Saylor, J.W., Saylors, W.P., Saylors, W., Stone, A.H., Stone, J.B., Shaw, H.W., Shaw, J.C., Shirley. F.F., Shirley, J.J., Shirley, J.M., Smith, J.N., Smith, C., Saddler, William, Southerland, W.F., Simpson, J.D., Seawright, John, Seawright, J.S., Taylor, J.W., Tucker, L.P., Tucker, W.T., Tucker, Wm. L., Todd, I.A., Tribble, L.W., Tribble, S.M., Thurkill, —-, Vandiver, D.J., Williams, Ira, Woods, W.J., Wilson, J.J., Woods, Robert, Wilson, R.C., Wilson, J.M., Wilson, W.R., Wilson, W.N., Wilson, J.R., Wright, C.J., Wright, J.W., Wright, T.T., Williamson, M., Williamson, James, Walden, J., Willingham, A.P., Willingham, J.N., Cowan, Andrew.

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