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South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 20th Vols., Company C.

CAPTAINS: Leaphart, G., Haltiwanger, G.T.

LIEUTENANTS: Huffman, J.E., Eleazer. W.S., Haltiwanger, H.W.

SERGEANTS: Houseal, W.F., Metts, S.S., Eleazer, J.M., Haltiwanger, J.H., Burkett, T.

CORPORALS: Hipps, I.A., Williamson, W., Addy, T.M.G., Ballentine, S., Haltiwanger, D.K., Smith, S.L.

PRIVATES: Arnick, T.W., Arnick, I.A., Arnick, W.R., Arnick, D.W., Addy, J.B., Addison, H.T., Archart, H.M., Baker, J., Black, N.L., Black, W.E., Bookman, S.W., Bouknight, W.J., Bouknight, J.W., Busby, L., Busby, W., Buff, H.J., Buff. J., Bickley, H.W., Bouknight, J.M., Bundrick, J.M., Bundrick, J.A., Bristow, J.M., Cumelander, W.N., Cumelander, A.W., Sr., Cumelander, A.W., Jr., Cumerlander, J.S., Cumerlander, S.C., Counts, H.A., Caughman, J.C., Coogler, J.P., Coogler, R.E., Clocus, H., Counts, H.A., Daly, J.T., Daly, W.A., Dean, J.A., Derrick, J.H., Derrick, J.S., Derrick, W.C., Derrick, J., Derrick, H.D., Derrick, J.D., Derrick, G.J., Derrick, S.W., Dreher, O.A., Dreher, E.J., Eleazer, R.J., Eleazer, G.B., Epting, D.J., Epting, J.H., Eargle, J.J., Eargle, A.D., Eargle, J.D., Eargle, J.W., Eargle, A.D., Fulmer, W.F., Fulmer, J.F., Farr, G., Farr, B., Freshley, G.W., Frick, E.D., Geiger, J., Geiger, D.W., Geiger, F.S., Geiger, J., Geiger, M., Geiger, E.W., Geiger, G.M., Geiger, J.A., Geiger, L.S., Haltiwonger, G.C., Haltiwonger, J.S., Haltiwonger, G.J., Haltiwonger, D.J., Haltiwonger, J.E., Haltiwonger, J.J., Hiller, P.J., Hiller, S.B., Hiller, S., Hiller, J.A., Hyler, J.B., Hunt, N., Hameter, G., Jacobs, W.A., Jacobs, J., Kibler A., Koon, W.W., Koon, J.F., Koon, J.L., Keitt, J.D., Lorick, J.D., Lowman, J.P., Lowman, S.G., Lowman, P.G., Lowman, J.S., Lowman, P.E., Lybrand, B.C., Long, D.E., Long, W.W., Mayer, G.W., Metts, G.S., Metts, G.S., Metts, J.F., Metts, M.S., Metts, E.C., Metts, J.C., Metts, R.A., Metts, J.T., Metts S.J., Metts, C., Metts, L., Metts, E.W., Mathias, L.S., Mathias, T.S. McCartha, R., McCartha, J., Monts, J., Nates, J.T., Nates, J.A., Nunnamaker, A.S., Nunnamaker, J.H., Nunnamaker, D., Nunnamaker, W.A., Revel, J.W., Shuler, P.I., Shuler, J.L., Shuler, J.R., Stack, W., Stack, H., Sheeley, J.D., Sheeley, P.P., Sheeley, D., Sheeley, J.J., Sheeley, J.M., Suber, W.F., Slice, J.J., Slice, J.W., Slice, J.D., Summer, J.W., Sr., Summer, J.W., Jr., Seigler. J., Seigler, W., Schmitz, J.D., Stone, H., Swygert, J.W., Taylor, C., Williams, W.H., Williamson, W., Whites, E.M., Whites, A.E., Whites, S.H., Wessinger, G.S., Wessinger, J., Wessinger, J.D., Weed, C.A., Weed, J.C., Youngenener, J., Leaphart, L.

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