Febry. 15, 1745/46 Sarah the Daughter of Hilman & Sarah Hutchins was born

1745/46 Marc 14 Susannah Elizabeth Daughter of George and Sarah Vane was born.


June 21st 1746 Mary, Daughter of Benjamin & Anne Smith was born

May 27 1746 Robert, the Son of James Wright Esqr; & Sarah his Wife was born

June 29 1746 Nathaniel Son of Henry & Charlotte Izard was born

April 15th 1746 James, the Son of James & Sarah Lessene was born

June 23. 1746 Mary the Daughter of Meller & Mary St. John was born

May 24 1746 Mary the Daughter of Peter & Elizabeth Sanders was born

1746 July 9th Mark Anthony Besselleu son of Mark Anthony & Martha Besselleu was born.

July 25 1746 Richard, Son of Richard & Esther Powers, was born

May 14 1746 Elizabeth, Daughter of William & Margaret Shepard was born

Daniell’s 3 Children:
At the desire of Mr John Daniell of Charles town Shipwright it is Registred, that Adam and John being twins & Sons of the said John Daniell by Mary his Wife, were both Born the Eight Day of April One thousand seven Hundred and thirty four; And Also Mary their Daughter was Born the thirtyeth day of November One thousand seven Hundred and thirty six. John Remington Regr.

Heskett’s 5 Children:
At the Desire of Mr George Heskett of Charles Town Shipwright It is Registred, That Joseph, Son of the said George Heskett by Mary his wife was born, the first day of February One thousd: seven Hundred & Eighteen, Darkes, Daughter of the said George & Mary was born the twenty fifth day of March One thousd: seven Hundred & twenty, Sarah, Daughter of the said George and Mary was born the tenth day of November One thousd: seven Hundred & twenty seven, George, Son of the said George & Mary was born the fifteenth day of January One thousand seven Hundred & twenty Nine, & John, son of the said George & Mary was born the twenty fourth day of September One thousand seven hundred & thirty three Remington Regr.

Septr 10 1746 Isaac, Son of John & Marian Guerard was born

June 28 1746 David Thomas, Son of William & Grace Roper was born

Octr. 6th 1746 William Son of William George Freeman & Jane his Wife was born

Octr 24 1746 Samuel Son of Samuel & Elizabeth Carne was born

Septr. 18 1746 James, Son of John & Martha McCall was born

Novemr 3d 1746 Margaret, Daughter of Kenneth Michie & Mar) his Wife was bonn.

Decemr 17th 1746 Morreau, Son of Morreau Sarracen & Elizabeth his Wife was bonn.

Janry. 9th 1746 Martha, Daughter of Thomas & Martha Weavel was born

Decr: 21 1746 Elizabeth Ann, Daughter of Peter & Ann Timothy was born

Janry 26 1746 Mary, Daughter of Maurice & Mary Keating was born

Augt. 26 1746 George, Son of George & Many Avery was born

Octr 12th 1746 Ashby, Son of thomas & Ann Easton was born

Febry. 15 1746 Elizabeth, Daughter of Frederick & Elizabeth Strubel was born

Novr 3d 1946 Margaret, Daughter of Thomas & Joan Tew was born.

Marc 16: 1746 James, Son of John and Susannah Hume was born

Febry: 19 1746 James, Son of John & Sarah Lining was born

Decem 26 1746 Charlotte, Daughter of Thomas & Mary Roybould was born

Marc 6 1746 Providence, Daughter of John Paul Grimke & Ann his Wife was born

Janry 3d 1746 Elizabeth, Daughter of Robt. & Mary Harvey was born

Novr 8 1746 Elizabeth Ann, Daugr of Thomas & Ann Greene was born

March 24 1746 William, Son of John Watson & Abigail his Wife was born

Mar 1. 1746 Elizabeth, Daughter of Samuel & Many Leger was born

Feby. 18 1746 William, Son of William & Marian Kink was born

Augt. 61 1746 Hepsibah, Daughter of thomas & Bulah Rose was born

Mar 11th 1746 Elizabeth, Daughter of Edward & Martha Fenwicke was born

April 18 1746 Jane, Daughter of Hugh & Ann Anderson was born


March 19 1746/47 William Son of Thomas & Mary Doughty was born

March 17h 1746/47 Jane Daughtr. of Roger & Jane Saunders was born

March 7th 1746/47 Mary Daughter of Benja: & Ann Burnham was born

1746/47 Mar 6 Elizabeth, Daughtr. of Henry & Elizabeth Harramond was born

1746/47 Janry 19 Martha, Daughter of Vincent & Elizabeth Leacraft was born

1746/47 Febry 9th. Amey, Daughter of thomas & Elinor Legere was born


April 8 1747 Richard Son of Richard & Many Peak was born

June 14th 1747 George Lucas, Son of Charles & Elizabeth Pinckney was born

June 8th 1747 Roger and Rebeccah twins, Son and Daughter of John and Sarah Champagnes was born

1747 May 18th Sarah, Daughtr. of Samuel & Hannah Lacey was born

1747 May 27th: Margaret Daughtr. of Willm & Jane Duchy was born

1747 Augt. 15 Sarah, Daughth. of William and Sarah Webb was born

Children of Joseph & Anna Shute were Born
1732 Octor: 28 Isabella Shute
1735 Novr: 12 Elizabeth. Shute
1739 April 18 John Shute
1743 July 31 Mary Shute

1747 June 8th James Son of Alexander & Catherine Livie was born.

1747 May 8th Ebenezer, Son of Francis & Anne Roche was born.

1747 Augt. 27 Charlotte, Daughter, of Daniel & Catherine Welshuyson was born.

The Children of Peter Boquet & Barbary his Wife were born.
1740 July 24 John Bocquet
1741/2 Marc 5 Ann Bocquet
1744 Octor: 6th Peter Bocquet
1746 Septr. 6th James Bocouet

The Children of Daniel & Maria Clef, Chopard, were born.
1742 Octr 31 John Peter Chopard
1744 Decr. 16 Susannah Chopard
1746 April 14 Ann Chopard
1747 Augt. 27th Daniel Chopard

1746 Novr: 70th Daniel, son of Samuel & Katherine Stevens was born

1746 Decent 9th: Hannah, Daughter of Abraham & Sarah Snelling was born

1746 Novr 12 William, Son of Justinus & Mary Stoll was born

1747 Augt. 15 Charlotte, Daughter of Henry & Charlotte Izard was born

1746 Decr 4 Anne Daughter of Morgan & Mary Esther Sabb was born

1746 28 Augt. Samuel Son of Wm & Sarah Hopton was born

1746 22d February Elizabeth, Daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Poole was born

1746 230 Novemr Ann, Daughter of John & Catherine Harvey was born

1746 18h July William, Son of Thomas & Frances Hamett was born

1746 1st. Februry John Son of Samuel & Sarah Perkins was born


1747 14th May Mary Ann, Daughter Supposed of Thomas White by Sarah Lowe was born.

1747 6th Febry. William, Son of William & Ann Cattell was born

1747 Octr. 6th Catherine Daughter of James & Mary Kirkwood was born

June 3rd 1747 Rebecca Daughr. of Jacob & Elizabeth Motte was born

June 14th 1747 James Samuel, Son of Peter & Margaret Oliver was born

Septr.17th 1747. Elizabeth, Daughr of Elias & Mary Snell was born

Novem 12th 1747 Sophia, Daughter of John & Sophia Snow was born

Novem 2nd 1747 Catherine, Daughter of William & Margaret Shepard was born

Octr. 30h 1747 George Hall, Son of Hall & Mary Richardson was born

Septr 1st 1747 Richard, son of Richard & Susannah Butler, was born

August 27th 1747 Tucker, son of William & Sarah Harris was born

June 8h 1747 Thomas, son of William & Rachel Farroe was born

Novr. 11th 1747 Ruth, Daughr of Alexander & Jane Hext was born

Novr: 20 1747 James, Son of James Wright Esqr: by Sarah his Wife was born

Septr.16th 1747 Thomas, Son of John & Susannah Crokatt was born.

Janry 1st. 1747 Mary Ann, Daughter of Thomas & Sarah Newton was born

June 21 1747 William son of Thomas & Mary Lee was born

Novem 6 1747 Elizabeth Daughter of Frederick & Rose Holzendorf was born

Octr. 19 1747 William, Son of Peter & Mary Edwards was born

Septr. 5 1747 Jane, Daughter of George & Hannah Duckett was born

Decemr 20h. 1747 William, Son of Peter & Mary Cattel was born

January 3rd 1747. David, Son of David and Katherine Caw was born

April 20th 1747 Benjamin, Son of Thomas Lamboll & Elizabeth his Wife was born

Septemr. 1st 1747 Esther Daughter of Richard & Esther Powers was born

Sons of William & Anne Nelme were born.
March 30 1739 William
October 31 1741 John,
January 23d 1746 Samuel

1744 October 23 Jorden, Son of Jorden & Rebecca Roche was born

1747 2nd Septem Luke, Son of Luke & Sarah Stoutenburgh was born

1747 16th Novem: Edward, Son of John & Grace Fitzgerald was born

1747 19th February Martha, Daughter of Samuel & Providence Prioleau was born.

William, Son of Robert & Elizabeth Collis was born

1747 1st February John, Son of Samuel & Sarah Perkins was born Entd. below.

1747 3rd Februy Jane McLaughlan, Daughter of Daniel & Catherine Roulain was born

1747 22nd Novemr Stephen, Son of Stephen & Ann Cater was born

1747 24 Novem. Charles Son of George & Mary Avery was born

1747 6th Febry. Anthony, Son of Levinus & Elizabeth Van Schaick was born

1747. 28 February Elizabeth Daughter of John & Sarah Nelson was born

1747 15. March Mary Daughter of Frederick & Francis Grienzeig was born

1747 23 Novem Martha Daughter of Lionel & Martha Chalmer, was born

1747 Decr. 20th Jane Daughter of Hugh and Ann Anderson was born

1747 Sepr. 18th O S. Elizabeth, Daughter of Christopher & Jane Gadsden was born