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Register of St. Philip’s Parish, South Carolina

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1754 March 20 John Christian Henning son of Philip & Catherine Henning was born

1754 March 7th Ann, Daughter of William & Ann Air was born

William & Elizabeth Gibbes
1751/52 Janry 4th Ann
1754 Mar 16th William

1754 May 25th Paul, Son of Michael & Elizabeth Kolien was born

1750 Sept 5th O S. Christopher, Son of Christopher & Jane Gadsden was born

1754 Decr. 21st N. S. Harriot Daughter of Thomas Clarkson & Elizabeth his Wife was born

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1754 Nov 5h N S Jane Daughter of David Oliphant & Hannah his Wife was born

1754 May 15th Grissel, Daughter of Robert Wells & Mary his Wife was born in Charles Town 10 oClock A M on Wednesday the 15th May 1754

1754 July 1st Othniel, Son of John & Jane Giles was born


1755 Feby 8th Mary Daughter of William Burrows Attorney at Law & Mary his Wife was born

Children of Peter & Ann Timothy
1751 Novr 30th O. S. Frances Claudia Daugr.
1755 May 17th N S Lewis William

1755 March 3rd N S Eleanor Daughter of Thomas & Ann Linthwaite was born
1755 Novemr 18th Louisa Susanna, Daughter of Robert Wells and Mary his Wife was born in Charles Town on Saturday at 9 oClock A M 18 Novr. 1755

Children of Theodore & Catherine Treasvant of Charles Town
1754 Feby 1st Elizabeth Martha
1755 October 6 Charlotte —
Taylor born N. B.
1758 Feby. 16 John
Above children were Baptized by Mr. Tetard and Mr. Soberly

Children of Thomas and Rachel Elfe of Charles Town Cabinet Maker
1753 August 1 William Elfe
1756 May 1 Elizabeth DO
1758 January 30 Hannah Do

Children of Charles and Elizabeth Dewar of Charles Town Merchant
1753 August 24 Mary Dewar
1755 December 21 Robert Do
1757 December 5 Elizabeth Do

Children of Peter and Elizabeth Butler of Charles Town, Perukemaker
1752 April if Peter Butler
1754 March 26 Graham Ditto
1756 April 17 John Ditto

Sons and John Creighton Adjutant of South Carolina Provincials and Barbary his wife. Recorded the 5th. Day December 1758 P Thos Linthwaite, Register
1751 June 12 James Creighton
1753 January 19 Ann Creighton
1755 February 17 George Creighton
1755* August 26 John Creighton

Daughters of Daniel Elizabeth Trezevant Silversmith
1755 August 6 Susannah
1757 April 13 Martha

Sons & Daughter of Benjamin Godfry & Mary
1755 March 9 Benjamin
1756 November 3 Mary
1758 November 21 Robert Richd.

Jose ph Ash
At the Request of Mr. Richard Cockran Ash of Tooboodoo and Ann his Wife That Joseph his Son was born the 14th November 1758 and was Baptized by the Revd, Mr. Morrison of the Scotch Meeting 22d of the Same Month

Sons & Daughter of Robert Pringle Esqr and ______ his Wife
1753 July 22 John
1755 April 4 Robert
1757 March 29 Elizabeth

Son and Daughter of John Quash and Sarah his wife
1753 January 7 Matthew
1756 November 21 Rachel

1755 Novr. 19 Ann Simmons Daughter of Ebenezer & Jane Simmons was born

Sons of John McQueen Esqr. and Ann
1753 Sepr. 2 James McQueen
1755 January 19 Alexander Ditto
1758 May 22 George Ditto
The Son & Daughter of Mr. Samuel Brailsford & Elizabeth
1753 September 4 William Brailsford
1757 November 15 Elizabeth Brailsford

Daughter & Son of Rawlins Lowndes Esqr. and Mary his wife
1754 July 29 Amerinthia
1757 Novr,5 Rawlins

Daughter and Son of Thomas & Elianor Legare
1749 April 2nd Sarah
1751 May l0th Benjamin

Daughters & Son William Hall and Susannah
1752 May 21 Susannah
1754 November 5 Grace
1757 April 6 William

Sons & Daughters of Thomas Shubrick Esqr and Sarah his wife
1749 February 5 Elizabeth O S
1751 September 27 Richard O S
1753 January 17 Sarah N S
1754 February 11 Mary
1756 December 27 Thomas
1757 July 2 Jacob

Son & Daughters of William Lloyd and Martha his Wife
1753 Novr.17 Sarah
1755 Septr. 13 William
1756 Novr. 13 Elizabeth
1758 Septr. 7 Henrietta

The Son & Daughters of Mr. William Hopton & Sarah his Wife
1748 November 6 John
1749 January 4 Alicia
1752 July 28 Sarah

Daughters of Mr. Robert Williams and Elizabeth his Wife N B Robt. Williams Junr Esqr Attorney at Law
1755 Novr. 11 Ann.
1757 July 13 Margaret
1758 July 6 Elizabeth

Son and Daughters of Wm. Roper Esqr. and Grace
1748 August 21 William O S
1750 August 29 Ann O S
1752 November 20 Martha N S

Broughton On the 27 Day of September 1753 Son of James Laurens and Mary his Wife was born

The Sons of Samuel and Providence Prioleau
1753 October 31 Hext
1755 September-1- Philip
Johan na

On the 9th. Day November 1753 Mary Daughterof Robert and Johanna Mackinzie was born

Son and Daughter of John Desmond and Martha his Wife
1755 August 17 Dennis
1758 September 10 Catherine

Daughters of Thomas Hargrove and Elizabeth
1755 March 24 1755 Sarah
1757 Novembr 1 Ann
Daughter and Son of Daniel Sinclair and Mary
1755 February 22 Cathrina
1756 September 30 Edward Stephens

Sons and Daughter of Thomas and Anna Maria Hoyland
1749 May 29 William
1753 January 3 Thomas
1757 December 15 Elianor Sarah

Sons and Daughter of James & Mary Willkye
1753 November 27 William
1755 September 3 Loveridge
1758 January 25 John

7 Day March 1757 Eliza Webb Daughter of Wallace John Webb and Mary his Wife was born

14th June 1757 Elianor Pritchard Daughter of James and Elianor Pritchard was born

Sons and Daughter of John and Jane Stevenson
1748 November 13 James
1754 April 3 John
1756 October 27 Thomas
1758 November 22 Ann

Son and Daughters of Richard and Susannah Muncrief
1751 October 13 Elizabeth
1755 August 10 Richard
1758 October 17 Susannah

March ye 7th 1757 Elizabeht Webb Daughter of Wallace John Webb and Mary his Wife was born and was Baptized. the Revd Mr. Andrews May ye. 5th. 1757

Son of John Charles & Abigail Watson
July 3rd 1749 Charles Watson

28th day of August 1754 Ann Cooper daughter of John & Mary Cooper was born Privately Baptized by the Revd. Mr. Alexr. Keith assistant to St. Philips parish.

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Salley. The Register of St. Philip's Parish Charlestown (1720-1758). 1904. Web. 28 May 2016.
- Last updated on Mar 8th, 2013

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