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Register of St. Philip’s Parish, South Carolina

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1747/48 8th Janry. Marian Cook Daughter of Joseph & Hannah Cook was born

do 23rd March James, Son of William & Martha Tyre was born

Polley Hill Daughter of Wm Geo Freeman & Jane his Wife was born


1748 21st May Thomas. Son of Thomas & Mary Lloyd was born

1748 5 July Thomas, Son of Thomas & Sarah Smith was born

1748 18 July Sarah Daughtr of John & Sarah Wheeler was born

1748 30 July Susannah Daugr Charles Jacob & Susannah Pischard was born

1748 13th August Robert, Son of Richard & Susannah Muncreef was born

1748 19th June Robert. Son of John & Judith Vann was born

1748 Janry 19 Henrietta, Daughter of Charles & Easter Carroll was born

1748 Febry 3 Charlotte Daughter of William & Ann Glen was born

1748 Octr 25 Robert, Son of Robert & Ann Waller was born

Children of Alexander & Judeth Chisolme, of Charles Town were Born & by me John Remington Registr- Entred at the request of the parents the 24h Octr. 1748.
1743 Decr. 31st Ann
1745 Novr 21st Christina
1747 May 30th Alexander
1748 June 14 Judeth
1748 10th Septr. Jacob, Son of John & Margaret Remington was born

1748 Septr 10 Francis, Son of Francis & Ann Roche was born

1748 Octr. 17th John, Son of John & Susannah Crokatt was born

1748 Septr 9h Mary, Daughter of Elisha & Catherine Poinsett was born

1748 Febry. 9 Peter Son of Charles Stevenson & Mary his Wife was born


Thomas Shubrick of Charles Town Merchant & Sarah his Wife
1747 April 10 Jane, Daughter
1748 June 23d Thomas, Son

1749 July 28th Mary, Daughter of Thomas & Mary Doughty was born

1749 Octr. 29 Mary Daughter of James & Penelope Edes was born

1749 Augt 23 Mary Daughter of John & Mary Corbett was born

1749 July 9th Rachel Daughter of Hugh & Ann Anderson was Born

11th: day of November 1749 Ann Stewart the Daughter of Cot. William Stewart & Ann his Wife was born

12th day of April 1749 Willm. Air the son of William Air and Ann his Wife was born

16th day of September 1749 John Bryan the son of John & Sarah Marguerita Bryan was born

15thday of October 1749 George Vane the Son of George and Sarah Vane.

1749 Decr. 21 Ann, Daughter of John & Ann McQueen was born

1749 Novr. 24 Saxby, Son of Sax by George & Abigail Dymond was born

1749 Novr. 10 Thomas, Son of Thomas & Joan Tew was born

1749 Febry 20 William Son of William and Mary Coomer was born


21St. day of February 1749/50 Corbet Freeman Son of William George Freeman & Jane his Wife was born


31st. March 1750 Mary the Daughter of William & Ann Air was born

7th day of December 1750 Susannah Snell Daughter being a posthumous Child
of the Honble John Colleton Esqr. & Susannah his Wife.

David Caw by Catherine his Wife
1748 Jany 20th Thomas
1750 Janry 5 John

1750 Octobr. 1 Elizabeth Daughter of Michael & Dorothy Pomer was born

1750 May 14 Elizabeth Daughter of John and Mary Churchwell was born

1750 June 9 Thomas, Son of William & Susannah Hall was born

1750 Septr. 8 David, Son of David and Hannah his Wife Oliphant was born

1750 May 23 Edmund Son of Alexander and Elizabh was born

1750 Septr. 13 Hannah Daughter of Solomon and Mary Milner was born

1750 Decr. 13 Charles, Son of Thomas & Mary Doughty was born

1750 March 2d John, Son of Catherine McAulit a Spurious child, Father unknown was born

1750 April 16 Ann Daughter of John & Margaret Harman was born

1750 January 3 William son of William & Mary Searug was born

1750 Decr. Benjamin Son of Benjam Thomas & Sarah Tucker was born

1750 Octr. 22d Edward son of Samuel & Mary Leger was born

1750 Novr. 1st Robert Son of Alexander & Katherine Livie was born. (baptized by Mr. Chas Lorimore)

Daughter & Sons of James Irving & Elizabeth his Wife
1747 Decr. 29 Elizabeth
1749 Decr. 6 James
1750 Octr. 17 William

1750 May 2 Sarah, Daughter of John & Sarah Sinclair was born

1750 April 16 William Raper an Adult Mulatto was publickly baptized in St. Philips Church by Revd. Mr Alexr Garden

Sons of James & Rebecca Elsinore
1735 Octr 29 Alexander
1737 Octr 27 James


1750/51 Janry 22d Mary Daughter of William & Mary Campbell was born


1751 Novr. Joel Son of Elisha & Catherine Poinsett was born

1751 May 7th Martha Daughter of William and Ann Glen was born

1751 Decr: 12th Robert Son of Robert & Isabella Rutherford was born

1751 Nov 13 Elizabeth Daughter of John & Margaret Remington was born.

1751 Nov 8th Mary Daughter of David & Mary Deas was born

1751 Septr. 9th Charles Son of John & Susannah Hurme was born

1751 Octr.16 Daniel Son of Esaie Brunett and Susannah his Wife was born

1751 Novr. 29 William son of David & Hannah Oliphant was born

1751 Novr. 29 Philip, Son of Sampson & Martha Neyle was born

1751 Novr. 14 Amelia Daughter of James Irving & Elizabeth his Wife was born


1752 Febry. 16 James Son of William & Anne Air was born

Daughters of Peter & Anne Timothy were
1748 Janry 11th Charlotte Mary
1749 May 18 Margaret Catherine
1750 Novr. 30 Frances Anne

1752 July 7th. Mary Daughter of John Cooper & Mary his Wife was born

1752 Septr. 14th Mary Daughter of N. S. Charles & Mary Stevenson

1752 Octob 14 John, Son of Thomas Doughty & Mary his Wife was born

1752 Octr. 9 Ann Daughter of John & Mary Corbett was born

1752 October William, Son of William & Sarah Henderson was born.

1752 July 2nd O S John Son of Robert & Mary Wells was born


1753 June 11th John son of John Howell & Elizabeth his Wife was born

1753 March 7th Martha Daughter of William & Mary Coomer was born.

1753 Septr. 6 Catherine Daughter of David Deas & Mary hisWife was born

1753 July 24 Ann Daughter of John Remington & Margaret his Wife was born

1753 Novem 25 James Son of Thomas & Mary Doughty was born

1753 October 10th Mary Daughter of Joseph & Ann Pickering was born

1753 Novr 22nd Coll MacDonald Son of Coll MacDonald & Ann Elizabeth his Wife was born

1753 Octr. 4th Ann Daughter of Thomas & Mary Burnham was born

1753 March 25th Henry, Son of Henry Laurens & Eleanor his Wife was born

1753 Augt. 22 Sarah, Daughter of Thomas & Sarah Smith was born

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