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Collection: Indian Home Guard

Names of claimants on the Pension Rolls

Department Of The Interior. Washington, D. C., March 15, 1866. SIR: In order to enable Mr. Whiting, while at Fort Gibson, to pay the pensions which, upon the investigation he is required to make there, may be found to be due, I have to request that you will inscribe the names of the following named claimants upon the pension-rolls the rates and commencement of the pensions allowed will be hereafter supplied; the names of those claimants thus inscribed upon the rolls, who may be found not to be legally entitled to pensions, will be stricken from the rolls on the receipt of his report after his return, viz: Ann Brown, widow of Isaac Brown. Atachita Davis, widow of John Davis. Akey Sanders, widow of Wilson Sanders. Arleg Walter, widow of Walter. Arleg Nar-cksi, widow of Wales-ka-bat. Anne Tun-nee-no-ce, widow of Tun-nee-no-ce. Ann Tiger, widow of Red Bird Tiger. Akey Cochrane, widow of Wind Cochrane. Anna Brown, widow of Thomas Brown. Ah-yak-noo-ci Bear, widow of John Bear. Alla Ellis, widow of Nathaniel Ellis. A-nee-key, widow of Water Hunter. Ah-nee, widow of Sid-a-wa-gy. Anna Baldridge, widow of Samuel Baldridge. Anna Blackbird, widow of William Blackbird. Aneey, widow of Os-na-se-ty. Aley Poor, widow of Poor. Anna Borrow, widow of Jack Borrow. Anna Cah-nah-s-sa-shi, widow of Cah-nah-s-sa-shi. Aky Walker, widow of John Walker. Aking Dragger, widow of Asa Dragger. Ah-ter Yan Deer, widow...

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Pension Katy Timberleg, widow of Charles Timberleg

Fort Gibson, Indian Territory, January 9, 1871. Sir: Herewith please find claim for pension, application No. 138478, of Katy Timberleg, widow of Charles Timberleg, formerly private of Company F, Third Indian. Home Guards, comprising the papers therein filed by John W. Wright, and the new declaration and additional evidence taken by us, with a duplicate copy of deposition made by said claimant, (prior to “declaration,”) which shows the manner in which her claim was prepared by the agents here of John W. Wright. Said deposition is intended for the Second Auditor’s information in investigating the bounty and back pay claims of said Katy Timberleg; and we have to request that it may be forwarded to him after you have considered it. The duplicate of said deposition, with the original abstract in the case, will be retained by us, (in lieu of the papers of the case sent herewith,) to enable us intelligently to take any further action that may be necessary in the case, and to accompany our general report of official operations here. We propose to adopt this method of forwarding claims, both “pending” and “admitted,” with such additions as the latter may require, leaving the briefs to be made out at the Pension-Office, as there may sometimes be no additional evidence required, (when we cannot decide,) and we request early information as to the acceptability of said...

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Application of Elijah Proctor Edward Crutchfield

Fort Gibson, Indian Territory, February 15, 1871. Sir: Herewith please find application of Elijah Proctor, formerly of Company H, Third Regiment of Indian Home Guards, relative to which, in the matter of limitation as to filing of claim we desire to submit the same presentation as to the existence of a prior claim, (which claimant alleges having twice applied for,) as was made in the case of Edward Crutchfield, whose application also accompanies this. Respectfully, yours, F. E. FOSTER. Hon. E. B. FRENCH, Second Auditor, Washington, D....

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