Collection: Indian Home Guard

Application of Elijah Proctor Edward Crutchfield

Fort Gibson, Indian Territory, February 15, 1871. Sir: Herewith please find application of Elijah Proctor, formerly of Company H, Third Regiment of Indian Home Guards, relative to which, in the matter of limitation as to filing of claim we desire to submit the same presentation as to the existence of a prior claim, (which claimant alleges having twice applied for,) as was made in the case of Edward Crutchfield, whose application also accompanies this. Respectfully, yours, F. E. FOSTER. Hon. E. B. FRENCH, Second Auditor, Washington, D....

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Pension Nakey, widow of C. Georges

Fort Gibson, Indian Territory, January 9, 1871. SIR: Herewith please find claim of Nakey, widow of C. Georges, Ap. No. 138,405, with papers, including declaration and additional evidence as to service and death of soldier, and marriage and widowhood of claimant, sworn to and attested this day, and the papers previously filed by J. W. Wright, with a memorandum indorsed upon the ticket of said claim, which was transcribed from the report of the Adjutant General under date of November, 1865, now on file in your office, upon rolls of the said Adjutant General furnished at said time, comprising record of the enlistment, casualties, discharges, &c., of all the soldiers of the three Indian Home-Guard regiments known to have been enrolled. No further evidence being available in support of said claim hereat, the same is respectfully submitted for the claimant as it is. It is deemed unnecessary to add more concerning said claim, except that the claimant cannot procure the better evidence of marriage, and that the medical records at this post, where he died, are so defective as to preclude the possibility of ascertaining more certainly the cause of her husband’s death. Herewith please find also an affidavit of Albert Barnes, a copy of which we retain for future use, which will be found interesting by reason of the light it sheds upon the manner of preparation of...

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Declaration and Testimony of Nancy Jumper, widow of Jumper

Fort Gibson; Indian Territory, February 15, 1871. Sir: We enclose herewith additional declaration and testimony in the case of Nancy Jumper, widow of Jumper, application No. 110,510. If evidence as to birth of children of the character furnished is to be accepted, we recommend the allowance of this claim with increase. We have, as in all cases, fixed the date of birth at as early a day as it could have occurred consistently with the allegations of claimant and witnesses. The witnesses-George O. and Jesse Sanders-are intelligent men, speaking English fluently, and were both, as Jesse now is, neighbors of the claimant prior to the war. The discrepancies appearing in the declarations simply illustrate the method pursued by the attorney in conducting his business, and are no more glaring than usual. Respectfully, yours, GEO. E. WEBSTER, F. E. FOSTER, Special Agents United States Pension-Office. Hon. II. VAN AERNAM, Commissioner of Pensions. Widow’s declaration Indian Territory, Cherokee Nation, ss: On this 15th day of February, A. D. 1871, before me, George E. Webster, pension agent at Fort Gibson, in the nation aforesaid, personally appeared Nancy Jumper, a resident of Tahlequah district, Cherokee Nation, who being by me duly sworn, according to law, makes the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefits of the acts of Congress granting pensions to widows: That she is about forty-one years of age, and...

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