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Cherokee Formula for Ball Play

This Concerns The Ball Play – To Take Them To Water With It. Listen! Ha! Now where the white thread has been let down, quickly we are about to examine into (the fate of) the admirers of the ball play. They are of-such a (iyu´sti) descent. They are called-so and...

Color Symbolism in Cherokee Formulas

Color symbolism plays an important part in the shamanistic system of the Cherokees, no less than in that of other tribes. Each one of the cardinal points has its corresponding color and each color its symbolic meaning, so that each spirit invoked corresponds in color...

The Cherokee Gods and Their Abiding Places

After what has been said in elucidation of the theories involved in the medical formulas, the most important and numerous of the series, but little remains to be added in regard to the others, beyond what is contained in the explanation accompanying each one. A few...
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