Collection: History of Western Iowa

Biographical Sketch of J. T. Baldwin

J.T. Baldwin, foreman of the boiler shops at Missouri Valley, was born in Md. He was employed in the navy yards at Washington, D.C., until 1868, when he moved to Omaha, Neb., and was in the employ of the U.P.R.R.; came to this city in 1870, and assumed his present...

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Biographical Sketch of M. I. Bailey

M.I. Bailey, attorney at law, established business in 1875. He was born in Delaware County, N.Y., in 1847; removed to Missouri Valley, Ia., in 1875, and engaged in the practice of law. He married C.L. Ames; a native of N.Y. Mr. B. is the present mayor of this...

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Biographical Sketch of J. H. Ball

J.H. Ball, proprietor of billiard parlor-corner 6th and Huron Sts-is a native of Ind.; moved to Knoxville, Marion County, Ia., with parents in 1851. In 1862 he engaged in freighting in company with J.B. Beard, which he continued until 1865. He then traveled through the territories until he settled in Council Bluffs in 1869; moved to Missouri Valley in 1878, and engaged in his present...

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Biographical Sketch of E. F. James

E.F. James, dealer in agricultural implements, pumps, windmills, etc., is a native of Pa., lived during youth in Ill.; moved to Missouri Valley, Ia., in 1868. He engaged in railroading, until 1873, when he engaged in his present business; is also proprietor of the James line of drays and express...

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Biographical Sketch of W. P. Bump

W.P. Bump, of the firm of Bump & Smith, dealers in general merchandise was born in Addison County, Vt.; in 1811; moved to western N.Y. in 1831, and in 1836 he engaged in the mercantile business; continued there until 1856, when he removed to Rochelle, Ill.; thence to Missouri Valley in 1869, and engaged in his present...

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Biographical Sketch of A. L. Tamisiea

A.L. Tamisiea, harness maker and dealer, was born in Dubuque, Ia., in 1855; removed with parents in 1856 to Harrison County, Ia. He came to Missouri Valley in 1875, and engaged in the confectionery business. He engaged in his present business in...

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Biographical Sketch of N. S. Dahl

N.S. Dahl, jeweler, is a native of Denmark; came to America in 1873, and settled in Chicago. He engaged in the jewelry business in various parts of the west, until 1879, when he located in Missouri Valley and opened his...

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Biographical Sketch of S. B. Smith

S.B. Smith, proprietor of the City barbershop, is a native of Ark.; removed to Polk County, Ia., in 1862 and to Harrison County in 1881, and established his present business at Missouri...

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Biographical Sketch of J. H. Crowder

J.H. Crowder, postmaster, also dealer in books, jewelry and fancy goods, is a native of Ind.; removed to Harrison County in 1866. He enlisted in the war of the rebellion, in the 18th Ia. Reg.; was a member of the band. He was appointed postmaster in 1871, which office he has since...

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Biographical Sketch of S. A. Broadwell

S.A. Broadwell, land and loan office was born in Cincinnati, Ohio., March 21st, 1848. In 1862, he joined the 34th Ohio. Zouaves; was afterwards courier and messenger and in 1864 returned to Cincinnati. He was employed by Tyler, Davidson & Co., until 1866, when he was appointed Sutler of Jefferson Barracks, Mo., where he remained two years; then went to New Orleans, and ran a trading boat for about a year, and then engaged in the wholesale boot and shoe business in New Orleans. He then removed to Mobile, Ala., and engaged in the same business, and through sickness was obliged to discontinue and travel for a time. He next engaged in the land and loan business in Champaign, Ill., remaining there five years; removed thence to Logan, and opened his present office. He is a very popular man, and does an extensive business, owning and controlling four thousand acres and more of well-improved lands, besides a large amount of stock. He is one of the leading members of the Masonic order in Ia., being Grand Warden of the Grand Commandery of the State of...

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Biographical Sketch of G. W. Coit, M.D.

G.W. Coit, M.D., was born in N.J., in 1837; was assistant surgeon during the latter part of the war of the rebellion. He graduated from the Bellevue Hospital, M.Y.[N.Y.] in March 1866, and came to Harrison County in Nov. of the same year, and located at St. Johns; the following February, removed to Missouri Valley. He has been government-examining surgeon for Western Iowa ten...

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Biographical Sketch of T. J. Buchanan

T.J. Buchanan, furniture dealer and undertaker, was born in Boone County, Ill., March 10th, 1856; removed to Rockford; thence to Harrison County, Ia., and engaged in farming three years in Union township. In Feb., 1881, he bought his present business of Rudd & Soper, and carries an elegant stock of goods. He married Alice A. Brownell, at Rockford, Ill., April 14th, 1876, and has one child, a...

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Biographical Sketch of Hon. D. M. Harris

Hon. D.M. Harris, senior member of the firm of Harris & Son, editors and proprietors of the Missouri Valley Times, was born in Dayton, Montgomery County, O., in 1821, and moved with parents to Ind. in 1824; thence to Maury County, Tenn. In 1854, he came to Audubon County, Ia., and engaged in farming and the real estate business, and there served three terms as county judge. He represented the 26th Iowa district during two sessions of the legislature. He next removed to Panora, Guthrie County, and engaged in the practice of law, also editing and publishing the Guthrie County Ledger. In 1868 he first came to Missouri Valley and established the Harrisonian, which he sold in 1872, the name of the paper being changed to the Missouri Valley Times. In the same year he moved to Independence, Kansas and published the Kansas Democrat, returned to Missouri Valley in 1873, engaging in the mercantile business. His establishment was shortly afterwards destroyed by fire, and he located at Exira, which town he had previously “laid out,” and began the publication of the Audubon County Defender. Soon afterwards he published the Cap-Sheaf, at Atlantic, Cass County, which he conducted until 1876, when he resumed the publication of the Times at Missouri Valley. He was married in 1842 to Martha M. White, of Tenn.; has six sons and four daughters. Mr. Harris...

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