Collection: History of San Mateo County California

Biography of Erik O. Lindblom

No fiction story teems more with interest than the biography of Erik O. Lindblom, millionaire mine owner, capitalist and banker. From the time he left his home in Sweden at the tender age of seventeen until he uncovered untold riches in the frozen, gravel of Alaska, his life has been one of adventure with hardship and good fortune intermingling. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Mr. Lindblom’s father was a wealthy and highly respected land owner and school master in Sweden. Misfortune dealt him a severe blow when by going bondsman for a relative, a large dam which he signed the bond for was washed out, dissipating the fortune he had spent a lifetime accumulating. Although Erik Lindblom was only seventeen, he set out into the world to recover the family’s lost wealth. Born and reared in the iron and copper region he had a fundamental knowledge of mining; and his quest for precious metals took him to Russia, Germany, France, England and finally back to...

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Biography of Sadie Lindblom

Mrs. Sadie Lindblom has achieved a notable success in her chosen field of endeavor – the motion picture world, not only as a producer but as an actress of exceptional ability. Although very wealthy in her own name, and with the millions of her husband Erik behind her to draw upon, Mrs. Lindblom has chosen to work and work hard for the motion picture business is, as everybody knows, one of the most exacting in the world. The hours are long and the work is strenuous. This is especialy true in the case of Mrs. Lindblom, who not only plays the leading parts in her productions but carries upon her shoulders the entire responsibility and all the worries of her producing organizations, the Liberty and the Banner Film Companies. Mrs. Lindblom was born in Oakland on September 29, 1890 where she attended Miss Horton’s school. Upon graduation she traveled extensively. When sojourning in Alaska she met and later married Mr. Lindblom at San Francisco. In 1914 she decided upon her return to San Mateo where the Lindbloms established their residence, to devote all of her time to motion picture work. July of that year the studio was built, and the Liberty Film Company was launched, followed in a short period by the Banner Film Company which latter was for the production of one and two reel comedies. Mrs. Lindblom...

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Biographical Sketch of Alphonsus S. Liguori

Few men are better and more favorably known in the fraternal circles of the county than Alphonsus S. Liguori of Redwood City. In the business world Mr. Liguori is a salt manufacturer and superintendent of the Redwood Water Company. In the fraternal world he is the prince of good fellows, and is pronounced one of the leading spirits in every organization to which he belongs. Mr. Liguori was one of the leaders in the movement to bring the 1916 convention of the Foresters to Redwood City, which is one of the greatest fraternal honors ever accorded a San Mateo town. He is secretary of the Foresters Hall Association and was for nine years District Deputy Grand Chief Ranger. The Native Sons have always had an enthusiast in Mr. Liguori. Besides being recording secretary of the Redwood Parlor for ten years, he has worked in the interests of this order throughout the county. He was one of the organizers of the Colma Parlor five years ago. In the Redmen lodge, Mr. Liguori has been chairman of the Board of Trustees. He is also a member of the San Mateo Lodge of Elks, the Owls and the Odd Fellows. Alphonsus E. Liguori was born at Mount Eden, Alameda County, on September 1, 1882. He has spent his entire life in the state and passed the last fifteen years in Redwood City...

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Biographical Sketch of Fernand Levy

Mr. Fernand Levy, well known in San Mateo business ‘and social circles not only as the president and founder of Levy Brothers but as a man who takes a sincere interest in all matters of public importance. The firm of Levy Brothers exemplifies the saying that “Rome was not built in a day.” It grew to its present magnitude and prosperity from a small beginning. In 1872 Levy Brothers was established – not in San Mateo, strange as it may seem – but in Halfmoon Bay. In 1892 it was incorporated. Similar stores at this time also belonging to Levy Brothers, sprang up-one at Pescadero and one in San Gregorio. In 1898 it was decided to move the business to San Mateo, where it has been steadily growing ever since, having assumed more and more the functions of a department store. At the present date, it is a fact that this store, the largest of its kind in the county, maintains a standard of service and high quality of merchandise not surpassed by the larger department stores of our next door neighbor San Francisco. Mr. Fernand Levy was born in Lorraine, France in the year 1848. When not quite twenty he left France for America, accompanied by his brother Jo, a lad of sixteen years. Since that time, over forty-seven years ago, the brothers have been almost constantly associated...

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Biographical Sketch of Rev. Bradford Leavitt

Rev. Leavitt is a minister of the Gospel; he is indeed more than this, for he is the pioneer in a new vocation in which his qualifications as a minister fit him for the perfect administration of his self imposed combined duties of clergyman and funeral director. When Rev. Leavitt entered this new field comparatively recently, opinion was divided as to the wisdom of his decision. Today the many hundreds whom he has served in this double and truly Christian role will testify that he was most certainly right in his decision; as he has proved that he could with his dual qualifications lessen the burden of grief attendant upon the last rites of those who pass away. Rev. Leavitt was born in 1868 in Boston, Mass. He came to California when a comparatively young man and has been a resident of Woodside for the last ten years. In 1893 he was married in Cambridge, Mass. The Rev. Leavitt was pastor of the First Unitarian (Star King) Church in San Francisco from 1900 to 1914 where his sermons and the administration of the affairs of the church attracted widespread comment of the most favorable nature. At the present day the Rev. Leavitt occupies the position as vice president of the N. Gray and Company of San Francisco and is the manager of the Burlingame and South San Francisco branches...

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Biographical Sketch of John Edward Layng

One of the newcomers to Redwood City who has worked himself into the esteem of its citizens is John Edward Layng, one of the proprietors of the Redwood City Undertaking parlors. Since taking residence in Redwood Mr. Layng has won a place of prominence in its business and social life. He is accorded a place among the, town’s most enthusiastic boosters. Mr. Layng always finds time to point out places of interest to the stranger within the gates. Redwood’s even climate, accessibility, business opportunities and industrial advantages afforded by its water front that is yet only in the infancy of development, are subjects in which Mr. Layng is well versed . and which are always at his tongue’s end. Although one of Redwood’s infant institutions, the Redwood City Undertaking Parlors has become a flourishing business under Mr. Layng’s competent management. Before coming to Redwood City Mr. Layng had taken several professional courses and had a great deal of practical experience in undertaking in different cities. John Edward Layng was born in San Francisco on January 15, 1884 and has spent his entire life in California. He is a member of the Redwood City Chamber of Commerce. In fraternal circles of Redwood City he holds a high place, claiming membership in the Masons, Eastern Star, the Redmen, the Foresters, the Odd Fellows and the Native...

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Biographical Sketch of Charles George Landscheit

One of the best known realty dealers of the peninsula is Charles G. Landscheit, manager of the Redwood City Realty Company. Since coming to Redwood City twenty-one years ago Mr. Landscheit has been connected in one way or another with the realty business; and his long experience has made him the county’s leading real estate man. As manager of the Redwood City Realty Company Mr. Landscheit has been connected with many of Redwood City’s large enterprises. Notable among them was the building of the Hotel Sequoia which gave Redwood City the finest hotel now in operation between San Francisco and San Jose. Being a man of great civic pride and a tireless worker Mr. Landscheit has always furthered Redwood City’s interests. He is one of the most influential members and president of the Chamber of Commerce. Charles George Landscheit was born on January 17, 1872, in Blandford, County of Dorset, England. At seventeen he joined the Grenadier Guards under Queen Victoria: at nineteen he was promoted to corporal and at 20 to sergeant. His regiment was stationed at the Tower of London and in the City of Dublin. Following his honorable discharge he came directly to California. Few men of the county have been accorded more fraternal honors than Mr. Landscheit. He is Past Grand, Bay View Lodge, No. 109, I. 0. 0. F.; Past Master, Redwood Lodge No....

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Biographical Sketch of Porter Emerson Lamb

Far more extensive than his enviable record as a magistrate, which is known in every corner of San Mateo County is Porter Emerson Lamb’s fame as an athlete. Although it was back in 1903 that Porter Lamb was at Stanford, his remarkable feats on the cinder path are still vivid in the memories of all followers of sports. For ten years Lamb’s record of 22 2-5 for the 220-yard dash at Stanford stood unassailed. In those days he was also holder of the world’s record for the fifty-yard dash. in the sprints and as a member of the relay teams Lamb tallied up many points for his Alma Mater. After leaving college Mr. Lamb started in the real estate and insurance business in Burlingame. He spared enough time from business to serve the people as Justice of the Peace so satisfactorily that last year he was returned to the position by a flattering majority. Mr. Lamb has also taken an active part in the political and civic life of Burlingame. He was one of the organizers of the Burlingame Commercial Club; and has held the office of vice-president. Born in Milford, N. H., on May 29, 1879, Porter Emerson Lamb received his early education in the Massachusetts schools. He moved to California twenty years ago and has been a resident of San Mateo County for nine years. He was...

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Biography of Charles N. Kirkbride

Charles N. Kirkbride, the City Attorney of San Mateo, came to the town in 1889 and started the San Mateo Leader, taking in R. H. Jury as an associate. He subsequently became editor of the Times-Gazette and moved to Redwood City, but in 1891 resumed the study of law, begun at the College of the Pacific in San Jose, under Justice John E. Richards, now of the Appellate Court. Mr. Kirkbride entered Northwestern University College of Law at Chicago, Ill., and had lectures under such eminent men as Justices Harlan and Brewer of the United States Supreme Court; Henry Wade Rogers, dean of Harvard Law School and Seymore D. Thompson, author of Commentaries on Corporations. He graduated in 1893 and obtained his diploma at the hands of Theodore Roosevelt, who addressed the students on the political duties of the college man. Mr. Kirkbride opened a law office in San Mateo December 4, 1894, and has been here ever since. He has held the office of City Attorney since 1895. He continued to practice alone until 1912 when Joseph B. Gordon, who had almost grown up in the office was admitted to partnership. The firm title has since been Kirkbride & Gordon. Eighteen years ago he was one of the founders of the League of California Municipalities, pronounced the most efficient state organization of city officials in the Union. He...

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Biography of George E. Jones

The same high standards which mark all departments of Burlingame’s city government are found in the police department which has been built up to its present state of efficiency and usefulness by George E. Jones who still retains the position he has held for many years as Chief of Police. In this capacity Mr. Jones has done much for Burlingame. Being a man of lofty ideals he has kept the city free from anything that would cast a single reflection on its moral status. He has had traffic rules enacted and directed the passage of vehicles through Burlingame in such a manner that this city boasts of one of the lowest rates of accidents of any city in the state. Mr. Jones and the capable officers under him have run down many daring criminals, and have recovered stolen goods whose value to their owners can hardly be estimated. In addition to his activity in the police department, Mr. Jones has served the city in many other capacities. When the town was first incorporated he was appointed Health Officer and Superintendent of Streets by the first board of trustees. The growth of Burlingame has multiplied many times since he first took office; and has now become a city which has relieved him of these duties. He still retains the responsible position of License and Tax Collector, together with Chief of...

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Biographical Sketch of Ellis C. Johnson

Mr. Ellis C. Johnson is one of Daly City’s most influential citizens as well as having the distinction of being that city’s first Postmaster, and City Recorder ever since that municipality was incorporated. He is also serving as Justice of the Peace. Mr. Johnson was born in Philadelphia, July 1860. He has been a resident of California since 1881, while San Mateo County has claimed him only since 1907. Before coming to Daly City, Mr. Johnson was located in Stockton, being the superintendent for the Haggin and Tevis...

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Biography of Major Bert Johnson

For its advancement in the last three years San Mateo county owes no more to any one citizen than Major Bert Johnson of Montara, president of the San Mateo County Development Association and chairman of the advisory road commission. In an unparalleled spirit of county loyalty Mr. Johnson has relegated his important personal interests into the background to devote practically all his time and energy to the momentous civic tasks that have been thrust on his shoulders. When Mr. Johnson accepted the presidency of the San Mateo County Development Association two years ago, he said he would make it a banner year. So great were the fruits of his efforts that some of the county’s most influential men urged him to accept the presidency for one more year that he might carry to completion the great undertakings that he had started. Again his spirit of loyalty overcame his personal duties, and he consented to surrender one more year of time and vim to the county. During this time Mr. Johnson has represented the county at conventions of civic bodies at San Francisco and different parts of the state. He has become a national authority on highways and development work, and has directed the vast undertakings of the Development Associations. As chairman of the advisory roads commission he carefully watched the expenditure of the $1,250,000 bond issue for good roads...

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Biographical Sketch of August D. Jenevein

There is no man in San Mateo County who is better or more favorably known than August D. Jenevein. For many years Mr. Jenevein was the genial host at the most popular resort in the county, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and during the fourteen years that he occupied this position as proprietor since 1878, he met and entertained all the notable characters who passed through the county. Mr. Jenevein was born in Lorraine, France in the year 1851, on February 15. He lived his early years in the old country and received his education there before he came to America to seek his fortune in the new world. When about twenty-four years of age he came to California, and shortly afterward took up his permanent residence in San Mateo County where he has remained for the last thirty-eight years. In 1883 he was married in San Bruno to Miss Amelia Schnell. During the years of his residence in San Mateo County Mr. Jenevein has remained in the hotel business and has prospered to a considerable extent, so that today he owns valuable property and has lucrative business interests in San Bruno where he has invested much of his money, as he believes in the future of this thriving little town. In addition to looking after his own business interests, Mr. Jenevein assumed the duties of trustee of the School Board...

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Biographical Sketch of Asa Edward Hull

There is a well proven saying that, “A rolling stone gathers no moss,” while on the other hand the career of Asa Edward Hull who was born in San Carlos (San Mateo County) just goes to show that a man who sticks close to his native town and county, not only “gathers moss”, but earns the respect and admiration of his fellow townsmen. Mr. Hull was born in San Carlos on July 1, 1870, his father’s name being Mr. Wm. Whipple Hull, being the pioneer brick maker of this county. He received his education in the San Mateo County schools, and began at an early-date to master the dairying and farming business, which he will testify has as many technicalities and ins and outs as any of the so-called “chosen professions.” He thoroughly mastered these pursuits, and then went into the hardware business. At the present time he is President of Hull Bros. Hardware Company, located in Redwood City, and is also a director of the San Mateo County Building and Loan Association. Mr. Hull has always taken pride in the condition of his herds, taking great care that no diseased animal should corrupt the output of milk, cream and butter fat. His herd of Holstein cows is the largest tested herd in the county, and attracted considerable attention recently by the creditable manner in which they passed the...

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Biography of Edward W. Howard

Upon leaving College, Edward W. Howard entered the Export & Commission Firm of Otis McAllister & Company. The will of his father, William H. Howard, who died in 1910, appointed him executor of the estate, which embraced vast holdings in San Mateo County, immediately adjacent to San Francisco, and a magnificent Ranch of forty-six thousand acres on the westerly side of the San Joaquin Valley. These properties he handled with extraordinary ability, and In 1905 formed the Howard Cattle Company, of which Corporation he acted as the executive head from its inception to his death. By its business integrity this corporation earned for itself a great #lame, and today stands as one of the premier live stock corporations of the Pacific Coast States. In 1905 Mr. Howard married Miss Olivia Lansdale of Philadelphia, and of this union there have been born five children, Olivia, William Henry, Ann, Gertrude and Marion. The home life of the couple was one of beautiful simplicity, and perfect understanding, and the children are exemplars of their union. In 1904 Mr. Howard was appointed by Governor Pardee a member of the California State Board of Agriculture and he remained in this position until 1914. During his incumbency, the Association made remarkable progress and today ranks high throughout the country. Mr. Howard was long a devotee of the kingly game of polo, and a player of...

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