Collection: History of Madison County Indiana

Biography of W. Frank McVaugh

W. FRANK MCVAUGH, In W. Frank McVaugh Madison County has one of her most promising young men, and one in whom the public has already shown a measure of confidence by electing him to the office of County surveyor in November, 1912. His previous record in the engineering profession, though necessarily brief, had been sufficiently praiseworthy to establish him as one of the coining men of the district, and the evidence thus far amply supports the judgment of those who called him to his present position. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Born in Huntsville, Indiana, on September 26, 1885, W. Frank McVaugh is the .son of Edward and Mary (Yerkes) McVaugh, both of whom are now residents of Pendleton, as is their son, the subject of this review, He is one of the four children born to his parents, and he was reared in and about Huntsville, in Fall Creek Township, receiving his education in the Pendleton public schools and in higher institutions of learning,...

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Biography of Lafe J. Burr

LAFE J. BURR, Among the substantial business firms of Anderson, Indiana, that of the Jackson-Burr Company, dealers in insurance and real estate, holds prominent place. Established over a quarter of a century ago, the career of the concern has been one of constant development in size and prominence, and its members are widely known in the commercial circles of the city, Lafe J. Burr, president of the Jackson-Burr Company, has been a resident of Anderson for more than forty years, and during this time has so closely identified himself with its interests as to make himself a place among the men to whom the city owes its prestige, He was born at Middletown, Henry County, Indiana, December 15, 1845, his parents being Chauncey H. and Jane (Williams) Burr, natives of Oneida County, New York, and Union County, Indiana, respectively. Chauncey H. Burr was born on March 11, 1806, and he was a tanner by trade, and a manufacturer of leather, lines of business that he followed extensively for a number of years at Middletown, Indiana, He died in his eighty-eighth year, having been identified with the commercial and industrial interests of Middletown since 1829, and as justice of the peace his service covered a continuous period of fifty years, His wife died on November 18, 1869, In politics Mr. Burr was an old line Whig, and upon the organization...

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Biography of Alvin B. Williamson

ALVIN B. WILLIAMSON. Alvin B. Williamson has a well cultivated tract of eighty acres of land in Fall Creek Township, where he carries on stock farming, and where he has reached a comfortable state of prosperity in his agricultural activities, He ranks among the best known and most popular citizens of the Township, and has a host of good friends in and about the community which represents his home. Born on January 14, 1876, in Madison County, he is the son of Burwell and Mary J. (Mairifold) Williamson, both of whom are now deceased. Burwell and Mary Williamson were born in Madison County, Indiana, and within its confines passed their entire lives, They devoted their lives to the farming industry, and reared a family of eight children, five of whom are now living,-as follows: William L. is a farmer, in Green Township, Madison County; Leora E. is the wife of J. T. Ford of Pendleton; Alice M. is the wife of Allen Swain; Howard C. is another Green Township farmer; and Albin B., the subject of this brief review. Alvin B. Williamson was reared on the farm that was his birthplace, three miles west of the town of Pendleton, and when he reached a sufficient age he entered the public schools of Pendleton and there completed his education, His schooling was not of a comprehensive order. and consisted of...

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Biography of Eugene L. Ford

EUGENE L. FORD, In Green Township are located many of the best improved and most valuable farmsteads of Madison County, and one of these which is conspicuous for its improvement, for its general appearance of thrift and prosperity. and for the value of the crops which are every year produced in its field and in the barns is that of Eugene L. Ford, Mr. Ford has spent about sixty years of his life in Madison County, and lacks only about a year of being able to claim it as his birthplace, He was born in Wayne County, Indiana, December 9. 1852, and was a son of John W. and Martha A. Williamson Ford, a native of Maryland, was a carpenter by trade and came to Madison County in 1853, His mother was a native of Virginia, For a number of years the father was engaged in sawmilling and in contracting, and during his residence in Madison County he constructed many of the school houses in Green Township, besides a large amount of other work, He and his wife were members of the Methodist church, and they were well known and influential people, There were seven children in the family, and three are living in 1913, Eugene L., Emily L., wife of J. M. Johnson, and Amanda I., wife of Henry Beckner. Eugene L. Ford spent his early life on...

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Biography of Andrew Milburn

ANDREW MILBURN. The meet reward of a well spent and active career is an honorable retirement from labor and a season of rest in which to enjoy the fruits of former toil. Consecutive endeavor, resolute purpose, sound judgment and unfaltering energy bring success in the active affairs of life, and when prosperity is attained these should be followed by a period of leisure, when one may carry out his individual desires and find pleasure in pursuing plans from which business cares had formerly withheld him, For many years Andrew Milburn was prominently identified with the agricultural interests of Madison County. His career was an honorable one, in which his straightforward dealing and indefatigable labor brought him a handsome competence that now enables him to put aside the heavier burdens and find pleasurable recreation in his home and among his friends. Mr. Milburn was born on the homestead in Stony Creek Township which he now owns, June 3, 1856, a son of Isaac and Nancy (Gwinn) Milburn, natives of West Virginia (then Virginia), From their native place Mr. Milburn’s parents migrated to Madison County in a wagon, pioneer fashion, and located in Stony Creek Township, where the grandfather of the subject of this review bought one hundred and sixty acres of land from the government, paying a dollar and a quarter an acre, and this he deeded to his son...

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Biography of Martin C. Norton

MARTIN C. NORTON. By various services and diversified gifts, men contribute to the building up of a city, and it is in connection with the opening up of the avenues of commerce and the furnishing of facilities for the transactions of trade that Martin C. Norton has bent his energies to the common weal, As president of the T. M. Norton Brewing Company, at Anderson, he is the directing head of one of the largest industries of its kind in this part of Indiana, while his connection with various other enterprises of an extensive nature has been such as...

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Biography of John M. Lamey

JOHN M. LAMEY, Among the citizens of Madison County who have won material success through the exercise of their own industry and native talent, John M. Lamey, of Anderson, is deserving of more than passing mention, Compelled to face the world and make his own way when but still a lad, he has so perseveringly pursued the vocation that he early chose as his life work, that today he finds himself one of the substantial men of his community, and the general esteem in which he is held is ample evidence of the fact that his activities have been governed by a high sense of business integrity. Mr. Lamey is a native of Anderson, a son of James and Mary (Turney) Lamey. James Lamey was born in County Cork, Ireland, where he grew to young manhood, Like thousands of others of his native countrymen, he early decided that better opportunities awaited him in America, and he accordingly took passage for this country, first locating in Canada, He subsequently came to Winchester, Indiana, where he adopted the vocation of butcher, and was so engaged at the outbreak of the struggle between the North and the South, Enlisting in the Nineteenth Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry, he served with that organization for four years, participating in numerous hard-fought engagements and at all times proving himself a brave, cheerful and faithful soldier. On...

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Biography of Edward E. Thomas

EDWARD E. THOMAS. A native son of Madison County and a representative of a family whose name has been closely identified with the development and progress of this section of the state is Mr. Thomas, and that he has accounted well for himself and gained secure place in popular esteem needs no further voucher than that afforded in his incumbency of the responsible office of superintendent of the County poor farm, in the general management of which his administration has been in every respect faithful and efficient. Mr. Thomas was born in Boone Township, this County, on the 22nd of February, 1858, and is a scion of the third generation of the family in Madison County, where his paternal grandfather settled in the early pioneer days, Mr. Thomas is a son of Evan R. and Lorema (McMahon) Thomas, the former of whom was born in Monroe Township, this County, Evan R. Thomas was long numbered among the most energetic and progressive agriculturists of his native County and he now resides on an attractive homestead in Van Buren Township, where he is living virtually retired, after many years of earnest toil and endeavor. Of the eight children the subject of this review was the second in order of birth, the others being Sarah, Mrs. Allen; Ethel, Mrs. Vinson; James; Ida, Mrs. Jones; Minnie, Mrs. Fisher; Cora, Mrs. Nelson; and Bertha,...

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Biography of James Marion Forkner

JAMES MARION FORKNER, One century ago, lacking five brief years, the Forkner family was established in Indiana, Wayne County being the scene of settlement and for years the home of the family. From that day to the present time men of that name have been prominently identified with the agricultural activities of the state, and have played well their individual parts in the praiseworthy work of advancing the reputation of their various communities in the world of agriculture. They have been men of the highest integrity and especially have they been distinguished by the character of their citizenship and...

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Biography of Adam Schuster

ADAM SCHUSTER. Anderson Township can boast of some of the most beautiful farms to be found in Madison County, and among these none has been brought to a higher state of cultivation than the country home of Dr. Jonas Stewart, a handsome tract of 120 acres, lying on the Anderson road, This property has been brought to its present excellent condition through the efforts of Adam Schuster, who has charge of the operations for Dr. Stewart, Mr. Schuster has made farming his life work, and his long experience his constant study of farming conditions, his ready ability to adapt himself to and adopt new ideas and his untiring perseverance have made him known as an expert in his chosen line, He was born on a farm near Cincinnati, in Hamilton County, Ohio, May 28, 1858, and is a son of John and Mary (Schumberger) Schuster. John Schuster was a native of the Fatherland, .where he received his education and was reared to manhood. He was industrious and enterprising and, seeing no satisfactory prospects in his own country, decided to try his fortunes in the United States, Accordingly, when about thirty years of age, he took passage for New York, and shortly after his landing made his way to Cincinnati, Ohio, and entered the truck gardening business in which he continued throughout the remainder of his active career, He became...

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Biography of Sanford R. Moss

SANFORD R. MOSS, Located in Richland Township, not far from the city of Anderson is found Shadeland Stock farm, a property of sixty acres from which comes some of the finest light harness horses bred in Madison County. The proprietor of this enterprise, Sanford R. Moss, has had a long and successful experience in his line of work, having been trained therein as a boy, and his firmly-established reputation as a raiser, breeder and trainer of these animals has created an active demand for his animals in the markets of the big cities, Mr. Moss was born on his present property, March 12, 1846, and is a son of William J. and Elizabeth (Gordon) Moss. The Moss family originated in Germany, the grandfather of Sanford R. Moss, John Moss, being the founder of the family in America. He emigrated from the Fatherland as a young man and located first in Virginia, later moving to Ohio. William J. Moss was born in Virginia, from whence he was taken by his parents as a small boy to Ohio, and there received his education and grew to manhood, Seeking his fortune, in young manhood he came to Madison County and secured a small tract of land from the government, on which he erected a log cabin, the first home here of himself and wife, As the years passed and his finances permitted...

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Biography of Frederick Lantz

FREDERICK LANTZ, The proprietor of the largest store in Pendleton, Mr. Lantz really belongs in the front rank of Madison County merchants, and is still a young man who has attained a striking business success at a time when most of his contemporaries are just beginning their careers. Frederick Lantz was born at Richmond, Indiana, February 26, 1883, a son of Lewis F. and Luella Lantz, Both parents now reside in Milton, Wayne County, this state, The family were early settled in the old Quaker district of Wayne County, and the name has always been identified with integrity and the best of business principles, Frederick Lantz received his education at Richmond, but soon after his first lessons in life his father moved to Milton in the same County, where he engaged in the dry goods business, The son, after attending the grade schools and graduating from the Milton high school, entered his father’s store at the age of eighteen and was in active association until 1907, At that date he came to Pendleton and went into the dry goods, clothing and shoe business at this town. In five years’ time he has built up the largest business of the kind in the town, and has acquired a very prosperous trade both in the village and throughout the surrounding country. Mr. Lantz is a modern man of business, punctual in...

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Biography of Charles C. Studley

CHARLES C. STUDLEY, Among Madison County’s sons who have attained distinction in varied fields of active usefulness, none is better known or more highly esteemed in his community than Charles C. Studley of Lapel, who as soldier, business man, public official and citizen has discharged ably and conscientiously every obligation of life, From the dark days of the Civil War, when he valiantly fought under the flag of his country, to the present time, when he is numbered among the most able and impartial justices of the peace that have upheld the dignity of this office in Stony Creek Township, his record has been unsullied, and a sketch of his career will show that his life has at all times been one of industry, integrity and general usefulness to his fellow men, Judge Studley was born on a farm in Stony Creek Township, Madison County, Indiana, August 2, 1843, and is a son of Datis E. and Ruth (Casler) Studley, the former of whom died in 1872 and the latter in 1870, Of their eleven children, ten were reared to manbood and womanhood, three sons served in the Union army, and three sons and two daughters still survive. Charles C. Studley passed his boyhood and youth on the home farm, securing his education in the common schools of Stony Creek Township, which he was attending at the time of...

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Biography of James D. McKenzie

JAMES D. MCKENZIE, Situated half a mile southwest of the town of Lapel in Stony Creek Township the rural home of James D. McKenzie, a place of one hundred and twenty acres possesses all the attractive improvements and profitable quality for which Madison County farms are noted throughout the state, Mr. McKenzie has made farming his life work, has given it his best energy, and not only has substantial material fruits of his labors, but also the esteem and respect of the community in which he has for many years resided. James D. McKenzie was born in White River Township in Hamilton County, Indiana, August 8, 1850, a son of Andrew J. and Nancy D. (Ferguson) McKenzie. The father, a native of Kentucky, was reared up to the age of fourteen in Cincinnati, Oho, and then came to Hamilton County, where he spent the remainder of his career as a farmer. In 1856 he was elected to the office of sheriff of Hamilton County, and gave efficient service in that capacity for one term, Besides farming he also followed the vocation of auctioneer, and was a well known figure in that County. Fraternally he was a Mason, His death occurred in December, 1876, and Ile was the father of nine children, the two now living being Andrew J., of Montana, and James. James D. McKenzie was reared on a...

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Biography of Ransom Bronnenberg

RANSOM BRONNENBERG. After a long period spent in agricultural pursuits, Ransom Bronnenberg, of Anderson Township, is now actively engaged in farming, enjoying the fruits of his years of industrious toil, He has spent his entire life within the limits of Madison County, where he has borne no small part in the wonderful development that has made this one of the garden spots of the Hoosier State, and the success that has attended his efforts is shown in the ownership of a handsome farm of 370 acres, located on the old State road, Mr. Bronnenberg was born on a farm, August 1, 1848, and is a son of Frederick and Hulda (Free) Bronnenberg, His father was one of the earliest settlers of this part of the County, coming here from Preble County, Ohio, in 1821, and here he spent his entire subsequent career, being engaged in farming and the raising of stock, Mr. Bronnenberg was a well educated man, rose to a high place in the esteem of his fellow-citizens, and made a gratifying success of all of his ventures. He and his wife had a family of seven children, of whom three are now living, namely: Ransom, Susan and Calvin. Ransom Bronnenberg received his education in the Chestnut Grove schoolhouse, this being supplemented by study under the tutorage of his father, As was the custom with farmers’ sons of...

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