Collection: Croydon New Hampshire Genealogy

Biographical Sketch of Sherburn Merrill

JOSHUA B. and SHERBURN MERRILL, sons of Samuel Merrill, spent the earlier part of their lives at the homestead, east of Spectacle Pond. To their early struggles with poverty they owe much of those resolute wills, which have enabled them to make after-progress in the business world. The former has for several years represented Barnstead in the Legislature, and the latter has represented...

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Biographical Sketch of Dr. Silas Hall

DOCT. SILAS HALL, son of Ezra Hall, was born in Dec. 1792. In 1808, moved with his father to Cayuga Co., N. Y. In 1815, commenced the study of medicine with Consider King, an excellent physician, and received his diploma in 1818. After ten years of practice at Sempronius, the county seat, he removed to Monrovia, where he has since...

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Biographical Sketch of Whitman Jacobs

WHITMAN JACOBS, son of Rev. Whitman Jacobs, of Royalston, Mass., came to Croydon about the year 1777, and settled near the south line of the town, south of C. K. Fletcher’s farm, but subsequently built where Mr. Fletcher now lives. From him have descended the Jacobses. He was a shrewd financier, and died possessed of a large estate. His son LUTHER settled on Stow Hill, and left quite a family. ELI married Jerusha Whipple and removed to Vermont, and was a worthy deacon and valuable citizen. HANNAH married John...

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Biographical Sketch of Seneca Merrill

SENECA MERRILL, a younger brother, connected with Sherburn in business at Colebrook, where they have become wealthy, has held several county offices. One of the daughters married William B. Leavitt, a scientific man and astronomer at...

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Biographical Sketch of Ober Powers

OBER POWERS, son of Col. Samuel and Chloe Cooper Powers, was born April 20, 1788. Like most boys in those early days, he received only from three to four weeks schooling each winter. At the age of twenty-two he removed to Cornish. In addition to being an active and thriving farmer, be has been extensively engaged in stone masonry -superintending in New York and Vermont, as well as his own State, some of the largest and most difficult undertakings. February 10, 1814, he was married to Cynthia Cummings; and in 1864 was celebrated their golden wedding. ‘They had five children, all thoroughly educated at Meriden, and all successful teachers. The youngest daughter, MARION W., has a decided talent for poetry, was assistant teacher at Meriden, and is now at the bead of the female department of an institution at Sydney,...

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Biographical Sketch of Samuel Read Hall

SAMUEL READ HALL, son of Rev. Samuel R. Hall, was born Oct. 27, 1795. He was educated at home, and at the Academies of Bridgeton, Me., and at Plainfield, N. H. He studied theology, was licensed to preach in 1822, and was ordained over the church at Concord, Vt., in 1823. In 1830 he was appointed principal of the English Department in Philips Academy at Andover, Mass. In 1837, took charge of the Holmes Plymouth Academy at Plymouth, N. H., and in 1840 was installed pastor of the Congregational Church at Craftsbury, Vt. He has been an extensive author, having published some fifteen or twenty volumes on various subjects. In 1838 the degree of M. A. was conferred on him by Dartmouth...

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Biographical Sketch of Paul Jacobs

PAUL JACOBS, son of Whitman Jacobs, was born in 1783. He married Prudence, daughter of Jonah Stow. He was a man of great energy of character, and was eminently practical in his views. He was one of the largest and best farmers in town, often kept a dairy of thirty cows, and other stock in proportion. He brought to town several choice breeds of cattle and sheep. He was the main instrument in getting the river-road through from . the Flat to the East Village-a deed that entitles his memory to the respect of all after-generations of his townsmen. He built a factory at the Flat for the manufacture of potato starch. The same year in which he died-not living to quite complete the work-he built the church at the Flat, at his own expense, at a cost of some two thousand dollars, and gave it to the Universalist Society-thus attesting both his religious faith and his generosity. He was Selectman in 1832, and Representative in 1831 and 1835. He died September 16, 1854, aged 71...

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Biographical Sketch of John Putnam

JOHN PUTNAM, son of Dea. David Putnam, one of the early settlers of the town, and a Revolutionary soldier, was born November 11, 1797. He is one of the most intelligent, respected, industrious and energetic farmers in town. He has reared a large and one of the most thoroughly educated families in Croydon. He has always remained at the old homestead ; he has been Selectman and...

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Biographical Sketch of Solomon L. Powers

SOLOMON L. POWERS, brother of the above, after following the business of stonemason at Baltimore and elsewhere, finally became an extensive farmer at Gettysburg, Pa.; and during the famous battle a portion of the rebel army was stationed in his yard. His brothers, ARA and LARNARD, were successful farmers. The former died at Charlestown in 1865, leaving quite a...

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Biographical Sketch of Rev. Jacob Haven

REV. JACOB HAVEN, son of David Haven, was born at Framingham, Mass., April 25, 1763. He graduated at Harvard College in 1785, studied theology with Rev. Mr. Kellogg of his native town, and was ordained and settled at Croydon, June 18, 1788. As a preacher, his sermons were always terse and logical, and his oratory solemn and impressive. He was Town Clerk thirty-one years. He died March 17, 1845, at the advanced age of eighty-two years. As he was the first, and for more than half a century almost the only clergyman in town, he is, and will long continue to be recollected with much interest-and few men have a better claim to the remembrance of their townsmen. (See also speech of Dr....

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