Collection: Love Family Records

Samuel Love – Notes

Samuel Love, a son of Col. Robert Love, the Elder, married Mary S. Young, a daughter of Joseph Young and Wife, Esther, who lived in the Flag Ponds, near Jonesboro, East Tennessee. By her he had several children, some of whom are as follows: Robert C. Love; Joseph Young, who died in the year 1840 in Macon County, North Carolina, at the home of Dillard Love; Louisa Matilda Love, who married Hugh Johnston and with him lived at Asheville N.C. till her death, and died with issue; Hugh Johnston and Dillard Love get Joseph’s share of the estate. Samuel Love’s wife was known as Polly. Dillard Love married Jenny, sometimes called Peggy, who was a sister of Elizabeth, another sister, who married one Birts-the heirs or descendants of whom still live in Johnson City and Jonesboro, Washington County, East Tennessee. The Ernests are the descendants of Elizabeth, one of who is Tate L. Ernest, Cashier of the Unaka National Bank, of Johnson City, Tenn. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI...

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Thomas Love – Commission Papers

STATE OF TENNESSEE. To all who shall see these presents, GREETING: Seal of Tenn. KNOW YE, That reposing special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, conduct and fidelity of Thomas Love, of the County of Washington, We do commission him ENSIGN in the FIRST regiment of militia of this State; and do authorize and empower him to execute and fulfill the duties of ENSIGN in the said regiment, agreeable to law and the rules and directions of military discipline: TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the rank and command of ENSIGN in the said regiment during his good behavior, with all the powers, privileges and emoluments thereto of right appertaining. And he the said Thomas Love is hereby required to obey his superior officers’ lawful commands: and all officers and privates under his command are to be obedient to him as ENSIGN aforesaid. In testimony whereof we have caused the great seal of the State to be hereunto affixed. Witness John Sevier esquire, our governor and commander in chief, at Knoxville, the 13th, day of January in the 8th year of our independence, and in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and four. By the Governor, Wm. Macline, Secretary. John Sevier. (Governor) Note: A copy of this instrument is made here for the purpose of preservation in the event the one now in my possession should...

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Certificate to Franklin D. Love from Dr. E.S. Miller

Copy of a certificate given to me by Dr. E.S. Miller now living in Johnson City, Tennessee, and who was my Father’s family physician-F.D. Love Johnson City, Tennessee. April 11th, 1902 This is to certify that I, Dr. E. S. Miller, (family physician of Robert Love, deceased,) at and before the death of COL. Robert Love, who died at his home in Johnson City, Washington County, Tennessee, Sept. 1st, 1876, heard him say that he wanted Franklin D. Love, his youngest child, to have his watch, the one he wore up to the day of his death; that I repeatedly heard him say the above, even while he lay ill with his last sickness. The said watch being No. 28228, a Swiss movement, made Jules Jaccard, Geneva, Switzerland. This the 11th day of April 1902. E. S. Miller, Jr., M.D. (Signed) Note: this is the watch I now wear, and it was the one that my Father, Robert Love, wore prior to his death, and he and Judge John Baxter, his brother-in-law, can Capt John Jaques, First President of the road running through Johnson City, purchased one each, by ordering the same from the Factory in Switzerland. They cost at that time $280.00 each. I got this certificate from Dr. Miller when I was back in Tennessee in the year 1902, because my brother Nathaniel seemed to think that...

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Robert Love and Sarah Matilda Alexander – Descendants

Robert Love, fourth son of Thomas Dillard Love and Anna (Taylor) Love, was born on Buffalo Creek(at its source), Carter County, East Tennessee, April 25th, 1819, and married Sarah Matilda Alexander May 25th, 1848 in Buncombe County, N.C. (on the French Broad River), and by her had ten children. He died September 1st, 1876 at his home in Johnson City, Washington County, East Tennessee. His children are as follows: 1) Nancy Leonora Love, b. March 17th, 1849; d. July 31st, 1867; unmarried. 2) James Alexander Love, b. July 18th, 1851; d. March 4th, 1852. 3) Anna Elizabeth Love, b. January __ 1853; married John Henry Carter of Asheville, N.C. (formerly of Henry County, Virginia) and by him had five children, towit: (a) Robert Love Carter, b. 1879; (b) Max Henry Carter, b. in 1880. (c) Mary Love Carter (now Mrs. Manton Marble Oliver, and living at Reidsville, N.C.) b. October 19th 1882. (d) Jack Hilliard Carter, b. 6-19-1892 d. 8-3-1925. (e) Thomas Carter, b. 7-20-1895. All of these live at Reidsville, N.C. with their Father, who is there engaged in the Tobacco Business. I will here state that after the death of my Mother on October 13th, 1871, Mrs. Carter, then but 18 years took care of my Father’s house and raised all the minor children, myself especially, as I was the youngest-F.D. Love 4) Alfred Thomas Love, b....

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Alfred Wilson Taylor and Elizabeth Duffied – Descendants

Alfred Wilson Taylor and Elizabeth Duffield Descendants. 1) William Carter Taylor, b. 12th December Friday Night 15 minutes past Nine o’clock, 1823; died Saturday December 2nd 1905 at 5:30 p.m.; never married, (and is still living on the old Taylor Homestead, Buffalo Creek, Carter County, Tennessee). 2) Nathaniel Macon Taylor, b. Friday morning 23rd day of September 1825; m. Miss Mollie K. Jones of Richmond, Virginia, _________ and by her had several children (a) Hgh D. Taylor, b. 1870, d 1890; (b) Mary, who married Jack Winston and by him has three, Nathaniel Taylor Winston and Alfred Wilson Taylor. And another by the name of Jack Hasting Winston Jr. They live in Bristol, Tennessee, and Mr. Winston is a practicing lawyer (c) Jaunita Taylor, who married Bunting English. They live in Bristol also. (d) Elizabeth Taylor, who married Thomas Davis. They live in Bristol also. Nathaniel Macon Taylor died on Sunday 17th day of April 1898 at his home in Bristol, Tennessee. He leaves a widow, three daughters and three grandchildren. He was a very prominent lawyer. 3) George Duffield Taylor, B. Saturday Night the 23rd day of January 1829 15 minutes before three o’clock. “This man after the death of my Father became my guardian, and the guardian, and the guardian for all of the Father’s children and acted as such till, the youngest (myself) became of age....

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Ganum O. McBee and Salla Bell Love – Descendants

Letter from Robert Love McBee to F.D. Love, in regard to the genealogy of the Love family from which he is descended. Strawberry Plains, Tennessee. Mr. Frank D. Love, April 5th, 1903. Referring to your two letter of recent dates, I do not know the exact date of the marriage of Father and Mother, as they neglected to record the date of marriage. I suppose Ganum O. McBee and Salla Bell Love (Father& Mother) were married about January 1821. They had born to them 9 children: 1) Marzam McBee, b. 12th Feb. 1822 and m. to Joseph C. Hodges 2) William C. McBee, b. 3rd of April 1824 3) Dolphus McBee, b. 6th August 1827, died young. 2nd, and 3rd, never married. 4) Robert Love McBee, b. 12th day of August 1892; m. to Eva A. S. Love, 20th day of May 1852. 5) Martha Emiline McBee, b. 1st day of January 1832; m. Benjiman H.. Cobb. 6) Lemuel Albert McBee, b. 1st day of December 1834; never married 7) Sarah Albert McBee, b. 1st day of April 1839; married W.P.C. Hodges. 8) Ganum Cox McBee, b. 12th Sept. 1840; married Nancy Emeline Sawyers 9) Amanda Melvina McBee, b. 8th Nov. 1842; married, towit: (1st) Mr. John W. Morgan, (2nd) C.Y. Crawford. Respect, R.L. McBee, P.S. I am getting quite feeble and health none too good. I hope you...

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John Isaac Love – Notes on the Will

Notes on the Will of John Isaac Love, the son of Thomas Dillard Love, taken from a memorandum of my Father, Robert Love, now in my possession-F.D. Love John I Love died on the ________ of ________ leaving Will made on ________ of __________ 18___, in which he gives all his personal estate to his brother, R. Love, and likewise his entire landed interest. However, he requires or conditions in the bequest a sale; that his brother, R. Love, shall pay his nephew, R.L. Dulaney, five hundred dollars when he arrives at the age of 21, and if he dies before that time, then to be null and void. He likewise requires his brother to pay $500 (when it is convenient for him to do so) to the American Bible Society. The bequest to him are with a condition, and therefore assume the function of a deed of sale and in order to be of any validity on part of Love, the devisee, he will be compelled to accept of the Will or estate with the conditions annexed. Note: The said John I. Love died in Charleston, S.C. he was my uncle, and was one of the brightest members, if the brightest member of the whole Love name. He was a scholar, and Ramsey, the Historian, valued his services and ability very much and sought his assistance in compiling...

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Dillard Love – Contents of Will (5 Oct 1869)

Contents of the Will of Dillard Love, the son of Robert Love, the elder. Will was made in the County of Macon, North Carolina. Was buried in the Grave Yard of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, near the remains of his wife and his two sons, which two latter died before they reached their full age. The Church Yard is located near the Town of Franklin, North Carolina. He requested his Executors to have erected suitable tomb stones at the four Graves. He gave to John Ingram the major part of his property, which was located in Macon County, North Carolina. The sons deceased were named, John and Samuel. To William and Robert Ingram he gave his lands in the “Greasy Cove” Tennessee. He gave personal property to Mary Allman and Nancy L. Guinn, also to Austin Guinn, a horse, etc. Date of Will October 5th, 1869. Note: The above named, it is reputed that he had some questionable relations with, and for that reason he bequeathed to them his property. No other reason can be assigned, as they were not related to him by reason of the Loves or Dillards or Youngs, his wife’s people. This will was not attacked by any of the Loves. It was allowed to stand, and the property, and what John Ingram, who was a very fine business man, inherited from him, made...

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Asheville, North Carolina History

Copied from an article in the Asheville Daily Citizen of 1898, the same being excerpts from an article by Foster Sondley in the same issue, headed “Asheville’s Centenary” to which reference is hereby made-F.D. Love, ——–o———–o——— In speaking of the Court House, he says “On January 23rd, 1807 deeds were made to the Commissioners, Samuel Murry senr., Thomas Foster, Thomas Love, etc., appointed by the General Assembly of the State (North Carolina) to purchase or receive by donation land sufficient for a Public Square in the Town of Asheville in the County of Buncombe and State aforesaid”. This Thomas Love and Thomas Foster were members of the Love and Alexander families. Thomas Love was the brother of my great grandfather, Robert Love, and Thomas Foster was the Father-in-law of my grandfather, James Mitchell Alexander. At the convention of the First County Court of Buncombe County, said State, there were present James Alexander, etc., Esquires, and among the first orders of said Court was an order as follows: “The Court proceeded to the election of a Coroner and did elect Edmund Sams, Esqr:,”; this Sams was the Father-in-law of Thomas Foster, who married said Sams; daughter Orra. In speaking of the “Early settlements in Buncombe County: said Sondley said “At the conclusion of the Revolutionary War in 1781 or 1782)***** several settlements had been effected on the banks of the...

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Robert Love – Revolutionary War Pension Records

3-525 O. W. and N. Division. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, T. R. W. Bureau of Pensions. #8858 Washington, D.C. April 2nd, 1903. Rev. War. Sir: In reply to your request for a statement of the military history of Robert Love, a soldier of the REVOLUTIONARY WAR, you will find below the desired information as contained in his application for pension on file in this Bureau. Enlisted April 1778 for 6 months; rank Sergt.; Capt Jehu Stephens and Colonel Jas. Robertson, VA. April 1780, for 6 months; Colonel Campbell, VA. April 1781, for 2 months; Colonel Preston, VA. Arpil 1782, for 3 months; Captain Wm. Love, VA. The last three times with the Rank of Lieutenant. Battles engaged in-Many Skirmishes. Residence of soldier at enlistment-Montgomery County, Virginia. Date of Application for Pension-April 5th, 1833. Residence at date of Application-Waynesville, North Carolina. Age at date of Application-Born 1760, Augusta County, Virginia. Remarks: His claim was allowed. Literal copies of papers filed in pension claims cannot be furnished. (They are, however, on file in the Records of the Pension Department, and any one can go there in person and get a copy. The Department does not furnish them-F.D. Love) Very respectfully, Mr. F.D. Love, J. L. Davenport, Georgetown, Texas Acting Commissioner. Note: I give the following, in order to show that any who are desirous of obtaining a copy of the papers...

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