Collection: Indian Treaties Acts and Agreements

Treaty of January 8, 1821

Articles of a treaty entered into at the Indian Spring, in the Creek Nation, by Daniel M. Forney, of the State of North Carolina, and David Meriwether, of the State of Georgia, specially appointed for that purpose, on the part...

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Treaty of January 22, 1818

A treaty of limits between the United States and the Creek nation of Indians, made and concluded at the Creek Agency, on Flint river, the twenty-second day of January, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and...

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Agreement of June 29, 1825

Council House, Broken Arrow, Creek Nation, 29 June, 1825. Resolved by the Chiefs and Warriors in Council assembled that after a suitable consideration which the nature of the case demands, they solemnly and strictly declare for...

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Indian Treaties Omaha to Ottawa

We have treaties for the Omaha, Oneida, Onondaga, Osage, Oto and Ottawa Tribes. These treaties provide a unique history specific to many tribes, and often contain names of Native Americans and Whites living at that time. Omaha...

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Treaty of September 26, 1825

For the purpose of perpetuating the friendship which has heretofore existed, as also to remove all future cause of discussion or dissension, as it respects trade and friendship between the United States and their citizens, and...

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Treaty of August 31, 1822

Articles of a Treaty, entered into and concluded at the United States’ Factory on the M. De Cigue Augt. by and between Richard Graham, Agent of Indian Affairs, authorized on the part of the United States for that purpose, and...

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Treaty of September 19, 1827

A treaty between the United States and the Potawatamie Tribe of Indians. In order to consolidate some of the dispersed bands of the Potawatamie Tribe in the Territory of Michigan at a point removed from the road leading from...

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Treaty of June 25, 1817

A treaty of peace and friendship made and concluded between William Clark and Auguste Chouteau, commissioners on the part and behalf of the United states of America, of the one part, and the undersigned chiefs and warriors of...

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Agreement of January 3, 1818

Contract entered into under the authority of the United States, between governor Thomas Posey, superintendent of Indian affairs, and Chekommia or Big River, principal chief of the Piankeshaws. This indenture, made this third day...

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Treaty of July 18, 1815

A treaty of peace and friendship, made and concluded at Portage des Sioux between William Clark, Ninian Edwards, and Auguste Chouteau, Commissioners Plenipotentiary of the United States of America, on the part and behalf of the...

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