Collection: History of Madison County Indiana

Biography of Weldon B. Gorden

WELDON B. GORDEN. Since 1894, Weldon B. Gorden has been a resident of section 3, Monroe Township, where he is the owner of an excellent property of two hundred acres, lying on the Gorden Grove road, about five miles north of Alexandria, During this time he has been connected with various enterprises of an agricultural nature, and has fairly earned the leading position which he occupies among the farmers of his locality, Mr. Gorden was born half a mile east of his present farm, October 18, 1859, and is a son of James and Susan (LaRue) Gorden. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Anderson Gorden, the paternal grandfather of Weldon B. Gorden, was born in North Carolina, from whence he removed to Wayne County, thence came to Putnam County and subsequently came to Madison County, where he became the first settler in section 10, Monroe Township, Settling in the woods, he took up land from the government, cleared and developed a farm, and eventually became one...

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Biography of Robert E. Webster

ROBERT E. WEBSTER, Near Summitville in Van Buren Township is one of the fine country homes of Madison County, a place which for years has given a distinctive character of prosperity and well ordered enterprise to the country life of this section of the County, It is the farm occupied and owned by Robert E. Webster who was born on the place and has been identified with agricultural activities in this section all his life, In his home place he has eighty acres and also owns another farm of seventy acres east of Summitville about two miles. Robert E. Webster was born in Madison County on his present estate February 25, 1868, a son of Daniel W. and Elizabeth (Bear) Webster. The family belongs to the same stock which in an earlier day produced the noted orator and statesman Daniel Webster. Daniel W. Webster was the son of Robert and Rebecca (Fisher) Webster, Robert Webster during the early days brought his family from the state of Delaware to Madison County, and reached this part of Indiana in time to secure land direct from the government in Boone Township. Later he sold his old homestead and moved into Van Buren Township, Daniel W. Webster and wife had a family of seven children, namely: Oliver, Robert E., Jane Canup, Daniel F., Arthur; and two that died in infancy. Robert E. Webster...

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Biography of George W. Brown

GEORGE W. BROWN. A prominent and successful agriculturist and stock-raiser of Madison County, George W. Brown is the owner of a well- appointed and well-managed farm in Van Buren Township, his native place, where he holds a position of note among the substantial farmers of his community, his farms being on the G. W. Brown road, about four miles from Summitville. His father, the late John G. Brown, was born in Rush County, but as a boy came with his parents to Madison County, where he grew to man’s estate, Subsequently purchasing land in Van Buren Township, he carried on farming until his death, in 1871, He married Sarah Allen, and they became the parents of seven children, namely: Catherine J.; Levi P., of whom a brief biographical sketch may be found on another page of this volume; Mary E., deceased; Nancy E.; Samuel B.; George W., the special subject of this sketch; and John H. Completing his early education in the public schools of his native Township, George W. Brown turned his attention to agriculture, and at the age of twenty years rented his mother’s place, and began farming on his own account, Fortune smiled on his earnest efforts, and as his means increased he bought adjoining land, and is now the owner of a productive farm of one hundred and forty-eight acres, his estate in its appointments...

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Biography of Paul Armstrong, M. D.

PAUL ARMSTRONG, M. D. Among the members of the medical profession in Madison County who have won merited distinction in their calling, Dr. Paul Armstrong, of Gilman, holds a prominent position, During his career he has been engaged in varied occupations in different parts of this and other countries, being known in Chicago, in California and in the gold fields of Alaska, and since his advent in Gilman has identified himself actively with the various interests of this prosperous and growing community, Dr. Armstrong was born in 1876, in Butler County, Ohio, and is a son of Dr. Alfonzo and Sarah (Anderson) Armstrong. Dr. Alonzo Armstrong was born in Indiana, and for forty years was engaged in the practice of medicine, until failing health caused his removal to California, Subsequently he came to Kewanna, Fulton County, Indiana, and here the remainder of his active career was passed, He and his wife were the parents of two children: Max, a graduate of the graded and high schools, who also took a course in the University of Chicago, and is now a practicing chemist of Gary, Indiana; and Paul, Dr. Armstrong first attended the public schools of his native state, following which he was engaged as an office boy with a large New York concern for three years, and at the end of that period accompanied his parents to California, where...

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Biography of Daniel F. Mustard

DANIEL F. MUSTARD, The president of the Citizens Bank of Anderson, Daniel F. Mustard, is an old-time resident of Madison County, having lived within the boundaries of this civil division of Indiana all of his life, He belongs to a family whose name has been borne with honor and usefulness in this County for practically all the years since the pioneer epoch, and his own career has been one of exceptional service, beginning with the time of his part in the Civil war as a soldier of the Union and continuing with distinguished positions in the public affairs of...

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Biography of James C. Hull

JAMES C. HULL. On the Hull gravel road about five miles northwest of Summitville, is a farm which represents the sturdy industry and good management of one of the best known farmer citizens of Madison County, Mr. Hull has lived in this County for more than forty years as a farmer and stock raiser, and beginning his career as a renter, and as a young man completely dependent upon his own resources for advancement he has made a success that might well be envied by his neighbors, At the present time he is the owner of one hundred acres of fine land in Boone Township, and has won all his prosperity as a result of his well directed efforts. James C. Hull was born September 18, 1848, a son of Jesse and Susan (Evans) Hull, His father, a native of Pennsylvania, first moved to Ohio, first locating in Marion County, and afterwards went out to Macon County, Illinois, where his death occurred, The mother also died in Macon County, Their children were: Eliza, Joel, Mary and Rosella, all deceased; James C. James C. Hull spent a part of his youth in Macon County, Illinois, where he attended the public schools, but finished his education in Boone Township of Madison County, When he was twelve years old be began his first practical experience as a farmer, He soon afterwards leased...

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Biography of William Fountain

WILLIAM FOUNTAIN. In a history of the prominent and influential citizens of Madison County, William Fountain is eminently deserving of extended mention, for his well spent life, his agricultural ability, his loyalty to public duty and his fidelity in private life have all gained him a place among the leading residents of the community, Although he has passed the seventy-fifth milestone in life’s journey, an age when most men would consider it their privilege to retire from activities, he still continues to discharge the daily routine of duties and to show a commendable interest in all that affects his...

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Biography of George B. McDermit

GEORGE B. MCDERMIT. One of the independent and progressive farmers of Boone Township is George B. McDermit, who has in his home place, located on the rural free delivery route No. 28 out of Elwood, one hundred and twenty acres of fine and well improved land, his mother’s place, and he also owns and operates other land in the same Township aggregating more than two hundred acres, He conducts his fanning on businesslike principles and after looking over his farm and understanding somewhat of the man it is not difficult to understand his reasons for success. George B. McDermit was born on the McDermit farm which he now occupies, the date of his birth having been December 28, 1871. He is a son of Samuel and Julia (Minnick) McDermit, Samuel McDermit came from Mason County, West Virginia, and bought land in Boone Township of Madison County, comprising a portion of the estate now owned by his son George. The Minnick family also came from Mason County, West Virginia, and Mr. McDermit’s mother had one sister, Sarah Over- shiner, who lives in Boone Township. Mr. McDermit’s father was buried at Forestville cemetery, The children in the family of Samuel McDermit and wife were eight in number, mentioned as follows: Margaret, deceased; Martha Minnick; John D.; Edward; Charles E.; Samuel H.; one that died in infancy; and Mr. McDermit of this...

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Biography of Bert Mann

BERT MANN. One of the young men of progressive enterprise whose energies are contributed to the Welfare of the community as well as to the accumulation of a goodly share of material prosperity for themselves, is Bert Mann, of Boone Township. Mr. Mann is owner and occupies a fine place of one hundred and forty acres, located about 61/2 miles west of Summitville. There he carries on the solid industry which in Indiana brings good crops, and a satisfying degree of prosperity, and is not only providing well for his family, but is regarded as one of the men of influence in his community. Bert Mann was born in Howard County, Indiana, January 17, 1877, a son of George and Ellen (Traitor) Mann, The father died when Bert was a ,child, and there were three children in the family, the sister being Lilly Runyon, Tony died aged two years. Bert Mann as a boy attended school in his native County, and when he had completed the course of study in the common schools, took up active work on the home farm, When he was twenty years old he had the courage to marry the girl of his choice, who was Miss Dora Bell Young, daughter of Ellison and Laura Young. To their marriage have come four children, whose names are: Myrtle N., Tressie E., Georgia E., and Zelpha, By...

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Biography of Rufus Albert Hoover, M. D.

RUFUS ALBERT HOOVER, M. D. A rising young physician of Madison County, Rufus Albert Hoover, M. D., is busily engaged in the practice of his profession in Orestes, where he is also serving most acceptably as principal of the public school, He was born in North Carolina, but was brought up in Indiana, coming with his parents, to this state when he was a small child. The Doctor’s father, Thomas Hoover, was born, reared and married in North Carolina. Coming with his family to Indiana, he settled in Hamilton County, where he spent his closing years of life, pass ing away in June, 1904, His wife, whose maiden name was Catherine Briles, died several years before he did, her death occurring. in 1874, They were the parents of six children, namely: Mrs. Nancy Bolander; Mrs. Rachael Hoover; Andrew S.; Mrs. Margaret Halderman, who died December 15, 1901; Joseph L.; and Rufus A., with whom this brief sketch is chiefly concerned. After his graduation from the high school in Sheridan, Hamilton County, Rufus A. Hoover taught school for awhile, and later continued his studies at the Indiana University, in Bloomington, Having then decided to enter the medical profession, he went to Chicago, where he took up the study of medicine and surgery at the Loyola University, also known as Bennett’s Medical College, and was there graduated with the class of...

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Biography of Ralph B. Clark

RALPH B. CLARK, In his native city of Anderson Mr. Clark has found ample scope and opportunity for effective business enterprise and has gained a secure position as a representative citizen of the County with good claims upon popular confidence and esteem in the community that has always been his home, and in the progress and prosperity of which he maintains the deepest interest, He is a member of the firm of Clark-and Haber, which conducts a flourishing retail jewelry business, and is also general manager of the Merchants Fire Insurance Company, one of the strong institutions of its kind in the state, with general offices at Anderson. Ralph B. Clark was born at Anderson, Indiana, on July 24, 1866, and belongs to one of the oldest and most honored pioneer families of Madison County, where his grandfather George Clark established a home at an early period, and continued to reside in Fall Creek Township until his death at the patriarchal age of ninety-two years, Grandfather Clark contributed his quota to the development and progress of the County, and was a mail who enjoyed the unqualified esteem of all who knew him. The parents of Ralph B. Clark were Ralph N. and Mary A. (Jackson) Clark, both of whom were born and reared in Indiana, The mother was a daughter of Hon, Andrew Jackson, another of the sterling pioneers...

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Biography of Lafe J. Burr

LAFE J. BURR, Among the substantial business firms of Anderson, Indiana, that of the Jackson-Burr Company, dealers in insurance and real estate, holds prominent place. Established over a quarter of a century ago, the career of the concern has been one of constant development in size and prominence, and its members are widely known in the commercial circles of the city, Lafe J. Burr, president of the Jackson-Burr Company, has been a resident of Anderson for more than forty years, and during this time has so closely identified himself with its interests as to make himself a place among the men to whom the city owes its prestige, He was born at Middletown, Henry County, Indiana, December 15, 1845, his parents being Chauncey H. and Jane (Williams) Burr, natives of Oneida County, New York, and Union County, Indiana, respectively. Chauncey H. Burr was born on March 11, 1806, and he was a tanner by trade, and a manufacturer of leather, lines of business that he followed extensively for a number of years at Middletown, Indiana, He died in his eighty-eighth year, having been identified with the commercial and industrial interests of Middletown since 1829, and as justice of the peace his service covered a continuous period of fifty years, His wife died on November 18, 1869, In politics Mr. Burr was an old line Whig, and upon the organization...

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Biography of Alvin B. Williamson

ALVIN B. WILLIAMSON. Alvin B. Williamson has a well cultivated tract of eighty acres of land in Fall Creek Township, where he carries on stock farming, and where he has reached a comfortable state of prosperity in his agricultural activities, He ranks among the best known and most popular citizens of the Township, and has a host of good friends in and about the community which represents his home. Born on January 14, 1876, in Madison County, he is the son of Burwell and Mary J. (Mairifold) Williamson, both of whom are now deceased. Burwell and Mary Williamson were born in Madison County, Indiana, and within its confines passed their entire lives, They devoted their lives to the farming industry, and reared a family of eight children, five of whom are now living,-as follows: William L. is a farmer, in Green Township, Madison County; Leora E. is the wife of J. T. Ford of Pendleton; Alice M. is the wife of Allen Swain; Howard C. is another Green Township farmer; and Albin B., the subject of this brief review. Alvin B. Williamson was reared on the farm that was his birthplace, three miles west of the town of Pendleton, and when he reached a sufficient age he entered the public schools of Pendleton and there completed his education, His schooling was not of a comprehensive order. and consisted of...

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Biography of Eugene L. Ford

EUGENE L. FORD, In Green Township are located many of the best improved and most valuable farmsteads of Madison County, and one of these which is conspicuous for its improvement, for its general appearance of thrift and prosperity. and for the value of the crops which are every year produced in its field and in the barns is that of Eugene L. Ford, Mr. Ford has spent about sixty years of his life in Madison County, and lacks only about a year of being able to claim it as his birthplace, He was born in Wayne County, Indiana, December 9. 1852, and was a son of John W. and Martha A. Williamson Ford, a native of Maryland, was a carpenter by trade and came to Madison County in 1853, His mother was a native of Virginia, For a number of years the father was engaged in sawmilling and in contracting, and during his residence in Madison County he constructed many of the school houses in Green Township, besides a large amount of other work, He and his wife were members of the Methodist church, and they were well known and influential people, There were seven children in the family, and three are living in 1913, Eugene L., Emily L., wife of J. M. Johnson, and Amanda I., wife of Henry Beckner. Eugene L. Ford spent his early life on...

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Biography of Andrew Milburn

ANDREW MILBURN. The meet reward of a well spent and active career is an honorable retirement from labor and a season of rest in which to enjoy the fruits of former toil. Consecutive endeavor, resolute purpose, sound judgment and unfaltering energy bring success in the active affairs of life, and when prosperity is attained these should be followed by a period of leisure, when one may carry out his individual desires and find pleasure in pursuing plans from which business cares had formerly withheld him, For many years Andrew Milburn was prominently identified with the agricultural interests of Madison County. His career was an honorable one, in which his straightforward dealing and indefatigable labor brought him a handsome competence that now enables him to put aside the heavier burdens and find pleasurable recreation in his home and among his friends. Mr. Milburn was born on the homestead in Stony Creek Township which he now owns, June 3, 1856, a son of Isaac and Nancy (Gwinn) Milburn, natives of West Virginia (then Virginia), From their native place Mr. Milburn’s parents migrated to Madison County in a wagon, pioneer fashion, and located in Stony Creek Township, where the grandfather of the subject of this review bought one hundred and sixty acres of land from the government, paying a dollar and a quarter an acre, and this he deeded to his son...

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