Collection: Harrison County Iowa Genealogy

Business Directory of Persia, Iowa

Last Name First and Middle Business Origin Date City County State Brace & Burton Proprietor of Elevator Persia Harrison Iowa Graham J K Farmer Indiana 1866 Persia Harrison Iowa Laing Jas Confectionery/Fruits Persia Harrison Iowa Martin M Post Master/Hardware Illinois 1882 Persia Harrison Iowa McFarland Wm & Sons Dlr Lumber Ohio 1883 Persia Harrison Iowa Seddon & Co Druggist Persia Harrison Iowa Seddon Druggist/Real Estate England 1863 Persia Harrison Iowa Brownrigg W J Druggist/Physician Ohio 1860 Persia Harrison...

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Business Directory of Woodbine, Iowa

Last Name First and Middle Business Origin Date City County State Boyer Valley Bank General Banking Woodbine Harrison Iowa Cadwell P President Boyer Valley Bank Woodbine Harrison Iowa Butler & Brothers Elevator Woodbine Harrison Iowa Butler F A Proprietor Elevator Iowa 1851 Woodbine Harrison Iowa Butler L D Proprietor Elevator Iowa 1858 Woodbine Harrison Iowa Crane L & Sons General Store Woodbine Harrison Iowa Clark A H Proprietor Woodbine Hotel New York 1882 Woodbine Harrison Iowa Musgrave Geo Editor Woodbine England 1852 Woodbine Harrison Iowa Matthews & King Twiner/Engineer Woodbine Harrison Iowa Matthews Geo A Dlr Wisconsin 1876 Woodbine Harrison Iowa King H B Lumber/Groceries/Implements Wisconsin 1877 Woodbine Harrison Iowa Mendenhall E P Dlr North Carolina 1856 Woodbine Harrison Iowa Mendenhall C W Lumber/Groceries/Implements Indiana 1856 Woodbine Harrison Iowa Mogdon WM M Dlr New York 1870 Woodbine Harrison Iowa Poe & White Lumber/Groceries/Implements Woodbine Harrison Iowa Poe Land Broker New York 1869 Woodbine Harrison Iowa White L W Land Broker New York 1867 Woodbine Harrison Iowa Woods & Edwards Attorney at Law Woodbine Harrison Iowa Woods L C Attorney at Law New York 1881 Woodbine Harrison Iowa Edwards T M Attorney New York 1882 Woodbine Harrison Iowa Attorney Woodbine Harrison Iowa Physician/Surgeon Woodbine Harrison Iowa Physician Woodbine Harrison Iowa Physician Woodbine Harrison...

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Business Directory of River Sioux, Iowa

Last Name First and Middle Business Origin Date City County State Chase Geo W Post Master/General New Hampshire 1866 River Sioux Harrison Iowa Condit P S Merchandise Ohio 1878 River Sioux Harrison Iowa Lanyon Wm Carpenter Pennsylvania 1859 River Sioux Harrison Iowa Billiard...

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Company C 29th Regiment Iowa Volunteers Infantry

Name: Wm. W. Fuller Enlisted: 13 Aug. 1862 Rank: Captain Remarks: Died 14 March 1863 of appoplexy, Greenwood, Miss. Name: Geo. S. Bacon Enlisted: 13 Aug. 1862 Rank: 1st. Lieut. Remarks: Promoted to Capt.14 Mar, 1863 Wounded, prisoner 30 Apr 1864, Jenkins Ferry, Arkansas Name: Jos. H. Smith Enlisted: 13 Aug. 1862 Rank: 2nd Lieut. Remarks: Mustered out 5 June 1863 for disability Name: John G. Downs Enlisted: 15 Aug. 1862 Rank: 2nd Sergeant Remarks: Promoted to 1st sergeant 1 July 1863 Name: Benj. H. Dennis Enlisted: 18 Aug. 1862 Rank: 3rd Sergeant Remarks: Discharged 14 May 1864 at Keokuk, for disability Name: Geo. Main Enlisted: 18 Aug. 1862 Rank: 4th Sergeant Remarks: Discharged 3 May, 1865 for disability Name: John W. Stocker Enlisted: 18 Aug. 1862 Rank: 5th Sergeant Remarks: Promoted to 1st Sergeant 2 July 1863, 1st Lieutenant 5 Mar. 1864 Name: John R. Ennice Enlisted: 18 Aug. 1862 Rank: 1st Corporal Remarks: Transferred veteran reserve corps. Name: Charles E. Wills Enlisted: 18 Aug. 1862 Rank: 2nd corporal Remarks: Promoted to Sergeant 13 July 1863 Name: Albert Wakefield Enlisted: 18 Aug. 1862 Rank: 3rd Corporal Remarks: Wound and captured 30 Apr. 1863 battle of Jenkins Ferry Name: William H. Boarn Enlisted: 18 Aug. 1862 Rank: 5th Corporal Remarks: Promoted to Sergeant 10 Aug, 1863, Sergeant-Major 1864, wounded 27 May 1865 Name: Eugene R. Seofield Enlisted: 18 Aug....

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City of Logan, Iowa

 Last Name First and Middle Business Origin Date City County State Adams Brothers Meat Market Ohio 1854 Logan Harrison Iowa Barnhart J W Attorney at Law Pennsylvani8a 1878 Logan Harrison Iowa Comfort F A Physician and Surgeon Canada 1879 Logan Harrison Iowa Cook L F Editor/Harrison County News Ohio 1864 Logan Harrison Iowa Cadwell P Hon President Caldwell Bank New York 1854 Logan Harrison Iowa Cadwell Wm C Cashier Cadwell Bank Wisconsin 1854 Logan Harrison Iowa Creager J P Dlr Dry Goods/Groc/Notions Indiana 1880 Logan Harrison Iowa Clyde A W Attorney at Law New York 1881 Logan Harrison Iowa Carver E C Dlr Lumber/Farm Machinery New York 1881 Logan Harrison Iowa Cochran S H Attorney at Law Illinois 1874 Logan Harrison Iowa Copeland V S Dlr Furniture Indiana 1853 Logan Harrison Iowa Dodson Frank Clerk for J W Stocker Illinois 1878 Logan Harrison Iowa Dullaghan Joe Livery/feed/sale of stock Ohio 1874 Logan Harrison Iowa Evans Jno V Attorney at Law New York 1871 Logan Harrison Iowa Geddings Wm Dlr drugs/paint/wall paper Illinois 1869 Logan Harrison Iowa Goddenough W B Mfg boots/shoes New York 1868 Logan Harrison Iowa Goddenough M H Mfg boots/shoes New York 1868 Logan Harrison Iowa Grow A K Post Master New York 1858 Logan Harrison Iowa Harrison Iowa County Treasurer West Virginia 1857 Logan Harrison Iowa Hyde C L Clerk of Courts New York 1866 Logan...

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Business Directory of Dunlap, Iowa

Last Name First and  Middle Business Origin Date City County State Bond H L Agent, Oskaloose Ins. Co. Wisconsin 1869 Dunlap Harrison Iowa Dunlap Bank Exchange Real Estate 1871 Dunlap Harrison Iowa Kellogg Lorenzo President Dunlap Bank 1871 Dunlap Harrison Iowa Amsden L S Cashier Dunlap Bank 1871 Dunlap Harrison Iowa Exchange Bank General Banking Connecticut 1856 Dunlap Harrison Iowa Lymon H B President Exchange Bank 1856 Dunlap Harrison Iowa Sherman L A Cashier Exchange Bank 1856 Dunlap Harrison Iowa Jackson B Dlr. Grain/Lumber/Coal Canada 1868 Dunlap Harrison Iowa MacKinzie & Stanley Land/Loan/Insurance Agent Wisconsin 1883 Dunlap Harrison Iowa Stanley E E Agent Wisconsin 1883 Dunlap Harrison Iowa MacKinzie Chas Attorney at Law Wisconsin 1883 Dunlap Harrison Iowa Phillips & Caldwell Attorney at Law Dunlap Harrison Iowa Trover J A Attorney at Law/Land Agent Indiana 1878 Dunlap Harrison Iowa Wailley & Myers Editor/Owner Dunlap Reporter Dunlap Harrison...

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Biographical Sketch of S. Altshuler

S. Altshuler, dealer in dry goods and clothing, came to Iowa in 1864, and located at Council Bluffs; established his present business in Missouri Valley in 1867. He has a fine store on the corner of Fourth and Erie streets, and carries a large stock of...

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Clay Iowa Early Residents

Amos S. Chase came here in 1848 attempting a permanent settlement, but due to the spring floods, he decided to relocate in Little Sioux Township. His claim was utilized by Seth “Spanky” Chase. In 1853, Stephen A. Hester and family came from Jones County and settled on Hours-Shoe Lake. Job Ross, and his father’s family on there way to Oregon stopped in Council Bluffs. They heard about the wonderful land in Harrison County, and came to see, decided to stay, and settled on Horse-Shoe Lake. John Sharpnack and T. A. Dennis arrived in 1854 and in 1856 organized the township under Judge James Hardy’s administration. T. A. Dennis and Stephen Hester constructed a sawmill in section 27, where they did an extensive business, Mr. Dennis sawed immense quantities of railroad ties for the Missouri Pacific Railroad and was a brother in law of the noted railroad man John I. Blair, of New Jersey. Thomas Duhig, George Burcham and Levi Motz settled in 1854. Levi Motz made the claim that he killed more wild turkeys tan any other man in Harrison County. His brother, Jerry Motz came to Clay township in 1865 and became a well to do farmer and respected citizen. W. H. Bourne effected settlement in section 24in 1855. Jacob Antabus settled in section 14 in 1855 and died for his country in the Civil War. Thomas Whitcomp...

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Cincinnati Iowa Early Residents

The founding settlers to this area came from Cincinnati Ohio. The organizing committee was made up of J. S. Fountain and J. H. Waggoner. George Richardson came in July, 1857, one of the county’s outstanding citizens and eventually represented the county in the legislature. James House and family including his sons Charles Allen and William came in 1856 and settled on section 2. They used to tell about the wild grass being taller than a mans head. William Boyd and family including his son Perry cane from Illinois in 1856 Jonathan West settled her in 1857 Jesse Bowman came from Ill in 1858, his retirement years were spent in Modale. Coming from, Canada to Cincinnati at different dates was the Coulthard family, George in 1860, William at the close of the war, James in 1866 David in 1875, John in 1876 and Robert in 1877 James N. McManimie settled here at the close of the war. Reuben Olinger purchased his home in Cincinnati township in 1883. He was a direct descendant of Peter Stuyvesant, former governor of Amsterdam, New York which is now New York City. Jacob Minor settled here in 1885 David Farquhar came here in 1885 and married Miss Nettie Richardson, daughter of George and Ann Coulthard Richardson. Alcide Bessire located here in 1884, was very active in managing large farms raising much stock including well bread...

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1885 Little Sioux, Iowa School Students

The following is a list of students who attended school at Little Sioux, Iowa in 1885. Will Hudlow Joe Cooper Gertie Gleason Lou Frost Wallace Jones Harry Hope Edgar Moore Ade Murray Ede Cooper Annie Setchell Jennie Reeves Daisy walker Aggie Veal Jessie Pierce Lou cooper Matt Stockwell Inez Croasdale Carrie Murray Dick Cobb Bertha West Carrie Whiting Alice Bonney Dora Gleason Pet McWilliams Belle Noyes Roll Scott Bess Cobb Straus Ellis Julia McWilliams Arthur Bassett Dell Ellis Bert Long Mack Pruitt Bertha Beecham Susie Ellis Ruth Cobb Eva Bonney Alice Branduff Eva Hope Leona Hope Amy Terry Harl...

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1900-1961 Little Sioux, Iowa High School Graduates

Class of 1900 Florence Guyton Leona Hope E. Earl Lanyon James W. Murray J. William Reynolds Alta R. Weymour Class of 1901 Clara Croasdale Smith Bessie DeWitt Blanche Driggs Williams Philena Gibson Baker James Adolph Murray Nettie Reeves Murray Irvin E. Terry Marabelle Terry Starlin Class of 1902 Bessie Alton Basil Bassett Lucie Bonney Fleming Charlie Chaffie Olson Effie Clinkenbeard Anderson Renna Fensler Strauss Ruth Huff White Musa McAdon Long Dora Murray Terry Della Reynolds Louis Steward Cozad George B. West Class of 1903 Kate Bassett D. F. Blakeman Della Dickey Amy Gladson Sarver Grace Champney Soukup Class of 1904 No class Class of 1905 Charles A. Terry Class of 1906 Eva Farber Burbank Herman Olmstead Catherine Setchell Class of 1907 Hattie Baker Linton Leola Caldwell Martin Blanche Crabb Irvin E. Hope Mary Kidder Kate Murray Class of 1908 Tillie Anderson Bean Bessie Baker Koeppen Tom E. Murray Eva Setchell Warren Class of 1909 Grace Martenson Armstrong Zella McWilliams Lawrence Ross Commercial Class of 1909 Eva Farber Burbank John Kidder Perrea McAdon Tommy E. Murray Lawrence Ross Catherine Setchell Harold Walker Class of 1910 Grace Bassett Holt Lillian Frye Brown Callie Gamet Bremer Fern Howard Class of 1911 Allie Gamet Blanche Gibson Virginia Kidder Stevenson Roy Lytle Jennie McAdon Gieth John Walker Class of 1912 Jess Atwell George Baker Viola Bassett Simmons Walter Boylen Class of 1913 Effie Alton...

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Civil War Soldiers from Harrison County Iowa

Name Date Company Discharge/Other William H. Ennis 9 July 1861 Co. ‘B’ 4th Infantry Captured at Ringold, Georgia, and died a prisoner Thomas R. Brooks 9 July 1861 Co. ‘B’ 4th Infantry A Veteran Frank O. Danielson 9 July 1861 Co. ‘B’ 4th Infantry Served three years James W. Murphy 9 July 1861 Co. ‘B’ 4th Infantry Wounded at Kennasaw James Rabblin 9 July 1861 Co. ‘B’ 4th Infantry Discharged at Young’s Point, Arkansas John H. Reel 9 July 1861 Co. ‘B’ 4th Infantry Captured at Clayville, Alabama, and killed Wm. F. Schaffer 20 Aug, 1861 2nd battery During the war John A. Danielson 12 Nov. 1861 Co ‘H’ 15th Infantry Wounded at Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee Sabin C. Stanwood 22 Nov. 1861 Co ‘H’ 15th Infantry Discharged at Corrinth, Mississippi, went in 2nd battery Jonathan Vincent 22 Nov. 1861 Co ‘H’ 15th Infantry Durnig the war Hiram G. Vincent 11 Nov. 1861 Co ‘H’ 15th Infantry Lost right foot at Pittsburgh, Tennessee W. W. Rose 22 Nov. 1861 Co ‘H’ 15th Infantry During the war Soloman V. Catlin 22 Nov. 1861 Co ‘H’ 15th Infantry Discharged. Sick Logan Crawford 27 Nov. 1861 Co ‘H’ 15th Infantry Wounded and captured at Atlanta. Nelson G. Boynton 28 Jan 1862 Co ‘H’ 15th Infantry Served during the war, Wounded Hiram Lewis 11 Aug. 1862 Co ‘H’ 15th Infantry James H. Christian 12...

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1922 Jackson Township, Iowa Atlas

Last First & Middle Wife Children Rents Acres Section Yrs in County Owner County State Ambrose F H Ella Lolita Lowell Leona Lorene 120 9 34 Harrison Iowa Ambrose H W Bertha Christie Harry Clara 60 80 4 3 10 Harrison Iowa Andersen Chris Sena 160 15 2 Harrison Iowa Anderson E Hannah Grace Elof Huston 30 160 35 26 7 Lysander Crane Harrison Iowa Andersen S M Bessie J Clarence Edward Loraine Darwin Mary Helen Idella R 4 23 2 R W Payton Harrison Iowa Babe S Lillie Joy Otto Madeline 44 32 & 33 38 Harrison Iowa Baker W A Mary A Leota M Elton R Ralph 160 11 25 Harrison Iowa Baldwin H M Agnes Edgar 40 40 20 168 20 19 18 18 10 Harrison Iowa Bell L H Millie R 120 23 36 J M Bell Estate Harrison Iowa Blankenship Roscoe Ino Violet Opel Frank R 120 20 24 Susan E Hopkins Harrison Iowa Block Wm Marie Marshall Freda R 80 25 29 H H Voss Harrison Iowa Boyle J A Stella Cecil Volney Laura R 273 15 12 L W Kibler G N Young Harrison Iowa Bryan J S Fannie Chrysta 276 80 10 25 22 23 49 Harrison Iowa Burton Cl Stella Marie Cecil Frocis Blanche Floyd Nina Dan Dorris R 328 2 & 1 33 D H Seabury Harrison Iowa Butt...

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1922 Little Sioux, Iowa Atlas

Last First & Middle Wife Children R Acres Sec Yrs in County Owner County State Alton Jess A Inez Virgil Earl Floy R 240 24 32 Cross D  A Harrison Iowa Alton O F Sena Leo Nina Harriett 159 17 16 Harrison Iowa Alton W C R 160 5 Lougee E H Harrison Iowa Armstrong Joe Ethel Bruce Lyle Rose Hugh R 73 36 Harrison Iowa Atwell J F Verna Pearl R 320 22-23 25 Atwell W C Harrison Iowa Aylesworth E D Olga Eugene D R 220 7 10 Smith E E Harrison Iowa Baker F M Anna Hattie Joe George Ruby R 21927 1514 28 Harrison Iowa Baker Joe Margaret Gordon R 20045 2223 28 D Wallace Harrison Iowa Bassett Mrs Anna B Anna Arthur E Maud F Loyd W 80 25 53 Isaac Bassett Estate Harrison Iowa Bean F W Tillie Lena Vera Everett 220 12 37 E E Smith Harrison Iowa Blankenship Perry Verna Wm R 40 18 15 A Stewart Bern Harrison Iowa Bothwell Bud Albia Annis George Hazel R 159 11 45 R W Hills Harrison Iowa Bothwell Geo Geraldine Blendena R 97 2 19 B H Kingbury & J R Prewitt Harrison Iowa Brunstedt J E Ivey Wm Dix Rena Guy 80 15 33 I H Brunsteadt & J E Dix Harrison Iowa Campbell R A Lottie David R 320 1 1...

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