Collection: Genealogy of the Cherokee Indians

Genealogy of the Cherokee Bowles Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now 11 John Bowles. Jennie, Oo-loo-tsa and Oo-ti-yu A33 1212 John Bowles. Jennie 2 French Bowles* 3 Nellie Bowles* _____ 4 Lightningbug Bowles. A-yu-su 5 Tu-noo-ne-ski Bowles* 6 Du-qu-li-lu- Wagon Bowles. Fannie Davis 7 Qua-ti-ni Bowles* 8 Tsa-gi-na Bowlcs. Bird Tail _____ 9 Rebecca Bowles. Tee-see Guess A29 10 Samuel Bowles. I-doo-si 11 Eliza Bowles. John Porum Davis 12 Nannie Bowles. George Chisholm 111213 James Bowles. Eliza Halfbreed 114213 Joseph Bowles* 2 Caroline Bowles* OK 3 John Bowles* 4 Jefferson Bowles* 116213 Johnson Bowles* 2 Etta Bowles* OK 3 Elizabeth Bowles* 4 Thomas Bowles* 118213 Gu-de-gi* 2 Ghi-go-nc-li 3 Go-yi-nc* 119213 Sallie Guess. Wiliam Foster 2 Joseph Guess* OK 3 Catherine Guess. Joseph Downing 1110213 George Bowles* 1111213 John Davis* 11121314 Minnie Bowles. Elijah Hermogene Lerblance and Orlando Shay OK 2 Richard H. Bowlcs. Bettie Blythe and Nannie Downing 11921314 Susie Foster. Levi Toney 11923314 Nannie Downing. Richard H. Bowles 2  Lucile Downing. Coggle...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Oolootsa Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Oo-loo-tsa, of the Holly clan 1211 Ghi-go-ne-li 111213 Nannie. George Lowrey 2 Ghi-go-ne-li 1121314 John Lowrey. Elizabeth Shorey and Ga-ne-lu-gi McLemore 2 George Lowrey. Lucy Benge A31 OK 3 Jennie Lowrey. Tah-lon-tee-skee A32 4 Elizabeth Lowrey. Joseph Sevier and 5 Sallie Lowrey 6 Nellie Lowrey  Edmond Fawling 7 Aky Lowrey  Arthur Burns 11122314 Catherine  John Gunter A30 2 Polly.         Smith 1112131415 Elizabeth Lowrey. William Shorey Pack 2 Jennie Lowrey. Robert Benge OK 3 Eliza Lowrey. Martin Benge 1112132415 James Lowrey. Elizabeth McLemore 2 Susan Lowrey. Andrew Ross 2 George Lowrey. Elizabeth Baldridge 4 Lydia Lowrey Milo Hoyt 5 Rachel Lowrey. David Brown and Nelson Orr 6 John Lowrey* 7 Anderson Pierce Lowrey. Mary Nave ______ 8 Archibal Lowrey. Rachel Harris and Delilah Baldridge ______ 9 Washington Lowrey. Jennie _______ 10 Charles Lowrey  Jennie Ballard and Ellen Reese 1112133415 George Lovett Nannie Horn nec Hildebrand and Elizabeth Swimmer 1112134415 Margaret Sevier. Gideon Morgan 2  Eliza Sevier. W. Templin Ross _______ OK 3 John Walker  Emily Meigs and Nannie Bushyhead 1112135415 Tsa-gi-na  Pigeon ______ 2 No-na OK 3 Elizabeth 4  Baldridge 5 Switzler Lowrey. Rachel Brownlow 6 Rope Campbell 1112136415 Edward Fowling  Margaret Smith 2 Edmond Fawling*    Jennie Stanridge OK 3 Joseph Fawling  Lydia Brown A30. John Gunter was a Welchman and operated a powder mill in the Cherokee country in 1814....

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Sequoyah Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information Sequoyah 11 Sequoyah. Sallie and U-ti-yu 1112 Teesey Guess. U-ti-yu and Rebecca Bowles A29 2 George Guess* OK 3 Polly Guess. Flying and Thomas Brewer 4 Richard Guess* _______ 5 E-ya-gu Guess. George Starr 6 Ooo-loo-tsa Guess* 7 Gu-u-ne-ki Guess. Sixkiller 111213 George Guess. Girty 2 Richard Guess* OK 3 Joseph Guess* _______ 4 Sallie Guess. William Foster or Tu-noo-ie 5 Joseph Guess* 6 Catherine Guess. Joseph Downing 113213 Annie Flying. Joseph Griffin 115213 Joseph Starr* 117213 Araminta Sixkiller 11121314 Mary Guess. George Mitchell and Andrew Russell. 2 Guess 11124314 Susie Foster. Levi Toney 11126314 Nannie Downing. Richard H. Bowles 2 Lucile Downing. Coggle OK 3 Edward Downing 4 Sequoyah Downing 5 Maud Downing 11321314 Ti-du-gi-yo-sti 1112131415 George W. Russell  Minnie Holston 1112431415 Calvin Hanks Toney 2 Cicero Davis Toney OK 3 Margaret Toney | 4 Catherine Toney | 5 Sallie Toney 1112631415 Leo Bennett Bowles OK 2 Richard Bowles 1112632415 Cecil W. Coggle 2 Houston Coggle A29. Teesee Guess was born in 1789. This second wife Rebecca Bowles was born in 1816. She died on October 12, 1866 and he died on September 17,...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Foreman Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information The descendants of Anthony Foreman, a Scotchman who married two full blood Cherokee wives. 11 Anthony Foreman. Susie and Elizabeth A26 1112 John Foreman. Nannie Drumgoole nee Doublehead and Ruth Springston 2 Catherine Foreman. James Bigby OK 3 Thomas Foreman. Susannah Brewer nee Fields 4 Nannie Foreman. Bushyhead 5 Sallie Foreman. William Hicks 6  Richard Bark Foreman. _____and Rachel Seabolt _______ 7 Archibald Foreman. Aky Brewer and Theresa Kerr A27 8 Elsie Foreman. James Spears 9 Stephen Foreman. Sallie W. Riley and Ruth Candy nee Riley 10 Edward Foreman. Minerva Kerr 11 Mary Foreman. Thomas Barnes 12 Alexander Foreman. Ruth Phillips* and Sarah Fields 111213 Richard Foreman. Sallie and Dorcas Rattlinggourd _______ 2 John Foreman. Lucretia and Ya-ki-ny OK 3 James Foreman. Delialh Fields 4 Elizabeth Foreman. Edley Springton 5 Elizabeth Foreman. John Elliott 6 Johnson Foreman. Elizabeth B. Mann 112213 Mary Ann Bigby. David Taylor A28 2 Jennie Bigby. Andrew Taylor OK 3 Thomas Wilson Bigby. Margaret Catherine Adair 4 James Bigby* Louisa Levi 5 Elizabeth Bigby. Moses Fields 6 Wiley Bibgy. Mary McLaughlin and Elnora Nicholson 7 Sallie Bigby. Leonard Bonaparte Williams 8 Jackson Bigby* 9 Susie Bigby. Felix Riley 10 Malinda Bigby. William Guilliams and Jesse Redman 113213 Nannie Foreman. Allen Gafford and Martin North 2 Samuel Foreman. Sallie Rattlinggourd A26. Anthony Foreman was a Scotchman. His second wife,...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Ghigau Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information Descendants of the Ghi-ga-u, commonly called Nancy Ward. 11 Ghi-ga-u. Kingfisher and Bryan Ward A22 1122 Catherine. Samuel Candy, John Walker, Ellis Harlan A23 2 Fivekiller* Catherine OK 3 Elizabeth Ward. Joseph Martin and _____Hughes 111213 Samuel Candy. Elizabeth West _____ 2 John Walker.  Elizabeth Sevier nee Lowrey OK 3 Jennie Walker Charles Fox, _____Taylor and John McIntosh A53 _____ 4 Nannie Harlan. Caleb Starr 5 Sallie Harlan. Jacob West 6 Ruth Harlan. Joseph Phillips 7 Elizabeth Harlan. Peter Hildebrand. A25 8 George Harlan. Nannie Sanders, Annie May,* Eliza Riley* 9 Ezekial Harlan. Hannah Lewis 10 Susannah Harlan. Otterlifter 11313 James Martin* 2 Nannie Martin. Michael Hildebrand ________ OK 3 Rachel Hughes. Charles Rogers. 11121314 Ollie Candy. Hair Conrad 2 Thomas Candy. Susan Graves, Catherine Gentry nee Drew 3 George Washington Candy. Elizabeth Hughes Bell and Elizabeth Webber nee Watie 4 Samuel Candy* 5 Nannie Candy. John Harlin and Henry Cobb 6 John Walker Candy. Mary Watie and Electa W. Adams 11122314 John Walker. Emily Meigs and Nannie Bushyhead OK 2 Carter Walker. Sallie Brewer 11123314 Richard Taylor. Ellen McDaniel and Susie Fields 2 Fox Taylor. Mary Vann and Lucy Otterlifter OK 3 Susan Taylor. Samuel Parks _____ 4 Nellie McIntosh. James McDaniel 11124314 Mary Pauline Starr. Austin Rider and James Woods* 2 James Starr. Nelie Maugh and Susie Maugh 3 Thomas...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Downing Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Major Downing A14 1112 George Downing 2 John Downing. Jennie and Nannie 3 William Downing 4 Nannie Downing 111213 James Downing 2 Alexander Downing. Oo-go-yo-sti 3 John Downing. Leah Lovelady 4 Elizabeth Downing. Stephen Whitmire 112213 Ollie Downing* 2 Samuel Downing. Susie Dougherty and Elsie Dougherty 3 David Downing. Peggy Dougherty 4 Isaac Downing* 5 Peggy Downing. Archibald Tuckwa 6 Nellie Downing* 7 Moses Downing. Oo-yo-sti or Polly and Lydia 8 Elizabeth Downing. Galcatcher 9 Celia Downing* Ezekial McLaughlin 10 Jesse Downing* Chicken 11 Charlotte Downing. Ellis Beck 12 William Downing. Elizabeth Dougherty and Elsie Downing 13 Cynthia Downing. Joseph Beck 14 James Downing.  ______ Parris 153 Catherine Downing*  _____Still 16 John Downing. Ollie 17 Sallie Downing. Tadpole 114213 Thomas Pettit. Catherine _________ 2 James Crittenden. Nancy Hughes and Ko-ta-Ka-ya 3 Jennie Crittenden. Jack Wright A15 _________ 4 Margaret McSwain. Avery Vann 5 Elizabeth McSwain. David Welch 11121314 George Downing 2 Peacheater Downing 11122314 Lethe Downing. Hiram Bright 2  Annie Downing. Pumpkin or Murphy 3 Charles Downing* 4 Scudders Downing. Polly Bean and Catherine Tiesky nee Foreman 5 John Downing* 11123314 Martha Jane Downing. Jackson Smith and Joshua Morgan A14. Major Downing, said to have been a Major in the British army married a full blood Cherokee woman of the Wolf clan. A15. Tradition says that after a violent storm on...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Grant Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Ludovic Grant. Al 1112 Grant. William Emory. 111213 Mary Emory. Rim Fawling and Ezekial Buffington. A2 2 Elizabeth Emory Robert Due and John Rogers. OK 3 Susannah Emory John Stuart, Richard Fields and Joseph Martin. 11121314 John Fawling. Nannie Vann. A4 2 William Emory _________ OK 3 Samuel Martin. Catherine Hildebrand, Charlotte Wickett _________ 4 Elizabeth Buffington. David McLaughlin and Jeremiah C. Towers 5 Susannah Buffington. Jeffrey Beck and Surry Eaton 6 Annie Buffington. * James Daniel 7 Ellis Buffington Catherine Daniel and Lydia Snow nee Wright 8 Mary Buffington. James Daniel 9 Thomas Buffington Mary Daniel 11122314 Jennie Due. John Rogers A6 2  Mary Buffington. David Gentry A5 A1. Ludovic Grant, who was said to have been a Scotchman, in a statement recorded on page 301 of the Charlestown, South Carolina probate court in the book of “1754-1 758′ in a sworn statement of January 12, 1756 says “It is about thirty years since I went into the Cherokee Country when I have resided ever since “I speak their language.” He married a full blood Cherokee woman of the Long Hair clan. He was among the Cherokees a the same time that Christian Priber and James Adair was in the nation Grant’s half breed daughter married William Emory, an Englishman. A2. Rim Fawling, Ezekial Buffington, Robert Due and John Rogers...

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Interpreting the Starr Genealogies

In order to have a correct understanding of the Starr Genealogy, it will be necessary to keep in mind, that; 1. The numbers to the left of the names denote the place in the family, of the person, following. a-All numbers under a heading denote brothers or sisters. b-When the dates of the births of the brothers and sisters are positively known to be consecutive, they are preceded by an OK. c-The small number to the right, in front of the names, denotes the generation in the family, to which the person following, belongs. d-A horizontal line between two numbers, show that those above that line are only half brothers and sisters to those below it. e-A perpendicular line before two or three numbers denote that they are twins or triplets. f-A transverse line (/) before a name denotes that the person following, is of illegitimate birth. g-In reading the numbers; read each one separately, giving the last small number at the right, thus; 1142710324, should be read, as: one, four, ten two, fourth generation. 2. The name or names to the right of the first name after the numbers, is that of the husband or wife, or husbands or wives of that person. 3. All persons dying without issue have an * after their names. 4. To find the parents of any person; drop the last large number...

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