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Biographical Sketch of Daniel Ryder

DANIEL RYDER, son of Jotham Ryder, was born Dec. 29, 1803. He married Sarah George, and remains under the paternal roof, at Ryder Corner. He has long been noted for the excellence of his stock and produce. He is one of the most prosperous and worthy farmers in town, and is esteemed a man of superior judgment. He was one of the Committee of Arrangements, and is the father of WILLIAM W. and DAVID E. RYDER. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start...

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Biographical Sketch of John Town

JOHN TOWN, son of John Town, was born Aug. 17, 1805, He was educated at Newport Academy. In June, 1840, he was appointed Deputy Secretary of State, which office he held for four successive years, often doing the duties of the Secretary. He was elected Register of Deeds for Sullivan County, in 1851, and was re-elected in 1852,1858 and 1854. He was often elected to minor offices. He was a teacher by profession, and in it was quite...

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Biographical Sketch of Vashti Town

VASHTI TOWN, sister of the above, was educated at the Kimball Union Academy, and commenced teaching in her native town. She was soon called to take charge of the female department of the Norwich Institute, at Norwich, Vt., where she remained three years. She was then invited to Portsmouth, Va., and after nine years of successful labor in that place, removed to the city of Washington, where she has been mainly occupied in teaching for the last fifteen years. Her occasional contributions to the press indicate a ready pen, and a high degree of literary...

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Biographical Sketch of James P. Wheeler

JAMES P. WHEELER, Son of Morrill, and grandson of Col. Nathaniel Wheeler, a boy of uncommon courage and daring, was for eight months with Gen. Sickles as dispatch bearer. He was for a long time an inmate of the ” Libby Prison,” and shared with others in the famous ” black bean soup.” He re-enlisted and died a prisoner at Danville,...

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Biographical Sketch of William Freeman Cooper

WILLIAM FREEMAN COOPER is the fourth son of the late Dea. Sherman Cooper, of Croydon. On his father’s side he is descended from the Coopers and Shermans; and on his mother’s, from the Powerses and Lelands. His parents having a large family and but little property, his early life was one of toil. While living with them his means of education were small. At the age of eighteen he left the paternal roof and was thrown upon his own resources. After spending four years at the Newport Academy and in teaching school to improve the state of his finances, he, in 1824, commenced his professional studies with Dr. Elijah Cooper, of Newport. After completing the usual course of preparatory studies, and attending the lectures at the medical school at Bowdoin College, he graduated with honor from that institution, in 1826, receiving the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He returned immediately to Newport, where he commenced the practice of his profession, and remained there about a year. In 1827 he removed to Kelloggsville, in the town of Niles and County of Cayuga, N. Y. By the successful performance of a very difficult surgical operation he opened his way at once to professional fame. He has ever since been engaged in an extensive practice, in which he has amassed an ample fortune, notwithstanding his almost princely liberality. In 1850 he received...

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Biographical Sketch of Lydia Sanger

ISAAC, JOHN, PHINEAS, LYDIA, ELIZABETH and PHEBE SANGER came to Croydon in 1770, and were regarded as an important accession to the town. The brothers had families, the sisters were unmarried. Their descendants are characterized by a great fondness for books and the remarkable facility with which they acquire literary and scientific knowledge. Very many of the distinguished sons of Croydon are proud to trace their lineage from the Sangers. John and Phineas left town. Isaac died of the heart disease, while crossing Croydon Mountain in 1780, leaving three daughters-one of whom married Barnabas Cooper, and another william Gibson. Lydia married John Powers, and Phebe married a Mr. Noyes. Elizabeth, or, as everybody called her, “Aunt Lizzy,” remained single, and was really one of the best specimens of an old maid the world has ever produced. Turning instinctively away from all allurements to matrimony, she preferred to remain, “In maiden fancy free.” She was “an angel of mercy,” and “went about doing good.” She seemed to be everywhere present when needed -chiding the erring, comforting the sick, helping the needy, and cheering the desponding, The memory of “that good woman” is cherished with lively interest by all the early settlers of Croydon. But tradition says she bad her one fault-she was a firm believer in witches. Many an urchin has feared going to bed alone, after listening to her...

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Biographical Sketch of Hannah Wheeler

HANNAH WHEELER, eldest daughter of Dea. Nathaniel, married Nathan Nettleton and removed to Delaware, near Columbus, Ohio, and is the mother of JAMES an eloquent divine of the Methodist order, and ALBERT the able editor of ” The Review,” and who has recently been appointed General in the U. S. army. MEHITABEL WHEELER, a younger sister, married Israel Peck, and is the mother of Nathaniel W. Peck, clergyman, who graduated at Middlebury College in...

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Biographical Sketch of Major Simeon Wheeler

MAJOR SIMEON WHEELER, son of Simeon and Lucy Putnam Wheeler, and grandson of Dea. Nathaniel Wheeler, was born at Newport in August, 1815, and died at Demopolis, Alabama, in February, 1864. He graduated at Norwich University in 1840, and for some time after was engaged in teaching at the South. He pursued his legal studies at Charlottesville, Va., and practiced law with success for a number of years at Portsmouth, in the same State. He took an active part in the political discussions of the day, and was a delegate to the General Assembly of the State. He was married to a lady of Portsmouth, who had estates in Alabama, which required his personal attention, and soon after lie removed to Demopolis in that State, where he was a successful planter until the time of his death. He was generous, ardent and impulsive. With a clear intellect, active temperament, good scholarship, and decided opinions, he had great influence over those with whom he associated. His wife survives...

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Biographical Sketch of Joseph Sargent

JOSEPH SARGENT, a brother of the above, married Lucinda, daughter of Benj. Skinner, Esq. For a while he was engaged as high-school teacher. He studied theology, and became a Universalist clergyman-was quite talented. He was Chaplain in the army, and died in the...

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