Collection: History of the State of Nebraska

Biographical Sketch of George Frank

George Frank, farmer, Section 13, P. O. Herman, was born in Bavaria in 1849; came to Milwaukee, Wis.; worked at the cooper trade there about seventeen years; in 1867, came to Nebraska, locating on this land. He owns 205 acres, which is improved, with a good house and barn and a large number of trees. He has about forty head of cattle and about seventy hogs. Two teams are used in working this farm. Married, in 1859, Caroline Bree, of Prussia. Have three children–one son and two daughters. He has two sons and one daughter by a former marriage. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start...

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Biographical Sketch of R. A. Templeton

R. A. Templeton, live stock, is a native of Fayette County, Ohio; in 1857, came to Fairfield, Iowa; there engaged in farming and stock-raising; in 1877, removed to Burt County, Neb. He, with Mr. Haywood, fed in 1877, their first season, 100 head of cattle. They are now feeding from 1,000 to 1,200 head. They control over 4,000 acres for pasture and cultivate about 400 acres of corn, on which to feed their stock. They are the largest feeders of stock in this or any of the adjoining...

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Biographical Sketch of H. C. Lydick

H. C. Lydick, farmer, Section 2, P. O. Arizona, was born in Knox County, Ohio; came with his parents, to Jefferson County, Iowa, in 1845. There he remained till 1857, when he came to Arizona Precinct. He made claim of 160 acres, where his house now stands. Since then he has added from time to time, and now owns about 1,240 acres. Most of this land is under cultivation. He has seven tenants on his lands. He fed in 1881 about two hundred head of cattle and a large number of hogs; enlisted in 1862 in Company B, Second Nevada Cavalry; served eleven...

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Biographical Sketch of Hon. Austin Nelson

Nelson, Austin Hon. Hon. Austin Nelson, retired, is a native of Norway. When a child he came with his parents to New Bedford, Mass., where he was raised and educated. In 1856, he came to Nebraska, soon after returning to Massachusetts. He, however, made frequent trips West, and permanently settled in Burt County in 1868; located in Silver Creek, engaged in farming and stock-raising. He owns 400 acres of land, also property in Tekamah. In 1872, he was elected to the Legislature. He then removed his family to Tekamah, where they have since...

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Biographical Sketch of L. H. Burpee

L. H. Burpee, farmer, Section 22, P. O. Tekamah, is a native of Worcester County, Mass.; came to Nebraska in 1857; located in Arizona Precinct, where he has since resided. He entered 160 acres of land; now owns 200 acres most of which is under cultivation. He has been twelve years Treasurer of the School...

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Biography of Hon. B. R. Folsom

Hon. B. R. Folsom, retired, was born, February 23, 1809, in Fumbridge, Orange Co., N. Y. His parents soon after removed to Wyoming County, where he was raised; carried on farming, milling and merchandising about twenty-five years; September, 1854, came to Omaha, and, October, 1854, removed to Burt County, where he has since resided, and is now the oldest settler in the State north of Omaha. He, with a party of nine others, made a claim of 640 acres, on which the town of Tekamah now stands. William N. Byers, surveyor, one of this party, surveyed the town site. They also contracted for ten small houses to be erected, and also a town house. The Governor ordered that the census of the county be taken. This occurred the fall before the election; numbered then twenty-six inhabitants. The first two houses built were at the expense of the town company. The first election was held where Cuming City now is, this being then a part of Burt County. The south boundary line was White Cow Creek, which is now part of Washington County. Mr. Folsom at once engaged in farming and stock raising. He, with his brother, erected a steam sawmill at Arizona Bottom, which was the first mill built north of Omaha. He was appointed Probate Judge by the Governor, being the first in the county; was a member...

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Biographical Sketch of J. R. Sutherland

J. R. Sutherland, contractor and builder, is a native of Woodstock, Can.; in 1866, came to St. Joseph, Mo., in 1868, came to Omaha; October 1869, came to Tekamah, and at once commenced this business. He is now the oldest contractor in Tekamah. He built the Odd Fellows’ building, school house, the Methodist and Presbyterian churches and many other buildings, and is the principal contractor in this locality; has been a member of the Council since its organization and is Chairman of the board; also President of the School Board; is a member of the Presbyterian...

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Biography of D. L. Mclaughlin, M. D.

D. L. Mclaughlin, M. D., was born in West Winfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y., May 28, 1834. From the age of thirteen, he attended school in New York City until the age of seventeen, when he commenced the study of medicine under Alonzo Clark, M. D., of New York City, which he continued up to the year 1854, during the time also attending a course of lectures in the Berkshire Medical College and also University of Louisiana. In 1855, he graduated from Berkshire Medical College, and at once commenced the practice of medicine in Point Coupee, La., at the same time being proprietor of a large plantation up to the breakout of our late civil war, when he was appointed Assistant Surgeon of the Second Louisiana Volunteer Infantry, and was soon afterward assigned to duty as Hospital Surgeon, first at Yorktown and then at Williamsburg. In 1862, he was made Surgeon in Charge of the Hospitals at Lynchburg, continuing the same up to 1864, when, on account of ill health, he was transferred to the Department of Florida, and was made Staff Surgeon on the staff of Gen. William Miller, serving until the close of the war, when he returned to Virginia and commenced the practice of medicine in Hamilton, near Harper’s Ferry, from the spring of 1866 up to 1868. In the summer of 1868, on account of...

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Biographical Sketch of John L. Burpee

John L. Burpee, farmer, Section 22, P. O. Tekamah, was born in Worcester County, Mass., January 1, 1857. He came to Burt County, Neb., in 1858; went to Denver, Colo.; returned to Burt County in 1859, where he remained till 1862, when he went to McKean County, Penn., and engaged in the stave, shingle and mill business; in 1864, returned to Burt County, where he has since resided. He owns 160 acres of land, which he...

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Biographical Sketch of John Driscoll

John Driscoll, firm of Driscoll & Parmelee, meat market, was born in Rochester, N. Y. At about the age of fourteen years, he came to Pennsylvania. He enlisted, in 1864, in Company G, Sixty-fourth New York Infantry; served to the end of the war. May, 1866, he again enlisted in the regular army; served three years, in carrying the mail and running express; August, 1869, came to Burt County and engaged in farming; in 1875, removed to Tekamah, and at once opened a meat market, and has since been engaged in this business. He has just sold an improved farm, four miles north of town, on which he has realized a handsome...

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Biographical Sketch of T. G. Smith

T. G. Smith, furniture and undertaker, is a native of Ontario; came to Buffalo, N. Y., in 1865; worked at house building about one year; then went to Pennsylvania oil region, where he remained about two years; came to Omaha in 1868; there he followed the carpenter trade. In 1873, he came to Tekamah, where he has since resided, following his trade. In 1878, he commenced his present business, which is rapidly increasing. He now occupies a brick store, which he built in 1881, 24×85 feet, cost about $2,500. He holds the office of Coroner of the...

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Biographical Sketch of Jonathan Lydick

Jonathan Lydick, farmer, Section 2, P. O. Arizona, is a native of Knox County, Ohio. In 1845, came with his parents to Jefferson County, Iowa. Assisted on their farm. September 1856, came to this farm, where he made a claim, consisting of 320 acres. He now owns about 1,000 acres, and has one of the best-improved farms in this locality. He has from five to six miles of hedge fence, which he planted himself. He has just completed a new barn, which occupies the site of one that was destroyed by fire about three years...

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Biographical Sketch of J. P. Latta

J. P. Latta, banker, born in Ashland County, Ohio, October 31, 1844. At the age of two years, came with his parents to Jackson County, Iowa; assisted on their farm until 1863. Came to Burt County, Neb., and engaged in farming and stock-raising. He owns about 1000 acres, which is largely devoted to stock-raising. He commenced the banking business in 1877. Since that time his attention has been in this direction. Married Libby Jones, a native of Jackson County, Iowa, in 1870. Now proprietor of the Burt County Bank at...

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Biographical Sketch of W. N. Buck

W. N. Buck, farmer, Section 36, P. O. Tekamah, is a native of Medina County, Ohio. In 1857, came to De Witt County, Ill. In 1860, removed to Missouri. In 1862, came to Harrison County, Iowa. The following year came to his present locality, where he has since resided. He owns 105 acres of land, which he has improved. He is feeding about fifty-two head of cattle and about 30...

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Biographical Sketch of G. A. Crannell

G. A. Crannell, farmer, Section 12, P. O. Tekamah, is a native of Saratoga County, N. Y. In 1857, came to Jackson County, Iowa. In 1861, he crossed the plains to California; there engaged in mining; in 1867, returned to Jackson County; soon after came to Nebraska; located on his present farm. He owns 420 acres of land, which are well improved; was elected County Commissioner in...

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