Collection: Genealogy of the Cherokee Indians

Genealogy of the Cherokee Reese Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now 11 Nancy. Charles Reese and Alexander McPherson 1112 Susannah Reese. Oo-wa-tie. A37 2 Charles Reese. Nellie McCoy ________ 3 John McPherson. Susie McCoy 4 Andrew McPhersan 5 Alexander McPherson A37. Major Ridge and Oo-wa-tie, or The Ancient, were full blood Cherokees of the Deer clan. They were full brothers and born in Hiwassee town. Susie Wickett was a half blood English Cherokee and Susannah Reese was a half blood Welch-Cherokee. Ridge was a Major of the Cherokee allies of the United States soldiers in the war of 1814. He was killed at about ten o’clock a. m. on June 22, 1839. All of Oo-wa-tie’s children were known as Watie’s the first Oo, being dropped, except in the case of his second son Killikeenah or Buck, who out of gratitude for benefactions, adopted the name of Elias Boudinot and his descent have always been known as Boudinots instead of...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Halfbreed Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Gu-u-li-si 1112 Lydia Halfbreed  Charles Renatus Hicks 2 Pigeon Halfbreed  Neki Fields 3 Chinosa Halfbreed  Joseph Crutchfield A59 4 Susannah Halfbreed  John Wickett Fields 5 Jennie Halfbreed* A46 6 Elizabeth Halfbreed. Squirrel 7 Jesse Halfbreed. Jennie Fields 111213 Catherine Hicks. Andrew Miller and Thomas Gann 2 George Hicks. Aky Rogers and Lucy Fields 112213 Catherine Pigeon 2 Sulteesga Pigeon. Oo-ye-ki OK 3 Jack Pigeon. Elsie Buzzard 4 Lydia Pigeon. Lewis Cunnigan 5 Alfred Pigeon. Rachel Ketcher, Serena Frazier and Susie McGhee nee Beck 113213 George Hunter ___________ 2 John Crutchfield Mary Etta Ladd and Emma Gibbs |A58 3 Susie Crutchfield. David Dixon Landurum 4 Richard McLeod Crutchfield. Susan Ware and Susan Moore 114213 Elizabeth Fields. * Stand Watie 2 Mary Fields. * Rufus McGuilliams, John Adair Duncan, Thomas Fleming and Daniel Pinson OK 3 John McFerran Fields. Elizabeth Smith 4 Eliza Fields. John Alexander Watie and Samuel Smith 5 Timothy Fields. Eliza McIntosh, Polly Fields and Elmira Rogers 6 Rachel Fields 7 James Fields* Dollie Eunice Lowrey 116213 Joseph Squirrel* 2 Nannie Squirrel. George Fields 3 Walker Squirrel* 4 William Squirrel. _____Walker ________ 5 Tiana Fields 117213 Margaret Halfbreed. Ezekial Daniel and William Taylor 2 Sarah Halfbreed. Daniel H. Ross OK 3 Stand Halfbreed. Sarah Carey 4 Tiana Halfbreed. George Downing 5 Melvina Halfbreed. Blackhaw 6 Mary Halfbreed. Edward Downing 7...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Duncan Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 ___Dorcas. Benge and Young Charles Gordon Duncan  |A47 1112 Edmond Benge. Mary Rains _______ 2 John Duncan. Elizabeth Abercrombie 3 Rebecca Duncan. James Landrum 4 Emily Duncan. Alexander Kell 5 Elizabeth Duncan* 6 Lewis Duncan* 7 Charles Duncan. Mahala Abercrombie 111213 Charles R. Duncan. Judith Roach 2 Martha Duncan. David Jones OK 3 John R. Duncan* 4 Jennie Duncan. Thomas Carey 5 Edmond Duncan. Maria Richey and Barbara Ashley 6 William B. Duncan. Narcissa Reeves Foreman nee Carey 7 Lewis Duncan. Mary Spears 8 George Washington Duncan* Martha Carey and Margaret Scrimsher 9 Nathaniel Green Duncan. Ellen Martin 10 James R. Duncan. Elizabeth Dennis and Susan Bryant 11 Mary Duncan. James Martin, Samuel K. Weir, Thomas Hiekox and George W. Moore 12 Ross Cherokee Duncan. Mary Goddard and Susie MeLain 112213 Hannah Duncan. Ezekial Buffington McLaughlin A47. John Adair, a Scotchman, married Mrs. Ge-ho-ga Foster, a full. blood Cherokee of the Deer clan. She was a sister of Mrs. Dorcas Duncan, wife of Young Charles Gordon Duncan who was also a Scotchman. Adair had five children that lived to be grown and after her death he married Jennie Kilgore, a White woman, by whom he had ten children. Instructions on how to interpret this information 2 Emily Duncan. John Beck and Thomas Winchester Measles OK 3 Mahala Duncan. James Smith West...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Riley Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Samuel Riley. Gu-lu-sti-yu and Ni-go-di-ge-yu        |A55 1112 Nannie Riley. John McNary 2 Richard Riley. Diana Campbell 3 Mary Riley. Samuel Keys 4 Elizabeth Riley. Isaac Keys 5 John Riley. Susan Walker 6 Nellie Riley. Charles Coody 7 Sallie Riley. William Keys 8 Lucy Riley. Owen Brady 9 Louisa Riley. Dennis Biggs 10 Loony Riley. Rachel Stuart 11 Rachel Riley. Daniel Milton and James McDaniel _______ 12 James Riley. Jennie Shields and 13 Catherine Riley. Andrew Lacey 14 Martha Riley. John Hall 15 Madison Riley* 16 Nelson Riley. Elizabeth Thompson and Mary Cordell nee 111213 Margaret McNary. James Thompson 112213 Jennie Riley. David Carter                                       |A45 OK 2 Elizabeth Riley. Wright Romine and Jacob Bushyhead 113213 Anariah Keys. Benjamin Price 2 Richard Keys. Mary A. Hayes OK 5 Evaline Keys. Theodore McCoy 4 Samuel Riley Keys. Mary Easter Hanna 5 James Madison Keys. Mary Etta Smith 6 Mary Keys. Stephen Bruner 114213 Nannie Keys. Thomas Bertholf 2 Riley Keys. Eliza Gunter, Esther Lee and Minerva Nave 3 Leroy Keys. Jennie Gunter and Nannie Melton 4 Letitia Keys. Edward Gunter and Jackson Tyner 5 Lydia Keys* John King | 6 George Washington Keys* | 7 Thomas Jefferson Keys* A55. Samuel Riley, a White man, married Gu-lu-sti-yu and Ni-go-di-geyu. They were sisters and belonged to the Long Hair clan. A45. David Carter born in 1807....

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Conrad Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Onai. Hamilton Conrad 1112 Rattlinggourd Conrad. Mary Toney 2 Hair Conrad. Ollie Candy and Melvina McGee OK 3 Youngwolf Conrad. Jennie Taylor 4 Quatie Conrad. Alexander Brown, Archibald Fields and John Benge 111213 Dorcas Rattlinggourd. Richard Foreman 2 Tony Rattlinggourd. Lucretia Tiger OK 3 Jackson Rattlinggourd. Elsie Wilson              |A54 4 Sallie Rattlinggourd. Samuel Foreman and Peacheater Sixkiller 5 Catherine Rattlinggourd. George Washington Campbell 6 Daniel Rattlinggourd. Eliza Abigal Looney 7 John Rattlinggourd. Nannie Mannion 8 Margaret aRttlinggourd. Benjamin Downing 9 David Rattlinggourd* Nannie Jennings nee 10 Charles Rattlinggourd. Lucy McIntosh*, Levisa McIntosh*, Elizabeth Campbell*, ____Benge and Susie Hair 112213 Elizabeth Hair. Daniel Hopkins 2 Susie Hair. Charles Rattlinggourd 3 Jefferson Hair. Chinosa O’Fields, Mary Tyner nee Sanders and Eliza Ramsey nec Tyner 4 Diana Hair. Wade Hampton Robertson 5 John Hair. Lucy Robertson, Annie Sanders, Mary Butler and Lucy Justice 6 Nannie Hair* 7 Mary Hair. John Ramsey _______ 8 James Hair. Sarah Davis, Susie Reese and Nellie Robertson 9 Elizabeth Hair. Ashhopper 10 Ollie Hair. Wallace Vann _______ 11 Eliza Hair. Starr Deerinthewater, Johnson Blythe and George Roberts 113213 Susie Wolf. Samuel Ballard and Michael Bridgemaker _______ 2 Nannie Wolf. Thomas Starr OK 3 Margaret Wolf. Daniel McCoy 4 Annie Wolf. William Williams and James Sterling Price 5 Dennis Wolf. Isabel Fields and Peggy McDaniel 114213 John Lucien Brown. Elizabeth...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Gosaduisga

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Go-sa-du-i-sga 1112 Nannie. John Thornton 2 Elizabeth. James Vann, William Springston, John Shepherd and Edward Adair 111213 William Thornton. Nannie McPherson, Ge-yo-hi Porter and Elizabeth Bean nee Phillips 2 James Thornton* OK 3 Charles Thornton. Maria McIntosh and Mary Crossland | | 4 Amos Thornton. Elizabeth Holt, Elizabeth McAdams, Minerva Foreman and Mary Souiekiller | 5 John Thornton. Pinkie Blagg and Frances Alberty | 6 Riley Thornton. Rebecca Mitchell and Eliza Maw | | 7 Wiley Glover Thornton.. Nannie Brimmer and Avery Meanman | | 8 Delilah Thornton. William Harlin, Alexander Shook, James Taylor and Joseph Dawson | 9 Smith Thornton. Caroline Daniel and Lucy Crittenden | 10 Elizabeth Thornton* 112213 Delilah Amelia Vann. David McNair _______ 2 Jennie Springston. Joseph Vann and Thomas Mitchell |A52 3 Edley Springston. Elizabeth Foreman _______ 4 John Shepherd. Sallie Daniel, Ruth Fawling and Josephine Killian _______ 5 Edward Adair. Nannie Shields and Mary Harnage 11121314 Elizabeth Thornton. Samuel Walkingstick _______ 2 Walter Thornton. Elizabeth Jones _______ 3 Jolly Thornton. Mary Riley _______ 4 Ruth Ann Thornton. Cornelius Alberty and Walter Adair Starr 11123314 Shepherd Thornton _______ 2  John Thornton 11124314 Elizabeth Thornton. Richard Thompson 2 Thomas Jefferson Thornton* OK 3 Lewis Ross Thornton. Ellen Stetson Cooley 4 John Thornton* A52. Jennie Springston born December 23, 1804. Married Joseph Vann born in1800. He died or...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Ross Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Ghi-goo-ie. William Shorey                                         |A50 1112 Annie Shorey. John McDonald 2 Elizabeth Shorey. John Lowrey 111213 Mary McDonald. Daniel Ross                                     |A51 112213 Elizabeth Lowrey. William Shorey Pack 11121314 Jennie Ross. Joseph Goody 2 Elizabeth Ross. John Golden Ross OK 3  John Ross. Quatie and Mary Bryan Stapler 4 Lewis Ross. Fannie Holt 5 Susannah Ross. Henry Nave 6 Andrew Ross. Susan Lowrey 7 Annie Ross. William Nave 8 Margaret Ross. Elijah Hicks 9 Maria Ross. Jonathan Mulkey 11221314 Thomas Jefferson Pack. Jennie Taylor OK 2 Cynthia Pack. John Cowart 1112131415 William Shorey Goody. Susan Henley and Elizabeth Pack Fields 2 Mary Goody. Nicholas Dalton Scales OK 3 Daniel Ross Goody. Amanda Drew, Sarah Ross and Eliza Levisa Bennett 4 Elizabeth Goody* Greenwood LeFlore 5 Letitia Coody. Looney Price 6 Maria Ross Coody. John Gabriel Madison Hawkins 7 Louisa Jane Coody. Frederick Augustus Kerr 8 Flora Coody. General Daniel Henry Rucker 9 Joseph McDonald Coody. Mary Rebecca Harris nee Thornberry and Mary Muskogee Hardage 1112132415 William Potter Ross. Mary Jane Ross 2 Daniel Hicks Ross. Catherine Gunter OK 3 Eliza Jane Ross* 4 John Andrew Ross. Eliza Wilkerson 5 Elnora Ross* 6 Lewis Anderson Ross. Nellie Potts 1112133415 James Ross. Sallie Mannion 2 Allen Ross. Jennie Fields 3 Jennie Ross. Return Johnathan Meigs and Andrew Ross Nave 4 Silas Dean Ross* Nannie Rhoda...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Adair Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 ____ Adair 1112 John Adair. Ga-ho-ga and Jennie Kilgore                   |A47 2 Edward Adair. Elizabeth 111213 Samuel Adair. Margaret Deeson and Edith Pounds 2 Walter Adair. Rachel Thompson.                               |A48 OK 3 Charlotte Adair. Stephen Ray 4 Edward Adair. Martha Ritchie 5 John Adair* 6 James Adair 7 Thomas Benjamin Adair. Rachel Lynch 8 Margaret Jane Adair. William Richardson Nicholson 9 William Henry Adair 10 Charles Duncan Adair 11 George Washington Adair 12 Elbert Earl Adair 13 Mary Adair 14 Benjamin Franklin Adair 15 John Alexander Adair. Eliza Keys nee Gunter 112213 Edward Adair. Nannie Shields and Mary Harnage A47. John Adair, a Scotchman, married Mrs. Ge-ho-ga Foster, a full. blood Cherokee of the Deer clan. She was a sister of Mrs. Dorcas Duncan, wife of Young Charles Gordon Duncan who was also a Scotchman. Adair had five children that lived to be grown and after her death he married Jennie Kilgore, a White woman, by whom he had ten children. A48. Walter Adair was born on December 11, 1783. He married on May 15, 1804 Rachel Thompson, a White woman, born December 24, 1786. He died on January 12, 1835 and his wife died on April 22, 1876. Instructions on how to interpret this information OK 2 Walter Scott Adair. Nannie Harris 11121314 Samuel Adair. Mary Hughes 2 Andrew Adair. Sallie Copeland,...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Carter Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Nathaniel Carter 1112 Alexander Carter. Nannie 2 Jennie Carter. Reuben Tyner OK 3 David Carter. Jennie Riley                                        |A45 112213 Nathan Tyner. Elizabeth Childers 2 Mary Tyner. Irving, William Riley Butler and John Ramsey OK 3 Jackson Tyner. Delilah Seabolt and Letitia Gunter nee Keys 4 Eliza Tyner. John Ramsey, Jefferson Hair and Samuel Ward 5 Leroy Tyner. Mary Sanders 113213 Richard Carter. Nannie Coody 2 Alexander Carter* OK 3 John Ross Carter* Sarah Rogers 4 Benjamin Wisner Carter. Nannie Elliott and Serena Josephine Guy 5 Diana Carter. William Parrott 6 Sallie F. Carter. Looney Rattlinggourd 7 Jefferson Carter. Susie Robertson nee Lowrey and Mary Webb 8 Nannie Carter. James Brown 9 David Tecumseh Carter. Emma Williams Chambers 10 Osceola Carter* 11221314 Lewis Tyner. Sallie Parris and Ellen White 2 Alexander Tyner. Catherine Smith and Jennie Cain OK 3 Medley Tyner. Nannie Childers 4 Seaborn Thorn Tyner. Elizabeth Bender and Catherine Sampson nee McLish 5 Reuben Bartley Tyner. Mary Ann Rogers and Roxie Ann Pierson 6  Doctor Jayne Tyner 7 Sarah Jane Tyner. John W. Baker and John Thomas 11222314 Eliza Irving. Neeley Denton 2 Cynthia Irving. Isaac William Keys 3 Ruth Ann Butler. Hugh Russell 4 William Butler* 5 Mary Ramsey. Schooler Cobb and Calvin L. Kinyon 11223314 Reuben R. Tyner. Almira Irons 2 Elizabeth Tyner*  Edward Melton 3 Nannie Tyner.....

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Chisholm-Wilson Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Malinda Wharton. Thomas Chisholm and William Wilson  |A44 1112 Jennie Elizabeth Chisholm. Joseph Blagne Lynde and Caswell Wright Bruton 2 Alfred Finney Chisholm. Margaret Harper OK 3 William Wharton Chisholm. Susie Pindar 4 Narcissa Clark Chisholm. Robert Latham Owen 5 Emily Walker Wilson. Napoleon Bonaparte Breedlove OK 3 William Wilson* Alice Coody 111213 Alice Lynde. William Otway Owen 2 Caroline Walton Bruton. John Washington Breedlove OK 3 Robert Owen Bruton* 4 Wilson Otho Bruton. Mary L. Goodman 113213 Alice Chisholm. James Henry Cobb 2 Narcissa Chisholm. * Matthew Archer and Frank Taylor 11421314 William Otway Chalmers Owen OK 2 Robert Latham Owen. Daisy Hester 115213 Lelia Wilson Breedlove. James Senora Stapler 2 Walter Winchester Breedlove. Priscilla Williams OK 3 Emma Maria Breedlove* 4 Florence Breedlove. Othie Andrew Smith 5 Jennie Breedlove* 11121314 Robert Otway Owen. Rowena Booth 2 Jennie Owen. Charles Heald OK 3 William Otway Owen. Mary H. Severs A44. Malinda Wharton was born December 25, 1803 in Virginia. She married Thomas Chisholm, born in 1790. He was elected Third Chief of the Western Cherokees on July 16, 1834. The Principal Chief at that time was John Jolly and the Second Chief, was Blackcoat. Thomas Chisholm was attacked with typhoid fever at the council at Tahlonteeskee and on being taken to his home on Beatty’s Prairie, he died on November...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Daniel Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Nannie Still   Marmaduke Daniel 1211 James Daniel. Mary Buffington. See Grant 11121384 2 Moses Daniel. Martha Tarrant 3 Catherine Daniel. Ellis Buffington. See Grant 111271374 4 Mary Daniel. Thomas Buffington and Lewis Blackburn   |A43 5 Walker Daniel* 6 John Ross Daniel. Martha Martin. See Grant 1112133445 7 Nannie Daniel 8 Jennie Daniel*  Hiram McCreary 9 Thomas Daniel* 114213 Susannah Buffington. Alfred Hudson 2 Joshua Buffington. Elizabeth Welch and Sabra Lynch. OK 3 Nannie Buffington*  Thomas Fox Taylor _______ 4 Elizabeth Blackburn. Alfred Scudder 5 Frances H. Blackburn. Madison Hudson and Samuel Weil 6 Mary Blackburn. Thomas Fox Taylor and George Harlan Starr* 7 Sarah G. Blackburn. Jackson Rogers                            | A42 8 Louisa Blackburn. Alfred Thompson and Henry Curtis Rogers 9 Cynthia Emily Blackburn. John S. Oliver 10 Martha Catherine Blackburn. William Pierce Nichols 11421314 Louisa C. Hudson*  Jacob Alberty 2 Joshua Thomas Buffington Hudson. Sarah Berry 11422314 Nannie Buffington. William West Alberty, James Blake and William  Levesque Wilder 2 William Wirt Buffington. Josephine Bell and Caroline Thompson nee McCord _______ OK 3 John Ross Buffington. Nancy Jane Bryan 4 Webster Buffington* 5 Eliza Buffington. Joseph George Washington Vann 6 Mary Jane Buffington. Robert Fletcher Wyly 11424314 Josephine Helen Scudder. Matthew Bell 2 Frances Henrietta Scudder. Thomas Allen Warwick. OK 3 Jacob McCarty Scudder* 4 Lewis Blackburn Scudder. Malinda Elmira Kelly 5...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Cordery Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Thomas Cordery. Susannah nee Sonicooie 1112 Sarah Cordery. John Rogers 2 Lucy Cordery. Robert Rogers OK 3 Nannie Cordery. Parker Collins 4 Charlotte Cordery. Henry Vickery 5 David Cordery. Charlotte Goss 6 Hettie Cordery. Henry Vickery and John Vance 7 Early Cordery. Charlotte Berryhill 8 Susan Cordery. John Mosley 111213 Robert Rogers. Mary Ann Baptiste and Mary Scott Jones 2 William Rogers. Mary Vann Neely nee McNair and Louisa Reedy OK 3 Johnson K. Rogers*  Octavia Ann Mount 4 Joseph Rogers. Hannah Foster 5 Lovely Rogers 6 Mary Rogers. Nicholas Byers McNair 7 Jackson Rogers. Sarah G. Blackburn.                     |A42 8 Cynthia Rogers. John Lowe 9 Annie Chapel Rogers  John Wilson Lenoir 10 Henry Curtis Rogers  Louisa Jane Thompson nee Blackburn 11 George Rogers. Polina Phillips 12 John Pendergrass Rogers. Martha Crawford and Mary Eugenia Eliza Spencer nee Garland 112213 Catherine Rogers. Alexander McDaniel. 2 Nannie Rogers. Alexander Jordan and John Anderson OK 3 Robert Rogers. Sallie Vann 4 John Rogers. Hettie Mosely and Catherine Vann 5 James Rogers* 113213 Ira Rogers. Charlotte Wickett ________ 2 Sallie Collins. Charles Harris 3 Jennie Collins. Charles Harris 4 Eliza Collins. Bird Harris 5 Susan Collins. William Harris 6 Catherine Collins. William Harrison Autry 7 Mary Collins* 8 Martha Collins* 9 Lucinda Collins. Henry Sutton 10 Nannie Collins. John Mimms 11 Joseph Collins. Mary Miller...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Ward Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Catherine McDaniel. John Ward A22 1112 James Ward. Sidney Redding* and Lucy Haynie 2 George Ward. Lucy Mayes A39 OK 3 Samuel Ward. Easter Davis and Sallie Earwood 4 Elizabeth Ward. Elijah Sutton and John Cox 5 Susie Ward. William England 6 Nannie Ward. Thomas Monroe and Stephen Carroll 7 Bryan Ward. Temperance Stansel 8 Charles Ward. Nannie Cross, Ruth Hollingsworth and Mary Elvira Hensley 111213 Catherine Ward. Joseph Keaton 2 John Ward* 3 Thomas Carroll Ward. Mary Annie Hicks 4 Moses Haynie Ward. Elizabeth Lear 5 Bryan Ward. Martha Kinchlow and Delilah Hicks* 6 George Ward. Mary Kinchlow and Mary Townsend 7 Lucy Ward. James Williams 8 Rosanna Ward. Daniel Tittle 9 James Ward. Esther Susan Hoyt 10 Nannie Ward. Caldean Gunter 112213 Sabrina Ward. Felix Arthur 2 Charlotte Ward. John Henry Stover OK 3 John M. Ward. Narcissa Monroe 4 James Ward. Louisa M. Williams 5 Nannie Ward. William Dameron 6 Martha Ward. John Countryman 7  Mary Ward. Joseph Henry Clark A22. A full blood Cherokee of the Wolf clan, whose name may have been Na-ni. Her first husband, Kingfisher, of the Deer clan, was the father of her first two children; Catherine and Fivekiller. in a battle with the Muskogees, Kingfisher was killed and his wife, who had been laying behind a log, chewing the bullets so that...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Ridge-Watie Families

Instructions on how to interpret this information 11 Oganstota 111 Major Ridge. Susie Wickett A37 2 Oowatee. Susannah Reese A37 111213 John Ridge. Sarah Bird Northrup 2 Sarah Ridge. George Washington Paschal OK 3 Walter Ridge* Elizabeth 112213 Nannie Watie. John Foster Wheeler 2 Stand Watie. Elizabeth Fields, Isabel Hicks nee Miller, Eleanor Looney and Sallie Caroline Bell A38 3 Killekeena Watie. Harriette Gold and Delight Sergeant A37 OK 4 Thomas Black Watie* 5 Mary Ann Watie. John Walker Candy 6 John Alexander Watie. Eliza Fields 7 Elizabeth Watie. Lewis Webber 8 Charles Edwin Watie* 11121314 John Rollin Ridge. Elizabeth Wilson 2 Clarinda Ridge* OK 3 Herman Ridge* 4 Susan C. Ridge. J. Woodward Washburn 5 Aenaes Ridge. Mavia Saunders 6 Andrew Jackson Ridge. Helen C. Doom 7 Flora Chamberlin Ridge. William Davis Polson 11122314 George Washington Paschal. Frances Tilley 2 Ridge Paschal. Virginia Gasman nee Winston OK 3 Emily Agnes Paschal. William McNair 11221314 Theodore Frelinghyson Wheeler* 2 Susan Wheeler. William Wallace Perry OK 3 Mary Anna Wheeler. Ethelbert Britton Bright 4 Harriette Boudinot Wheeler. Argyle Quesenhury 5 Sarah Paschal Wheeler. Clarence P. Ashbrook and William Goodlet Nelms 6 John Caldwell Wheeler. Lucilla Greenfield Sandels 7 William Watie Wheeler. Emma Carnall 8 Nannie Wheeler* 11222314 Susannah Watie* Charles Woodall ________ 2 Comisky Watie* OK 3 Saladin Ridge Watie* 4 Solon Watie* (Cherokee name Wa-ti-ke) 5 Nannie Josephine Watie*...

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Genealogy of the Cherokee Sanders Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information 2 Eli Sanders. Elmira Eldridge, Catherine Dilingham nee Clyne and Lucy Thornton nee Crittenden 11 Susannah. Mitchell Sanders A34 1112 George Sanders. Jennie Pritchett 2 Alexander Sanders. Peggy Sonicooie A35 OK 3 John Sanders. Dorcas Smith 4 Andrew Sanders. Mary Brewster 5 David Sanders. Susie Peacock 6 Nannie Sanders. George Harlan and Ambrose Harnage A36 7 Agnes Sanders. Jacob Alberty 8 Jennie Sanders. William Crittenden 111213 Elsie Sanders. Maxwell Chambers 2 Walter Chambers. Sallie and Elizabeth OK 3 Samuel Sanders* Ghi-ga-u Meanman 4 James Sanders. Dorcas Fields 5 Nannie Sanders. Joseph Spears 6 Elizabeth Sanders* 7 Nicholas Byers Sanders. Sallie Eagle 8 Jesse Sanders. Caroline Catron 112213 George Sanders. Elsie 2 Mitchell Sanders. and Polly Overtaker 3 John Sanders* 4 Thomas Sanders. Nannic Sonicooie 5 Jennie Sanders John Winters 6 Richard Sanders 7 Andrew Sanders. Elizabeth Butler nee Puppy and Araminta Starr nee McCoy 8 Mary Sanders. Isaac Ragsdale 9 Ellis Sanders* Elizabeth McCoy 113213 Agnes Sanders. Isaac Childers 2 Robert Sanders. Mary McCreary OK 3 Alexander Sanders | 4  Isaac Sanders. Jennie Campbell | 5 Benjamin Sanders. Nana and Rachel 6 David Sanders. Tiana Overtaker 7 Edward Sanders. Agnes Rattlinggoourd 8 Elizabeth Sanders. Nathan Childers 9 Margaret Sanders. John Colwell | 10 Moses Sanders* | 11 Charles Sanders. Elizabeth Jane Daniel 114213 Thompson Sanders. Nakie Lee 2 Annie Sanders. William Richardson,...

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