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Wallowa County Oregon Burial Index – Surnames A – Z

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Surname G

GAILEY: Enterprise
GAILY: Prairie Creek
GAKE: Enterprise
GALBRAITH: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
GALLAGHER: Enterprise
GARDNER: Lostine
GARLAND: Enterprise
GARR: Enterprise
GARTIN: Lostine
GARTSKE: Wallowa
GASTIN: Lostine, Wallowa
GAUB: Wallowa
GAWOOD: Wallowa
GEKELER: Wallowa
GELSINGER: Prairie Creek
GENTLE: Wallowa
GEORGE: Wallowa
GERBER: Wallowa
GERTRIDGE: Prairie Creek
GETTINGS: Prairie Creek
GHENT: Wallowa
GIBBLING: Enterprise
GIBBONS: Prairie Creek
GIBBS: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
GIBSON: Prairie Creek, Wallowa
GILBERT: Prairie Creek
GILL: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
GILLASPIE: Prairie Creek
GLENN: Enterprise, Lostine
GOEBEL: Enterprise, Wallowa
GOGGINS: Enterprise
GONZALEZ: Prairie Creek
GOODE: Enterprise
GOODING: Bartlett
GOODMAN: Lostine
GORBETT: Bramlet, Lostine, Promise
GORDON: Enterprise
GORSLINE: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
GOTTER: Enterprise
GOULD: Prairie Creek
GOUPE: Enterprise
GOUPIE: Enterprise
GOWING: Prairie Creek
GRAHAM: Lostine, Prairie Creek
GRAIN: Prairie Creek
GRANDAHL: Prairie Creek
GRANDY: Prairie Creek
GRANER: Enterprise
GRANGER: Prairie Creek
GRAVES: Enterprise
GRAY: Bramlet, Enterprise
GREEN: Bartlett, Enterprise, Prairie Creek
GREENAN: Enterprise
GREENE: Bartlett, Enterprise
GREENOUGH: Enterprise
GREGORY: Bramlet
GRIBLING: Enterprise
GRIFFIN: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
GROOT: Bramlet
GROSS: Enterprise
GROW: Enterprise
GUEST: Enterprise
GUMERMAN: Enterprise
GUSTAVO: Enterprise
GUTHMILLER: Enterprise
GUTHRIE: Enterprise
GUYAN: Park, Prairie Creek

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MLA Source Citation: Wallowa County Oregon Genealogy. Web. 31 August 2016.
- Last updated on Mar 16th, 2013

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