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Wallowa County Oregon Burial Index – Surnames A – Z

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Surname B

BACON: Enterprise, Lost Prairie
BAGGETT: Wallowa
BAILEY: Enterprise
BAILIE: Enterprise
BAIRD: Enterprise, Wallowa
BAKER, Enterprise, Flora, Prairie Creek, Wallowa
BAKKE: Wallowa
BALDWIN: Bramlet
BALENTIN: Prairie Creek
BALES: Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Wallowa
BALLANTYNE: Prairie Creek
BALLARD: Enterprise, Wallowa
BALLAS: Enterprise
BALTER: Prairie Creek
BANKHEAD: Bramlet, Wallowa
BANNISTER: Enterprise
BARBER: Enterprise
BARE: Imnaha
BARKLOW: Wallowa
BARNARD: Hurricane Creek, Prairie Creek
BARNES: Enterprise, Paradise
BARNETT: Enterprise, Wallowa
BARNHILL: Enterprise
BARTER: Enterprise
BARTH: Enterprise
BARTLES: Enterprise
BARTON: Bramlet, Enterprise, Hurricane Creek, Lostine, Prairie Creek, Promise, Wallowa
BASENETT: Enterprise
BASFORD: Enterprise
BASH: Enterprise
BASIM: Enterprise
BASSETT: Wallowa
BATER: Enterprise
BATES: Prairie Creek
BATLY: Prairie Creek
BAUER: Enterprise
BAXLEY: Enterprise
BAXTER: Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Wallowa
BAY: Alder Slope, Enterprise
BAZINE: Wallowa
BEACH: Enterprise, Paradise
BEALS: Prairie Creek
BEAM: Bartlett
BEARDSLY: Prairie Creek
BEATH: Wallowa
BEAUDOIN: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
BEAUMONT: Enterprise
BECHTEL: Bramlet
BEDINGFIELD: Prairie Creek
BEECHER: Alder Slope, Enterprise
BEEM: Enterprise
BEEMAN: Enterprise
BEER: Enterprise
BEGGS: Lostine
BEHAN: Enterprise
BEHRENS: Wallowa
BEIDLER: Lostine, Wallowa
BEITH: Prairie Creek
BELL: Enterprise, Imnaha, Powwatka, Wallowa
BELSHER: Enterprise
BELT: Enterprise
BENCH: Enterprise
BENNET: Promise
BENNETT: Prairie Creek, Wallowa
BENSEN: Wallowa
BENSON: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
BERLAND: Enterprise, Paradise
BERNER: Enterprise, Flora
BERRY: Enterprise, Wallowa
BEST: Enterprise
BIGGS: Lostine
BILLINGS: Enterprise, Wallowa
BIRD: Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Wallowa
BIRKMAIER: Enterprise
BISHOP: Bramlet, Enterprise, Wallowa
BISSINGER: Enterprise
BLACK: Enterprise
BLADES: Wallowa
BLAINE: Enterprise
BLAISDELL: Prairie Creek
BLAKE: Prairie Creek
BLANK: Enterprise
BLANKENSHIP: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
BLEVANS: Prairie Creek
BLINKA: Wallowa
BLOOM: Alder Slope, Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Wallowa
BLOOMER: Enterprise
BLOW: Enterprise
BLYTHE: Enterprise
BODMER: Enterprise, Flora, Paradise
BOHL: Enterprise
BOKER: Enterprise
BOLES: Prairie Creek
BOLIN: Bramlet
BOLING: Wallowa
BOLLMAN: Enterprise
BOLT: McCubbin
BONER: Alder Slope, Enterprise, Prairie Creek
BONFIELD: Prairie Creek
BONNER: Lostine
BOOKOUT: Enterprise
BOON: Enterprise
BOONE: Enterprise
BOOTH: Imnaha
BORK: Enterprise, Flora, Lostine
BORNSTEDT: Enterprise
BORT: Enterprise
BOSLEY: Bartlett
BOSS: Wallowa
BOSWELL: Enterprise, Minam, Prairie Creek
BOTT: Bartlett
BOTTS: Flora, Prairie Creek
BOUCHER: Enterprise
BOWEN: Enterprise, Wallowa
BOWES: Promise
BOWLBY: Enterprise
BOWLSBY: Wallowa
BOWMAN: Lostine
BOWNEND: Prairie Creek
BOWSER: Prairie Creek
BOYCE: Enterprise
BOYD: Bramlet, Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Wallowa
BOYER: Enterprise
BRACE: Enterprise
BRACH: Enterprise
BRADY: Wallowa
BRAMLET: Bramlet
BRANDEN: Promise
BRANDON: Wallowa
BRANSON: Enterprise, Wallowa
BRATT: Wallowa
BRATTON: Wallowa
BRAY: Enterprise
BREDEN: Enterprise
BEMER: Prairie Creek
BRENNAN: Enterprise
BRESHEARS: Enterprise, Wallowa
BRICE: Enterprise
BRIDE: Prairie Creek
BRIDGES: Enterprise
BRIGGS: Lostine, Prairie Creek
BRIGHT: Lostine, Prairie Creek
BRINES: Wallowa
BRITTON: Bramlet, Enterprise, Wallowa
BROADY: Wallowa
BROCK: Alder Slope, Enterprise
BROCKSTEDT: Prairie Creek
BRONSON: Prairie Creek
BROOKE: Hurricane Creek, Prairie Creek
BROOKS: Wallowa
BROWN: Bartlett, Enterprise, Prairie Creek, Wallowa
BROWNING: Enterprise
BROWNLEE: Enterprise, Wallowa
BROYHILL: Enterprise
BRUCE: Enterprise
BRUMBACH: Hurricane Creek
BUCHANAN: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
BUCKLEY: Prairie Creek
BUDGETT: Enterprise
BUE: Enterprise, Prairie Creek
BUFORD: Lostine
BUNNEL: Enterprise
BUNNELL: Paradise, Prairie Creek
BURDETT: Enterprise
BURDETTE: Hurricane Creek
BURGER: Enterprise
BURGETT: Wallowa
BURLEIGH: Enterprise
BURNELL: Paradise
BURNETT: Enterprise
BURNS: Bartlett, Flora
BURNSIDE: Enterprise
BURR: Enterprise
BURRES: Bramlet
BURROWS: Prairie Creek
BURSELL: Wallowa
BURT: Enterprise, Wallowa
BURTON: Bramlet, Enterprise, Wallowa
BUSTER: Lostine
BUTLER: Imnaha, Park, Prairie Creek, Wallowa
BUTNER: Enterprise
BYARLEY: Enterprise

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