Rock Creek Cemetery is located in Baker County Oregon near what was once called Rock Creek. The town of Rock Creek no longer exists, even in the late 1940’s there wasn’t a town there, just a small community of houses. This is a local cemetery named after the town.

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LASTFirstMiddleMaidenDate of BirthDate of DeathNotations
ANDERSONMelvinA1895Apr 031895 Nov 03Son Of Frank O and Ellen
ASHWOODElizabeth1823 Feb 141911 Nov 05
ASHWOODJames1820 July 201886 Mar 18G A R By A Pine Tree
B FZL 80West & Co Marker Not Readable
BLIZEPearlJ18891890 May 04Aged 1 Year 4 Mo Daughter Of Wm & M L Blize
BLIZEWilliamJohn18531890 July 17Aged 37 Years 5 Mo 2 Days
BRAIZERArthur18951895 Sept 10Age 10 Days Old
BRAIZERWilliam18881888 Feb 12Age 3 Days Old
BROWNCharlesHenry1851 May 121895 Nov 12AOUW Born In Iowa Co, Wisconsin
BROWNWadeG1956 July 312000 Mar 22
BURNSIDEBessieM1909 Dec 041910 Jan 03Dau Of J E Burnside No Marker, Funeral Record
BURNSIDEGeorge19081908Son Of Isaac Burnside No Marker 20-Jan
BURNSIDEJnoCoC6-Mar6 Mo Cav Date Scratched On Marker, Difficult To Read And Understand Marker
CARTMILLRosa1899 July13Aged 12 Years 3 Mo 13 Days, Daughter Of D M & Alice Carmill
CLARKTG1903 Dec 26Aged 24 Yrs 8 Mo 11 Days
COLESolomon18311890 Jan 17Aged 59 Yrs
COLES (2)ElizabethSpearman1868 Dec 041917 Dec 19
COLESLydiaWeisner1842 Nov 011917 Feb 20
COLESMayTwin Of Ray, Babies Of Clarence & Elizabeth Coles
COLESRayTwin Of May, One Stone Marker For Both Babies
COLLINSMaryE1899 July 17Aged 30 Years 7 Mo
DETHLOFFWilliamJ1923 Feb 071998 Nov 03Veteran
FAVORITEDayton1837 July 171893 Mar 27
FAVORITEMarthaMelissaCoyle1842 Apr 161917 Apr 29
FERGUSONAnnaElizaNaylor1827 Dec 141921 Jan 21Burnside Was Her First Marriage
FERGUSONStephens1823 Aug O61921 Jan 24Marker Has 'S' On End Of Stephen
FISHERBen1898 Oct 11Aged 2 Yr…no Marker Found Funeral Records
FISHERBenny1900 May 07Aged 17 Yr…No Marker FoundFuneral Records, Ordered By Henry Fisher
FISHERIraAlonzoSouth Of The Big Tree No Marker
FISHERRosaMayBorn In May-No Marker
FLATGranite Stone-No Marks
STONERolandP1861 Aug 131890 Sep 19
GREENJosephE18761890 Aug 25Aged 14 Year 6 Mo 5 Day Killed At Railroad Crossing-Team Ran, Son Of W A & E L Green
GREENLillieMay18821883 Jan 25Aged 7 Mo 28 Days, Daughter Of W A & E L Green
GREENNathaniel18881888 Aug 09Aged 4 Mo 1 Day, Son Of W A & E L Green
HALLWmLester1916 Jan 221916 Apr 16Aged 2 Months Old
HARDYMable?Cement Hand Made Marker/Warfield, RelativeUnable To Read First Name
HEARDMaudF1892 June 071894 July 09Daughter Of F S & L Heard
HEARINGGeoAllen18731879 June 03Aged 6 Years 5 Mo Son Of S P & S J Hearing
HEARINGHenryThomas18751876 Mar 01Aged 1 Year 10 Days, Son Of S P & S J Hearing
HEARINGInfantDaughter Of James & Lydia Hearing No Dates On Marker
HEARINGJohn1833 Apr 121862 Sept 29Aged 29 Years His And His Mother's, Susannah, Names Are On Same Marker
HEARINGOscarLee18781879 June 29Aged 1 Year 11mo 4 Days, Son Of S P & S J Hearing
HEARINGSusanahHelmick18101862 Sept 26Aged 52 Years, Son, John's Name Also On Marker
LASTFirstMiddleMaidenDate of BirthDate of DeathNotations
HORNAmanda1896 May 271896 May 27Daughter Of J E & A J Horn Suffer Little Children To Come Unto Me
HORNWilliamC1861 June 161894 Mar 05In Memory Of Our Brother He Being Dead Yet Speaketh
KERNSJanette19111982Wife Of Tom Kerns
LONGAlfredMarion18821882Son Of Alonzo And Julia Long Unable To Read Rest Of Writing
LONGGeorgeEmel18901891 Aug 22Son Of Alonzo And Julia Long Aged 11 Months 5 Days
LONGJamesLouis18831883Son Of Alonzo And Julia Long Unable To Read Rest Of Writing
LONGRayP18881888 July 8Aged 1 Mo 18 Days, Son Of Alonzo And Julia Long
LONGThomasSylvanis1878 Dec 311879 July 02Aged 6 Mo 1 Day, Son Of Alonzo And Julia Long
MFHNo Dates Readable
MARKERWest &Amp; Co Marker Not Readable
MARKERBoard Marker -- No Writing Readable
MARKLEMaryFord1916 Apr 14No Marker, But Death Certif States She Was Buried Here-Wife Of Richard
MARKLERichardBruer1818 May 151890 Jan 14No Marker, But Death Certif States He Was Buried Here-Husband Of Mary
MCCULLOUGHMarthaE1863 Aug 131898 Aug 16Wife Of H E Mccullough By Lilac Bush
MILLERCharlieNo Dates Readable
MILLERGeorgeS18241916 Aug 17Father Of Isaphine Miller Warfield
MILLERMinervaCreighbaum1835Mother Of Isaphine Miller Warfield Unable To Read The Death Date
MOOREMrs James1900 May 02Ordered By James Moore & John Shaw, Funeral Record…no Marker Seen
MOOREJames1893 Jan 31Aged 14 Yr Ordered By George Whited, Funeral Record…no Marker Seen
MORGANBF1893 Dec 04Aged 38 Yrs Funeral Record, No Marker Seen
MORGANWilliamH18501893Cement Slab On Grave 4 By 8
MORIN(Child)1900 Nov 06Aged 6 Yr Child Of W C Morin, Funeral RecordNo Marker Seen
PHILLIPSBalam1845 Dec O11924 Oct 13Father Wife Is Clara
PHILLIPSClaraAnnBurnside1848 Dec 141930 Oct 03Mother Husband Is Balam Father John Burnside, Mother Anna Naylor
RAMSAY(Son)1922 Nov 031922 Nov 03Son Of E G & OllieNo Marker Seen, Funeral Record
RAMSAYO LAddieSinclair1884 Mar 281922 Nov 03Wife Of E G (Ollie Lura)
SAVAGEIvyMyrtle1883 Apr 191885 Mar 09Daughter Of J L & MA Savage
SAVAGEWilliamFranklin1868 Sep 81886 Mar 26Son Of J L & MA Savage
SCOTTSamuel1846 Oct 281898 Sep 02Born In Murray Co, Tenn Lo-Stone Erected By WOW
SHURTLEFFLionelD1906 Apr 141997 Dec 02
TAYLORElizabethAnnSmelser1822 Oct 121888 Mar 28Wife Of James
TAYLORJames18221887 Mar 12Son Of T & R Taylor Age 65 Years (Mother's Initial Should Be H)
TIPTONLeo IBudel19251977Middle Name May Be Budd…but Marker, Has Budel
TIPTONViolaEHearing1886 May 19Aged 19 Years 7 Mo 10 Days, Daughter Of SP & SJ Hearing
TONEYJuliaS1864 Aug 081891 Jan 11Wife Of Jesse D Toney
TONEYRozier18881890 July 14Aged 2 Years, Son Of Jesse & Julia Toney
UNKNOWNMarble Stone With No Writing
WARFIELDIsaphineMiller1867 June 011908 Jan 20Grandmother Of Bertha Boesch And Glen Warfield
WARFIELDJames18571913Handmade Cement Marker Made By Glen Warfield
WILLIAMSAliceMay1921 May 011921 May 01Unknown Grave Site Wooden Marker, Destroyed In Grass Fire
WILLIAMSLouleolioMarkle1870 Mar 171929 Dec 01Wife Of Vasco
WILLIAMSMiloB18571929 Jun 01Funeral Record Has Birth As 19 Dec 1856
WILLIAMSVasco1864 Jan 011923 Mar 28Husband Of Louleolio
YOUNGRumfordNo MarkerFuneral Record States Buried 07 Oct 1908 In Rock Creek
WILLIAMSMiloB.18571929 Jun 01Funeral Record Has Birth As 19 Dec. 1856
WILLIAMSVasco1864 Jan 011923 Mar 28Husband Of Louleolio
YOUNGRumfordNo Marker.Funeral Record States Buried 07 Oct. 1908 In Rock Creek

Cemetery Records contributed by Belva Ticknor