The first death in this vicinity caused by Spanish Influenza was the four year old son of William Halsey who lives on upper Prairie Creek. The death occurred Saturday and comes as a hard blow to the parents and friends of the little boy. The funeral was held Sunday.

Wallowa County Reporter, Wallowa County, Oregon, Thursday October 31, 1918

One death has occurred due directly to the disease. The three year old son of Mr. and Mrs.William Halsey of Prairie Creek was taken ill Friday afternoon and died Saturday night, Oct. 26, 1918. The membrane in the throat of the little sufferer became loosened by the irritation and coughing of the influenza, and caused the child to suffocate.

(This is part of an article about the Spanish Influenza- Janine)
Enterprise Record Chieftain, Wallowa County, Oregon, Thursday, October 31, 1918