Miner Found Shot Through His Head
Henry Eppinger of Conner Creek Victim

The dead body of Henry Eppinger was found at a cabin on Connor Creek near Huntington last Thursday, and whether the case was one of suicide or accident will probably never be known. The man was shot through the temple while lying on a bunk, and was alone when the shot was fired, it is stated. The revolver was in his hand. The shot was heard by workmen who were employed at the Connor Creek mine, and they immediately rushed to the cabin. He died before help could be summoned, and it is presumed the gun exploded when Eppinger was taking it from his pocket to place it under his pillow.

Mr. Eppinger was not married. He had been engaged in placer mining for many years on Conner Creek

Oregon Trail Weekly
North Powder News
Saturday, November 19, 1927