Head Crushed To Pulp
J.G. Burke Meets Instant Death on Monday

J.G. Burke, in the employ of Mr. Peterson, a railroad subcontractor, was instantly killed Monday afternoon near the mouth of the Looking Glass river.

Burke was in the act of cutting limbs from a tree that rested on the side hill, and in doing so, released the holdings of the huge timber. It is supposed he realized his danger and sought safety under another log but was caught before he reached it.

Burke’s brains were literally crushed out. The skull was crushed as if an egg shell. When found at 3:30 p.m. he was pinioned to the ground, life being extinct for some time.

The remains were removed to this city Wednesday morning. Deputy Coroner S.M. Coff empanneled the following jury to inquire into the death: D. Sommer, W.D. Graves, Wm. Fine, H.H. Hug and J.C. Austin.

Word was received last evening that Burkes parents live on a farm near Weiser. The jury will examine witnesses today.

Elgin Recorder Friday October 27, 1903