Former Justice Of Peace Injured, Dies
Arthur Brace Falls From Bundle Wagon on Jacobson Farm Monday and Succumbs Next Day

Arthur C. Brace, 67, was fatally injured at 3 p.m. Monday when he was thrown behind the horses hitched to a bundle wagon at the farm of Mrs. Louise Mills two miles east of North Powder.

He was taken to Baker in an ambulance and died in St. Elizabeth’s hospital at 9 a.m. next day, August 28.

Mr. Brace, who was hauling grain bundles was sitting on the railing beside the Jacob’s staff of the practically empty rack when he fell behind the horses. The animals ran away, but were stopped by Tom Haines, who was working in the field. Mr. Brace suffered a fractured skull in the accident.

The body is at a Baker undertaking parlor but funeral arrangements had not been announced when this was written.

North Powder News
Friday, August 31, 1934