Imbler, Union County, Oregon

A terrible accident resulting in the death of L.M. Blackledge occurred at Imbler Friday of last week. The particulars as learned are that Blackledge drove into town from a nearby farm and stopped his team by the planing mill. The horses became frightened and started to run. The owner, who was standing directly in fromt of the wagon tongue, grabbed them by the bits and with a lunge the horses sprang forward knocking him down. The wagon passed over him crushing his ribs. Drs. Whiting of this city, and Molinor, of La Grande, were summoned and everything possible was done to relieve his sufferings but to no avail and the unfortunate a few hours after the accident died.

Deceased was 63 years old and had resided with a Mr. Bingham, near Imbler. He had no relatives living in this section but had a son in Iowa who was immediately notified of the death. The remains were interred in the Summerville cemetery.

Elgin Recorder Friday December 15, 1905