HUGH N. GEORGE. – Hugh, the eldest of the three sons of Presley and Mahala George, and not the least distinguished among the three eminent brothers, was born in Morgan county, Ohio, November 9, 1828. He was educated at Granville College and followed the profession of teacher for nearly thirteen years. He as one of the prominent educators of Oregon in early times, and was twice elected school superintendent of Linn county. He was admitted to practice as an attorney in 1863, and for a time was editor of the Albany Journal.

In 1864, after an exciting canvass, he was elected one of the presidential electors of Oregon, and carried to Washington City the vote of the state in favor of the re-election of Abraham Lincoln.

Under the severe strain of the loss of all his property in the destruction by fire of the Buena Vista Mills, and subsequent exposure in traveling and lecturing, his health gave way; and on May 9, 1871, he died at The Dalles at the age of forty-four years.