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Oklahoma WW2 NMCG Casualty List – J Surnames

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JACKSON, George Billy, Ensign, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Freeman Jackson, Box 246, Sulphur.
JAY, Gus E., Technical Sgt., USMC. Wife, Mrs. Gus E. Jay, 1843 Gatewood, Oklahoma City.
JAY, William R., Platoon Sgt., USMC. Mother, Mrs. Hallie A. Jay, 2228 S. W. 25th St., Oklahoma City.
JENNINGS, George T., Staff Sgt., USMC. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Corydon Jennings, 925 E. 6th St., Ada.
JETER, William Lewis, Signalman 3c, USN. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Jefferson Jeter, Broken Bow.
JEWELL, William R., Jr., Pfc., USMC. Mother, Mrs. Lois Jewell, Sophian-Plaza, Tulsa.
JILLSON, Edward L., Pfc., USMC. Wife, Mrs. Edward L. Jillson, 502 1/2 W. Broadway, Okemah.
JIMENEZ, Bernardo Leopold, Seaman 2c, USNR. Mother, Mrs. Marie Rivera Jimenez, 419 S.W. 5th St., Oklahoma City.
JOHNSON, Clarence William, Steward’s Mate 1c, USNR. Mother, Mrs. Mittie Mervie Burton, P.O. Box 291, Boley.
JOHNSON, Cody H., Pvt., USMCR. Wife, Mrs. Cody H. Johnson, Gen. Del., Pryor.
JOHNSON, Everett William, Seaman 2c, USNR. Father, Mr. George J. Johnson, Gen. Del., Spavinaw.
JOHNSON, Ivan Oliver, Ensign, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Oliver Johnson, Sr., 1220 E. 17th Pl., Tulsa.
JOHNSON, Leslie J., Pfc., USMC. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie W. Johnson, Rt. 2, Orlando.
JOHNSON, Walter Gerald, Jr., Ensign, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gerald Johnson, 1249 E. 29th Pl., Tulsa.
JOHNSON, Warren Gilbert, Pharmacist’s Mate 3c, USNR. Mother, Mrs. Sue Ilona Hetherington, Rt. 1, Bkoshe.
JOHNSON, Wilber Dale, Aviation Machinist’s Mate 3c, USNR. Wife, Mrs. Jean Johnson, Box 22, Noble.
JOHNSTON, Earl Rankin, Boatswain’s Mate 2c, USNR. Mother, Mrs. Irma Faye Richey, 816 N. Florence Pl., Tulsa.
JOHNSTON, James Monroe, Jr., Seaman 1c, USN. Father, Mr. James M. Johnston, Sr., Rt. 2, Box 75, Oklahoma City.
JOHNSTON, Julian Marion, Lieutenant, USN. Wife, Mrs. Georgia Marie Johnston, 1405 Avant St., Clinton.
JOHNSTON, Warren Goulden, Radioman 2c, USN. Mother, Mrs. S. W. Johnston, Gray.
JONES, Boyce L., Pfc., USMCR. Mother, Mrs. Thelma L. Hamar, Box 2, Putnam.
JONES, Ferrald Preston, Seaman 1c, USNR. Step-mother, Mrs. Ella Miller, Rt. 1, Wann.
JONES, Vaul Walker, Fireman 2c, USNR. Wife, Mrs. Ruth Jones, Gen. Del., Westville.
JOYCE, Donald Dale, Apprentice Seaman, USNR. Father, Mr. Harry Frank Joyce, Rt. 4, Kingfisher.

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