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Roll Of Capt. William Huston’s Mounted Company

(Probably from Scioto County)

Served from October 1, until November 1, 1812.

Capt. William Huston
Lieut. Allen Moore
Cornet, Uriah White
Sergt. Nathan Glover
Sergt. Samuel G. Jones
Sergt. James Collins
Sergt. Ezra Osborn


Applegate, Charles
Barkels, Frederick
Bartow, Kimber
Boynton, Joseph E
Brown, John, Jr.
Burk, William M
Cannon, John
Carpenter, William
Chamberlain, Anson
Chamberlain, Hyatt
Chappen, Reuben
Curany, Mathew
Darlington, Samuel
David, Elnathan
Davison, Nathaniel
Dollarhead, William
Fuqua, Moses M
Glover, Asa
Grant, William
Gunn, Zina
Hammett, John
Johnston, John
Jones, David
Jones, William
Kelby, John
Loyd, Johnson
McKenney, Solomon
Moore, Phillip, Jr.
Musgrove, Abner
Pain, Olney
Perry, Samuel
Power, William
Rankin, William
Robey, William
Salada, John
Smith, John
Swords, William
Thompson, James
Thompson, Robert
Tomlison, John
Turner, John R
Wheeler, Amos
Wheeler, Nathaniel
Wilson, Braden

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