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Roll Of Capt. William B. Fordyce’s Company

(County Unknown)

Served from September 4, 1812, until March 15, 1814.

Capt. William B. Fordyce
Ensign Jonas Balwin
Sergt. Larkins Reynolds
Sergt. David Bennet
Sergt. David Newport
Sergt. James Shepler
Corp. Ansboum Cooper
Corp. William Cummins
Corp. Thomas Moorhead
Corp. Cornelius Voorhins
Corp. Ulm Stranbaugh
Musician, Aaron Brown
Musician, Samuel Shannon
Musician, John York


Archer, Chas. or Jack
Ballard, Isaac
Bates, William
Biggs, William
Bone or Bowen, Thomas
Burr, Peter
Bush, Abraham
Cast, Ezekial
Claspeth, Joseph
Clebinger, David
Coughlin, Jacob
Danhan, David
Deane, Aaron
Deane, Uriah
Gard, Daniel
Gard, Joab
Garrison, Emanuel
Hardin, Samuel
Hathaway, Daniel
Person, Enoch
Rogan, Elijah
Sampson, John
Wilson, Joseph
Wright, Samuel

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