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Roll Of Capt. Stephen Horsey’s Company

(Probably from Pickaway County)

Served from July 28, until August 26, 1813.

Capt. Stephen Horsey
Lieut. James Nevill
Ensign, Cornelius Mikel
Sergt. John Pancake
Sergt. Balitha Linch
Sergt. Daniel Justice
Sergt. Pierce Atchison


Atchison, Fielding
Beavins, Josiah
Benedict, James
Campbell, Robert
Chipman, John
Devenport, Wesley
Diver, James
Dodd, Isaac,
Dumond, Isaac
Flemming, John
Foresman, Henry
Galbraith, John
Hanaman, George
Henderson, David
Henderson, James
Henderson, John
Horsey, Edward
Hubbard, John
Johnson, Richard
King, William
Knight, Enos
Lacount, James
Leonard, Charles
McGroos, Isaac
Moore, Fergus
Moore, James
Nicholas Christian
Randle, Tibble
Ridman, James
Rively, Daniel
Romine, Abraham
Seabourn, Doress
Shephard, William
Shuff, Frederick
Smith, Henry
Sullivan, Aaron
Van Horn, Walter
Van Waggoner, John
Wanaughmaker, Phillip
Waples, Derixson
Whitsell, Daniel

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