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Roll Of Capt. Stephen Aivatt’s Company

(County Unknown)

Served from March 7, until September 7, 1814.

Capt. Stephen Aivatt
Lieut. Asa, L. Banning
Ensign, Robert Sbort
Sergt. Almarin Brooks
Sergt. Fillington Moary
Sergt. Calvin Smith
Sergt. Oliver Lewis
Corp. Henry Dennison
Corp. Jacob Winas
Corp. Andrew C. Nuerker
Corp. Isaac R. Allen


Broadwell, Jacob
Buchanan, Abraham
Burnan, Nathaniel
Chalfint, David
Crawford, Gurron
Croft, Jacob
Crooks, John
Crooks, Thomas
Dixon, James
Dixon, Walter
Elliott, William
Fannah, Isaac
Gates, John
Gates, Mathias
Goncher, John
Hannah, Isaac
Hood, Simon
Johnson, Nathan
Johnson, William
Kidd, John
Kincaid, Alexander
King, Samuel
Lightburn, Joseph
Lord, Mathew
Mackey, John
McConnel, Elias
McConnel, Mathew
McCullough, Thomas
McLinly, William
McMiller, John
Nicholas, William
Riche, John
Robbins, Bowman
Rolston, Nathaniel
Rutan, John
Snider, William
Sprague, William
Sullivan, William
Tamer, Samuel
Tend, Roswell
Thompson, Patrick
Weber, Peter
Wood, Jonah

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