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Roll Of Capt. Samuel Black’s Company

(County Unknown).

Served from August 24, 1812, until February 24, 1813.

Capt. Samuel Black
Lieut. James McBride
Ensign George Price
Sergt. John Black
Sergt. William Smith
Sergt. Myers, John
Sergt. James Bruce
Corp. Henry Williams
Corp. Francis Kelley
Corp. Isaac Ellis
Corp. William Beason
Drummer, Roswell W. Smith
Fifer, William Harrison


Albin, John
Bigger, John
Birt, William
Black, James
Black, Peter
Blaney, Robert
Buchanon, James
Casey, Jacob
Concklin, John
Confer, Jacob
Dill, William
Dirkensheets, Henry
Elliott, Alexander
Elliott, John
Evans, Benjamin
Gaff, John
Gilliland, Thomas
Goble, Daniel
Hall, Abner
Hamilton, James
Hayes, James
Hayes, John
Hide, John
Hobbs, Littleton
Hook, Hugh
Hushaw, Peter
Ivers, Richard
Kelley, Abner
Kennedy, John
Loofberrard, David
Loofberrard, Jacob
McBride, Jesse
McClure, James
McFarland, John
McIntire, Joseph
McWhalen, Hugh
Melvin, Ebenezer
Miller, George
Miller, John
Minick, Peter
Moore, John H
Morris, Henry
Murphy, Oratio
Murphy, Thomas
Palmer, Layton
Price, John
Richard, Conrad
Ross, Alexander E.
Russell, Robert
Shirely, Samuel
Smith, Robert
Smith, Samuel
Snodgrass, Robert
Sutton, Jesse
Vance, Joseph
Venard, Francis
Whalon, John
Willey, Hugh N.
Williams, Levi
Williams, William
Wood, John
Wood, Zedock

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