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Roll Of Capt. Robert McElwain’s Company

(Probably from Ross County)

Served from July 16, until August 15,1813.

Capt. Robert McElwain
Lieut. Jacob Jones
Sergt. William Devlon
Sergt. Aaron Archer
Sergt. John Hayes
Corp. Benjamin Salmon
Corp. John Sowards
Corp. David McElwain
Corp. William Hayes


Allen, Jeremiah
Applegate, William
Biggs, John
Black, William
Bragg, John
Callison, James
Chidester, Elias
Flick, William
Gansel, Michael
Gaskill, John
Gilmore, William
Gow, Daniel I.
Hannaman, John
Harrison, Joseph
Kent, Penin
Kerr, John
Lafford, Young
Lee, John
LeValley, John
Maxwell, Ephraim
McClever, William
Mowberry, Reuben
Plyman, James
Rankin, John
Reader, Amos
Redden, Mathew
Reed, William
Reeder, Joseph
Rodgers, Benjamin
Runkin, William
Sample, Nathaniel
Smith, Alexander
Taylor, David
Warwick, James
Wibright, John

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