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Roll Of Capt. Robert McClelland’s Company

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(Probably from Greene County).

Served from August 22, until September 22, 1812, and from May 25, until November 24, 1813.

Capt. Robert McClelland
Lieut. James McBride
Lieut. Elisha Leslie
Ensign David Douglas
Ensign William Erwin
Sergt. Samuel Snodgrass
Sergt. Isaac Miller
Sergt. Jacob Hozier
Sergt. John McDaniel
Sergt. John Barnes
Corp. Samuel Lawrence
Corp. Henry Webb
Corp. William Sutton
Corp. John Alexander
Corp. John Hacker
Corp. Jacob Beals
Corp. William Constant
Corp. Adam Wolf
Fifer, Robert Snodgrass
Musician, William Harrison
Musician, Daniel DeWitt


Alexander, Francis
Allen, William
Babcock, Thomas
Benham, John
Benitt, James
Benjamin, Lewis
Benjamin, Thomas
Bias, Isaac
Bowen, Ephraim
Buchanon, James
Burney, Thomas
Cain, Joseph
Cain, Samuel
Campbell, William
Casebolt, Robert
Collier, Moses
Concleton, David
Cottrell, John
Cox, Israel
Cruson, Cornelius
Cunningham, John
Currie, Robert
Dean, Robert
Devore, John
DeWitt, Isaac
Dickensheets, William
Douglas, James
Downey, William
Eatton, Joseph
Edge, George D.
Fallows, Isaac
Follist, John
Glenn, William
Gott, John
Griffith, Benjamin
Griffy, Daniel
Haddox, Nimrod
Hamilton, William
Hibbs, Abner
Holmes, John
Hoop, John
Hufford, John
Huse, John
Hutchison, George
Johnson, William
Jones, Benjamin
Junkins, James
Kendall, William
Knight, Samuel
Knight, William
Kune, Hugh
Laird, Benjamin
Martin, Samuel
McCoy, John
McDaniel, Demesy
McFarlin, John
McKaig, Benjamin
Meninghall, William
Miller, William Poog
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, Jesse
Moore, William C.
Moreland, John
Murphy, John
Neely, James
Nimerick, John
Noble, Joshua
Page, James
Paige, William
Perry, Allen
Poage, William
Reagon, Reason
Reed, William
Rich, Jacob
Russell, Moses
Saunders, Aaron
Sheley, Benjamin
Shelinger, George
Shoe, Phillip
Smith, John
Smith, Spencer
Smith, Thomas
Smith, William
Snodgrass, James
Snodgrass, Robert
Snodgrass, William
Sparks, Thomas
Sutton, William G
Todd, John B.
Vance, James
Vance, John
Vance, Joseph C.
Vaneaten, John
Vaughn, Thomas
Vaughn, William
Watson, James
Weaver, Christian
Whicker, John
White, William
Wilson, David
Wilson, Joseph
Wolff, Jacob

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