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Roll Of Capt. Richard Hooker’s Company

(Probably from Franklin and Fairfield Counties.)

Served from May 7, until September 5, 1813.

Capt. Richard Hooker
Lieut. Valentine Raber
Cornet, James Reed
Sergt. Joseph Hodges
Sergt. Robert Wilson
Sergt. Moses Sowers
Sergt. George Harrison
Corp. Abraham Middlesworth
Corp. Thomas Duddleson
Corp. Arthur Stotts
Corp. Abraham Cole
Trumpeter, Joseph Wright


Busbee, George
Busbee, John
Cameron, Alexander
Carlisle, Thomas
Cline. Andrew
Cloughburg, Abraham
Cromby, Christ
Delshaver, Jacob
Delshaver, John
Earmman, Frederick
Gessel, John
Glick, George
Hamilton. Orange
Harrison, Alexander
Hayes, Peter
Highland, Edward
Johnston, John
Long, William
McVay, John
Milison, Barnett
Milton, Isaac
Moore, Henry
Moore, William
Nigh, Michael
Nye, George
Propeck, Thomas
Rent, Hugh
Ridenhour, Henry
Shull, Solomon
Sowers, John
Sprader, Jacob
Stewart, Joseph
Stotts, Absalom
Wilson, Samuel
Winders, Daniel

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