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Roll Of Capt. Peter Lamb’s Company

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(County Unknown)

Served from July 31 until August 4, 1813, and from August 31, 1813, until March 4, 1814

Capt. Peter Lamb
Lieut. Thomas McMachten
Lieut. William Wagner
Ensign William Hill
Sergt. Jobe Baker
Sergt. David Geiger
Sergt. Abraham Miller
Sergt. Henry Baker
Sergt. Hugh Mills
Sergt. Abraham Rean
Sergt. Lemuel Steel
Sergt. Frederick Stonebring
Corp. Daniel Baker
Corp. Samuel Trovinger
Corp. Samuel Baker
Corp. George McNamee
Corp. Henry Bratz
Corp. Michael Spiedle
Corp. William M. Moore
Corp. Benjamin William
Drummer, John Beaver
Fifer, Isaac Becker


Ashbaugh, Frederick
Ashbaugh, John
Baldin, James
Bellaire, John
Borrow, Joseph
Brombach, Daniel
Brookhart, Henry
Brown, Joseph
Bryan, William
Conner, Abraham
Croffad, Robert
Cugy, Jacob
Disherty, Joseph
Duplete, Lanis
Dupret, John B
Farter, William
Fitzgerald, Henry
Fouler, Miles
Funk, Daniel
Gaster, John
Geiger, Jacob
Geiger, Martin
Hall, Daniel
Hammon, Michael
Hashbarger, David
Hill, Jonothan
Hite, Joseph
Hite, Samuel
Hoover, Joseph
Lamb, William
Lambright, John
Lampher, Hynser
Lemmon, Adam
Mackeral, John
Mason, Thomas
McCrary, Solomon
McNaghten, James
Mires, Jacob
Mock, Daniel
Morehart, Christian
Murphy, David
Murray, John
Nolen, Samuel
Poling, Samuel
Raredon, Smith, John C.
Reed, John
Reed, Stephen
Rely, Jacob
Reynolds, Dickerson
Reynolds, Ephraim
Reynolds, Thomas
Roods, Benjamin
Roods, William
Rudloph, Henry
Signar, George
Siple, Frederick
Soledy, Frederick
Springer, Henry
Stupe, William
Sturgeon, Robert
Troovinger, SamueI
Wagg, Phillip
Watson, James
Watson, Richard
Winters, Abraham
Young, John

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