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Roll Of Capt. Peter Bacus’ Company

(County Unknown).

Served from August 19 until September 18, 1812.

Capt. Peter Bacus
Lieut. Levin, Willoughby
Sergt. John Conrad
Sergt. Adam Brinter
Sergt. Nicholas Sibral
Sergt. Thompson Sebring
Corp. Seaburn Hinton
Corp. Thomas Phillips
Corp. George Chad
Corp. William Dean
Drummer, John Stall


Barker, Joseph
Black, John
Byers, William
Cassill, Abraham
Curts, John
Cutright, Henry
Dever, John
Extine, Daniel
Francis, Joseph
Fulk, Henry
Fultz, Jacob
Harley, Carter
Hines Adam
Hornback, John
Hull, Isaac
Husk, John
Ice, Jacob
Knox, Benjamin
Linton, William
McHenry, Aaron
Murphy, Redmond
Overly, David
Overly, Jacob
Ray, William
Rush, George
Rush, Josiah
Rusk, Moses
Shane, Henry
Shoote, Richard
Smith, Samuel
Smith, William
Stewart, James
Strevey, Daniel
Strucy, Michael
Sullerback, John
Sullivan, William
Swaggert, Daniel
Taylor, Nimrod
Vanmetre, Henry
Vezey, William
Wech, John

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