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Roll Of Capt. Nicholas Davis’ Company

(County Unknown).

Served from August 18, 1814, until February 25, 1815.

Capt. Nicholas Davis
Lieut. Abraham Layfert
Sergt. Robert Gooke
Sergt. David Mulligan
Sergt. John Rankin
Sergt. William Boyles
Sergt. John Mulligan
Corp. George Duffield
Corp. William Guttery
Corp. John Humphrey
Corp. Silas Roose


Bashford, Joseph
Bell, Adam
Buneyer, Daniel
Bunyon, Henry
Buriam, William
Clinton, Charles
Force, Thomas
Freete, George
Guilinger, Martin
Gurwell, W111iam
Kling, John
Lockerd, Eleben
Maides, William
Maynard, Ezra
Muney, James
Niles, Sanford
Ogel, Mordecai
Patrick, Robert
Pool, Conrad
Rerigh, Andrew
Roberson, Walter
Russell, Joseph
Sample, James
Sanderlin, Thomas
Smith, Andrew
Smith, David
Springer, William
West, Thomas
Wilson, David

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