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Roll Of Capt. Luther Shepherd’s Company

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(Probably from Ross Co.)

Served from February 16, until June 16, 1814, part served until August 16, 1814.

Capt. Luther Shepherd
Lieut. John Mulligan
Lieut. William Kirker
Ensign Samuel Mansfield
Ensign Thomas Smith
Ensign Samuel Bliss
Sergt. James Bliss
Sergt. Nyel Nye
Sergt. John Dyer
Sergt. Thomas Compton
Sergt. Arthur McFarland
Ensign Henry Bayne
Sergt. Peter Daily
Sergt. Nathan Chany
Sergt. Moses Warren
Sergt. John Enismyer
Corp. John Ensminger
Corp. Thomas McCime
Corp. Caleb Cox
Corp. John Buck
Corp. John Dolbay
Corp. Abraham McGinnis
Corp. Archibald Raborn
Corp. Thomas McCline
Pifer, Varnum G. Wilson
Drummer, John McKinley
Drummer, Elijah Johnson


Amos, Pleasant
Anderson, Cornelius
Anway, George
Baker, George
Baker, John
Bally, James
Bardman, Samuel
Barker, William
Barkley, Samuel
Barruk, John
Batey, Samuel
Blue, Frederick
Boner, James
Brooks, Samuel
Buck, John
Buckley, Samuel
Buntin, Alexander
Butt, Rignal
Chipp, John
Cissna, Stephen
Clay, Mathews
Clay, Thomas
Clearwaty, Thomas
Cockmour, John
Cokenour, John
Comer, Emanuel
Conner, Emanuel
Coon, Jacob
Cooper, John
Cormick, James
Cox, John
Davis, Henson
Dayton, Spencer
Device, Henry
DeWitt, George
Dolbay, John
Dorman, Jesse
Flinn, Thomas
Foster, John
Frazier, John
Fremont, Luke
Frost, Hemon
Frost, Marcus
Fulen, William
Fuller, Alexander
Fuller, William
Goff, Salithiel
Greenfield, John
Hamilton, John
Harper, James
Harper, Robert
Hatfield, Thomas
Henderson, John
Herrin, Timothy
Herrold, Jesse
Hixon, John
Hoop, John
Hughey, Isaac
Hutchinson, William
Jack, Andrew
Jones, Asa
Jones, Thomas
Jones, William
Kendall, William
Keon, Jacob
King, Charles
Kirk, Elisha
Kirkpatrick, Andrew
Landen, Lewis
Landin, Levin
Lewis, James
Lewis, William
Linscott, John
Long, Thomas
Loverton, Daniel
Maddon, Dennis
Mahaffy, Robert
Mayse, Little Berry
McEntire, Robert
McKee, John
McKinley. John
McLain, Moses
McNeal, Joseph
Mershon, Timothy
Mowers, Henry
Murray, Benjamin A.
Nash, Azor
Otinger, William
Parish, John
Parker, William
Partlow, Amos
Pendell, Thomas
Phipps, David
Pinkerman, John
Porter, Aquila
Puckett, Martin
Redmond, Joseph
Rice, Mordecal
Robertson, William
Ross, Isaiah
Ross, Samuel
Rowland, Samuel
Russell, Alexander
Sanderson, William
Sawyer, George
Simmons, William
Smedley, George I
Stedman, Abel
Swigg, Jesse
Thompson, John
Thorn, Jacob
Turner, John
Twigg, Jesse
Vigus, Paul
Walden, William
Wallace, Austin
Waters, Jacob
Wether, James
White, John
Williams Nathan
Williams, Thomas
Wirt, James
Wyekoff, John
Wyekoff, Nicholas

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