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Roll Of Capt. Luther Leonard’s Company

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(Probably from Butler County)

Served from August 11, until November 30, 1812, and from July 5, until July 23, 1814.

Capt. Luther Leonard
Lieut. Clarlmon Price
Lieut. Nathaniel Terwillegar
Ensign William Mitchell
Sergt. William Cochran
Sergt. John Terwillegar
Sergt. Jonothan Harris
Sergt. John Mellen
Sergt. Henry Miller
Sergt. Burgan Miller
Sergt. Samuel McKee
Corp. James Mitchell
Corp. William Robinson
Corp. John Moore
Corp. John Hetzer
Corp. Mathias Roosa,
Corp. Benjamin Danford


Beaman, Abraham
Black, Mathias
Bolner, John
Bolsel, John C
Bolser, Henry
Bolser, John R
Boraff, Michael
Boran, Jesse
Bowerly, Tapin
Bowman, George W
Bowman, John
Bradwell, David
Broadwell, Elliott
Burns, John
Byfield, Horatio
Canter, Shaffield
Card, Abraham
Christ, Abraham
Christ, Joseph
Cochran Joseph
Cochran, John
Cochran, Nathaniel
Cochran, Richard
Cochran, Samuel
Cochran, Thomas
Cummings, John D
Cummings, Peter W.
Cummings, William
Doughty, John
Dunlap, Josiah
Edwards, John
Edwards, Noah
Edwards, Thomas
Elliott, Simon
Evans, Jeremiah
Everhart, Frederick
Finney. Thomas
Fitzwater, Samuel
Flinn, Jacob
Frazer, John
Gambriel, Travis
Ganard, Will
Gomly, Thomas
Griffin, Wilson
Haggerty, John H
Harris, Amos
Harris, William
Hoover, Michael
Husler, or Hustin, George
James, William
Jones, Evan
Jones, Oliver
Jones, William
Kerns, Daniel
Kerns, Jacob
Kerns, Joseph
Kitchel, Moses
Landon, John
Landon, William
Lions, Henry
Little, David
Madaris, William
Mathews. Abraham
McCain, Robert
McCohn, Thomas
McCown, John
McGee, Joseph
Mondor, Jacob
Morrison, William
Mulin, Mathew
Nash, John
Patterson, Moses
Perry, William
Porter, Thomas
Price, Clarkson
Price, Peter
Ramsey, John
Ramsey, Robert
Reeder, Reuben
Roosa, Abraham
Roosa, Jacob
Rude, James
Shaffer, Joseph
Skinner, Joseph M
Slaughter, Jeremiah
Smith, Abraham
Smith, James
Snyder, John
Snyder, William
Taselman, John
Thompson, Aaron
Thompson, Caleb
Thompson, Joshua
Tunttiger, Mathew
Voorhees, Jacob N
Waggoner, Joseph
Ward, Silas
Ward, Squier
Whitcomb, John
Whiteman, Robert
Whiteride, James
Whitsell, William
Whitside, William
Willer, John
Wortman, John

MLA Source Citation:

Ohio. Adjutant General's Office. Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812. Columbus, Ohio: Press of the Edward T. Miller Co. 1916. Web. 31 August 2016.
- Last updated on Jun 26th, 2011

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