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Roll Of Capt. Joseph Vance’s Company (Dragoons)

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(Probably from Franklin County)

Served from August 24, until October 14, 1812. Part served from August 1, until Sept. 4. 1813

Capt. Joseph Vance
Lieut. Joseph Grate
Lieut. Jacob Read
Lieut Jacob Keller
Cornet, Francis Stewart
Sergt. Daniel Liggert
Sergt. Benjamin Steward
Sergt. John M. White
Corp. Henry Weston
Corp. Daniel McFarland
Corp. Adam Reed
Corp. William Hunter
Trumpeter, Andrew McElvain


Boggs, John
Barr, John
Brown, Henry
Beasley, Isaac
Courtney, Richard
Culbertson, Samuel
Dyer, Robert
Dillingham, Ajalon
Dickey, Michael
Davison, Andrew
DeLashmutt, Van B
DeLashmutt, John K.
Edgar, John
House, Richard
Goetschins, Nicholas
Hunter, John
Hunter, Joseph
Hilsel, John
Hereoff, William
Hill, Willard
Kean, John
King, Samuel
Kile, John
Kern, John
Mark, William
McKensey, James
McGowan, John
McElvaln, James
McElvain, John
McElvain, William
Parrish, Orris
Pinkard, William
Power, Luther
Reed, Alexander
Rennick, Asahel
Shannon, John
Shannon, Samuel
Shron, Joseph
Simpkins, John
Smart, Isaac
Starr, Joseph
Strain, John M.
Stumpbough, John
Sullivan, Lucas
Swam, Gustavus
Upson, Alfred
Watts, John
White, Alexander
Wing, Oliver
Winsel, John

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