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Roll Of Capt. Joseph Johnson’s Company

(County Unknown)

Served from October 18, 1812, until February 18, 1813.

Capt. Joseph Johnson
Lieut. John Gard
Ensign, George Sluthower
Sergt. George Gibson
Sergt. William Henderson
Sergt. Lemuel Johnson
Sergt. James 0’Donald
Corp. Jacob Blotzley
Corp. William Hogland
Corp. Jacob Kline
Corp. Jesse Poster
Fifer, David Waggoner


Armstrong, James
Baker, George
Bell, Robert
Beymer, John
Boltzley, John
Burroughs, John
Burroughs, Samuel
Carson, John
Carson, Samuel
Cummins, William
Doty, Arthur
Eakin, David
Forman, Jacob
Gibbs, James
Gibbs, William
Green, Thomas
Griffin, Johnson
Guesbach, Henry
Hand, Cornelius
Haversback, Conrad
Hill, William
Johnson, John
Jones, Elijah
Kale, George
Lacey, Thomas S
Lafferty, Edward
Lamb, Lawrence
Lanman, John
McGarvey, Alexander
Miller, Jacob
Ray, John
Runk, Michael
Sodours, Frederick
Vanamon, Edward
Vanande, Aaron
Weaver, Frederick
Williams, Benjamin
Williams, Levi
Williams, Thomas

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