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Roll Of Capt. Joseph Cairns’ Company

(County Unknown)

Served from December 12, 1812, until April 12, 1813.

Capt. Joseph Cairns
Lieut. Isaac VanHorn
Ensign, John Eason
Sergt. Henry Perris
Sergt. James Nixon
Sergt. James M. Wood
Sergt. William Smith
Corp. Matthias Hollinback
Corp. Samuel Johnston
Corp, John G. Pigman
Corp. Richard Cairns
Drummer, Henry Blake
Fifer, Ira Cass


Armstrong, James
Barren, William
Blake, John
Blake, Nehemiah
Bland, Thomas
Bland, William
Blunt, James
Cacheart, William
Cantwell, James
Cares, John
Coats, John
Colly, Benjamin
Corberry, James
Craig, William
Darrill, Thomas B.
Dennis, Samuel
Dowell, John
Eddington, Robert
Fickle, George W
Fickle, Michael
Frey, Isaac
Futhey, Isaac
Gilkerson, Jonothan
Groves, Solomon
Hare, Joseph
Harris, George
Hartley, Thomas
Harvey, Fetter
Hau, Isaiah
Jeffries, James
Johnston, James
Lackey, Hugh
Lane, Walter
Lawson, Septemus
Leckey, Arthur
Loare, John
Marshall, Thomas
McConley, Thomas
McDonald, Stephen
McFadden, Neal
McNeal, Alexander
Monroe, John
Moore, Petter
Moore, Robert
Moore, Thomas
Parker, Benjamin
Pettitt, Joseph
Piatt, Robert
Piatt, Stephen
Pierce, William
Richards, Jacob
Seabring, Robert
Shadley, Henry
Sherrard, David
Smith, Alexander
Smith, Benjamin
Sutton, Joseph
Upp, Francis
Usher, Lloyd
VanWinck, James
Verdin, Leary S
Warson, James
Welsh, Moses
Williams, Littleton
Winner, John

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